Absent political consultative conference 3 members of the CPPCC National Committee

“Absent” in Hebei province the 11th session of the fourth session of the Commission, 3 members of the CPPCC was disqualification.

According to the Hebei daily reported on April 23, in view of Wang Yongjin, Hong Hua United States, Tong absent from the Chinese people’s political Consultative Conference of Hebei province, Guo He the 11th session of the fourth session of the Commission, in accordance with the Constitution of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference and the relevant provisions of the code of practice for members of the CPPCC Hebei Committee, decided: to revoke Wang Yongjin, Hong Hua beauty of 11th Chinese people’s political Consultative Conference of Hebei province, Guo He passes the Committee membership.

Authoritative statistics show that Wang Yongjin, Hong Hua mei constituency belong to the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Hebei province, Guo He Tong constituency belong to the financial sector.

According to public news reports for Hebei Jin and Wang Yongjin trading Group Ltd Hong Huamei Aung San and environmental protection of Hebei province science and technology group Chairman, Guo Hetong liantuo Group Chairman.

The Handan daily reported that Wang Yongjin in 2011, “the active contribution of 150,000 yuan to buy party newspapers and journals, giving the city’s elementary and middle schools in poor areas.” Tianjin Port 8 12 explosion investigation report

Hebei Aung San and environmental technology group, was suspected of massive illegal fund-raising were reported.

According to the yanzhao evening news December 2015 news, Aung San and environmental protection of Hebei province science and technology group limited case of illegally absorbing public deposits, Yuhua road, Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau Office.

According to the Beijing economic daily, China economic NET, media reports in 2015, due to cash-flow problems, the extension group suffered operating difficulties, all of its car brands 4S shop in a closed state.

Earlier, the Hebei daily reported in January 2014, as a serious discipline, correct the CPPCC, Hebei provincial CPPCC plenary session II on 12 without attending members were informed.

“CPPCC plenary meeting, once a year, an important platform for members of the CPPCC National Committee duty of due diligence. “The plenary session of the second session of the General Assembly of the people’s political Consultative Conference of Hebei province in charge of the Secretariat, since its January 7 opening of the plenary session of the second Conference of the people’s political consultative conference, most of the members in accordance with the requirements on time, the entire process of the participants of the Conference, listened to speeches and reports, maintain a good order, overall better Conference CPPCC. But there are also individual members, at the Secretariat of the General Assembly has repeatedly stressed the meeting disciplinary cases, still fails to come to the meeting. “The 12 members were informed, is the hope that all the members of a lesson, strictly observe discipline, and actively participate in activities during the Conference. Members who have a special reason to leave, must be strictly in accordance with the procedures for approval. ”


Nanchong police informed the public prosecutor s Office one morning driving

Nanchong police informed the public prosecutor's Office one morning driving a police vehicle killed: drunk driving, retirement certificate

The scene of the accident. Pictures from the Internet 3 requirements for public officials in Henan province

Gaoping district, Nanchong, Sichuan province Prosecutor’s Office police car crash deaths at present there have been new developments. On April 21, the traffic Police Brigade of Nanchong, in its official Micro-Blog published case report: retirees perpetrators Luo of Gaoping district, Nanchong city prosecutor’s Office, alcohol tests belong to drunk driving, Luo is now under criminal detention by the traffic Police Brigade of Nanchong.

On April 20, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), reported that the Gaoping district, Nanchong city prosecutor’s Office police car crash deaths, a report stamped “Gaoping district people’s Procuratorate” seal said the briefing, 19th at 30 minutes, the driver “Sichuan RB215” brand car in Gaoping district, Dong Shun hit 1 kill. Gaoping district, police confirmed to the news the surging in the second brigade staff events.

Released by the traffic Police Brigade of Nanchong informed the case shows that event occurred on April 19, 0:30, locations in Gaoping district, Tung Road traffic junction. 62 year old Luo drunken driving police cars, knocking down pedestrians crossing Liu, and his death on the spot. Informed the show Luo’s blood alcohol content to 122.7mg/100ml, which belongs to the drunk driving. Circular also said Luo belongs to the Gaoping district Procuratorate of retirees, are now returning to work.

As the surging News went to press, for netizens questioned “smacks of bus drivers driving a police car early this morning a private” argument, Gaoping District Prosecutor’s Office has not yet responded.

Two back to Wuhan to buy younger white collar couples to sell Shenzhen 4 suites

Guangzhou daily news on April 19, both husband and wife are all prestigious graduate, Shenzhen has a decent job, a House and a car and sons and daughters, white collar fish and his wife chose to sell rooms, family leave, back to the 1000 kilometres of River City Wuhan, started another life.

Since last year, soaring in Shenzhen, Shenzhen did not know how many overnight multimillionaire. Of course, the rich man’s wealth is concentrated in real estate-the real estate property above. Selling now for their relief, to support not bad second-tier capital city to start a new life. Maybe a lot of people want to live such a life, but really need to put into action, leave, would you do it?

After realisation of the House “lie” to make money Sky high priced shrimp frequent diseases total

Before the Spring Festival, she began treatment, Nanshan District, Shenzhen House, sale is now complete. It’s only 60 square meters, purchased in 2003. She won’t disclose how much money the Shenzhen sold the House.

Miss Liang’s family of three has now moved to Zhongshan, the new home is near the Zhongshan station, an area of 200 square meters. According to Madam Leung estimated market price when buying a House, this House valued at about 1.2 million Yuan. Take Shenzhen houses get the money now, even after paying the Zhongshan this House, Madam Leung and his wife have left more than 2 million yuan in cash in his hand, having interest in the Bank, “lies” will be able to earn about 10,000 yuan. “The interest alone is enough for a living. “Ms Leung said. They would make use of the more than 2 million Yuan to find suitable investment projects.

She liked living in Zhongshan, “my husband and I had just turned 40 years old, also in Shenzhen. Fortunately, bought a house many years ago, in Zhongshan after which can take advantage of the boom in the property market in Shenzhen live easy lives. ”

“Mao after the opening of the railway, to downtown Shenzhen is 40 minutes from my house over the years accumulated contacts will not break in Shenzhen. “She has his own plans.

Family annual income is more than 600,000: degree room is still inaccessible, two children came to room

Little fish and her husband Mr Gao is from Hubei, the couple is a master of Fudan University, one is a master of Wuhan University. Time to go back over a year ago, Mr Gao is a financial analyst at a securities company in Shenzhen, in Armani’s work uniform every day and out of Futian CBD office buildings, after-tax income of more than 500,000 a year no problem.

Small fish are also worked for many years in the field of media like a fish in water, stabilization after tax charge per month, is also free. In addition to salary, a couple investments have a good income each year. Couple in the Lianhua mountain of Futian District where there is a small two-room home has a 200,000-yuan car, can be described as a white-collar elite rich.

Leave starting from the second child baby’s arrival is the idea. Mr Gao was an only child, already meet the second criteria. The couple first gave birth to a daughter in April last year, the home of the second baby was born, and finally into a “good”. But the couple soon had a real problem, House is too small, not enough to live at home, must change.

Can’t afford to buy a degree

Home has 2 children and old people, at least four rooms! Mr Gao is a xinqier high Lord, reluctant children lost in the beginning, thinking has also been a degree in Futian District. “In fact, as early as two years ago, we were looking at honey Lake, jingtianpianqu degree room, at that time a lot of market price of 6 million to 8 million Yuan House, degree type and are pretty good, we sold the couple now live in the House to pay a down payment, struggle there is still hope. But since March last year, Shenzhen’s soaring, house prices ‘ swishing ‘ rise, watching these House prices went up to 10 million or 15 million Yuan, is unthinkable! “The little fish said.

In addition to watching degree room suddenly becomes elusive, was unexpected by little fish is that kid the last kindergarten is very difficult. Little fish girl 3 years old last year, in April or May start looking for kindergarten. Xiaoyuer caitian their community near a public kindergarten, glorious Tamura supervised enough, did not expect to get the newspaper. Thought I was the owner, his kindergarten in the community should be a good sign, and as a result district enrollment last year dozens of children in kindergarten, but two hundred or three hundred children signed up.

Thinking children last kindergarten early entry line, was a most ordinary kindergarten … … Fish and his wife feel a little discouraged.

At the same time, GAO had moved back to Wuhan idea – the couple is from Hubei, many friends and relatives in Wuhan, small fish of undergraduate and graduate students are in Wuhan, pulse back to Wuhan development resources, it would be a good place to go.

Shenzhen room ≈ four suites

Mr Gao is a man of strong action. Once the idea and put it into action. Last June, Mr resumes were posted on the Internet, with years of work experience and school education in Shenzhen near the body, he quickly found a good job in Wuhan, pay less than Shenzhen, but the future is very good, the other units also gave a little leadership.

After finalizing the work, high schools get together in Wuhan shuiguohu, Wuchang section of rent of the House, his wife and children received in Wuhan. Mr quick was to girls caught the local kindergarten registration. As the couple wished, without much trouble, and the girl enrolled on a rental near the residence of a provincial-level organs of kindergarten. “Baojiao fee 600 Yuan a month, living costs 20 Yuan a day, school is very good, baojiao fees are much cheaper than Shenzhen……” high very happy with their choice.

Since the mind back to Wuhan development in Wuhan on the high side, while Shenzhen’s real estate agents close out sale. Eventually, Shenzhen sold about 4 million Yuan. GAO used the money and many years of savings, in Wuhan in October-November last year bought 4 suites. “4 homes have degrees, of which 3 is located in the financial centre of Hankou, and 1 huake Valley near a small degree. “The little fish said.

Reporters noticed that between the end of 2015, Wuhan residential average price around 9000 Yuan, while Shenzhen as early as about 40,000 yuan.

Now the “dare to spend money”

Leave, little fish was inconsistent. However, from the middle of last year left, and now live in Wuhan in less than a year, the little fish who thought they had started life.

“The first dare spend money! Although now earned not Shenzhen, but life in Shenzhen has been feeling is carry, money did not dare to spend! Because the House is expensive, and prices are very high, worry that if unemployment do? “Small fish to find food for their families each week expenditure of more than 3,000 yuan, down from the more than 2000 Yuan, mainly because of the low prices.

“Second is no longer wants to house without very poor degree in life for the kids room, suddenly feeling no stress! “Little fish believes that as the core city, capital of Hubei Province, central China, Wuhan has a lot of good colleges and universities, primary and secondary education resources are abundant, and clusters provincial schools, and health care is also very rich in resources, which is one reason she could stay.

Observation: people leave, more people came to

“Escape” from North Canton, and “escape” Shenzhen … … “escape” is now a fire and to the abuse of the word. “Escape: t á o in order to avoid harmful to their environment or things left out: l í apart, separated by distance”. Fish insists do not consider themselves a family case for “escape” Word, while in Shenzhen, the city itself has no reason to let it escape. “I was just like, ‘ his mother ‘, forum for children’s education and Habitat. ”

Small fish bones most loved cities are Shenzhen. This is a relatively fair, young people can rely on its own strength, sowing warm and sweat, harvest fruits of passion and the city. Here, couples gain love, family business, harvested the first bucket of gold. But also because here, after returning to Wuhan, have a higher starting point. “Find a job in the local, heard back in Shenzhen, someones eye. ”

People keep leaving, but that more people choose to come to Shenzhen. According to the Guangdong Statistics Bureau official to publicly available data, by the end of 2015, Guangdong residents to 108.49 million people, the end of last year the total population net increase of 1.25 million people, an increase of 1.17%, an increase of 0.42% increase over the previous year. Population urbanization continued to make steady progress, the resident population continues to aggregate into the Pearl River Delta mega-city, Shenzhen’s population increased the most. Last year, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, two super large city population net increase over the previous year and 420,600 599,800, resident population of the two cities increase total resident population increase of 92.02% in the PRD.

Explosive mass loss of Tianjin Port car white washing the market vendors say

Recently, Tianjin, Henan a consumer to buy a new car was the scene of the explosion had parked the mass loss, and attracted widespread media attention. Coincidentally, Hebei’s Liu also recently met similar troubles.

Last November, LAU in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 4S shops saw a imported Cherokee, signed a sales contract in accordance with the market price of 625,000 yuan.

Two months later, that is, in January of this year, sales staff told LAU in their car to. Couple saw car will pay the remaining car, and assisted by the 4S shop set on the licensing procedure. Finally to the car to this day, 4S shop but they said an unexpected message.

Liu: sales took a picture of the important, it says the car park blast site in Tianjin, and the effects of time, doing maintenance such as changing filters, internal and external polishing.

Ms LAU, 4S shop until you finish, on the licence was told that it was a car explosion parked vehicles in Tianjin Port, grave violations of their right to know. So, 4S stores know what Ms LAU is Tianjin Port to book this car parked car? In February this year, Shijiazhuang TV station of the concern of the 4S store column interview related personnel.

Hebei Tian 4S shops selling operations director Ni Jianbo: we are after the car, January 16 (notification). Because the manufacturer said was one of the first in Tianjin Port (explosion) after the official sales of the vehicles, so the customer when ordering out we do not know the car was a stock car.

As a manufacturer of Cherokee, United States Chrysler, then how is it? On its Web site a copy of the letter of communication on the affected vehicles in Tianjin port handling methods. Explicitly mentioned in the statement “the consumer at the time of the car into the shop, the dealer will provide the important, clearly inform the consumer of the quality certificate of the vehicle related information.” Clearly, the 4S shop practices do not meet manufacturer requirements.

Liu more worried is this explosion in Tianjin Port has on-site parking of vehicles able to drive safely. In response, Chrysler’s response is also given.

Chrysler customer service: bombing of Tianjin Port part of the destruction of the vehicles we have, you are purchasing the vehicle after factory testing is our determined only if there is no risk would be sold. When you use is no problem. North Green Phoenix suspended the siege the ticket

Although the manufacturer gives instructions, customer service is patient replied to Ms LAU’s question. But as vehicle users, Liu remained about the safety of the car with suspicion.

Liu bought the Cherokee, Chrysler will be characterized as “Tianjin new car parked during the accident.” Chrysler said in its official website, for this kind of parked cars for sale, and enjoy the new vehicle warranty.

In addition, there is another type of car was judged to be “mass loss of Tianjin Port”. For this type of mass loss, Chrysler on its Web site for the following:

In Tianjin, a total of 3,435 vehicle has been seriously damaged in the accident, of which 2,114 have destroyed under assistance of the Tianjin Municipal Government. The rest of the 1321 is made for the total loss vehicles, has passed the claim to the insurance company, Chrysler told the insurance company, the vehicles are tested to assess determined impossible to vehicle occupant safety by means of maintenance operations and the use of standards, should not be for sale.

So, should not be destroyed nor 1321 mass loss of foreign sales of cars went where?

Press enquiries: Tianjin explosive mass loss was renovating the public selling

On August 20, 2015, the Tianjin Port near the scene of the explosion, several parked cars were damaged. Oriental IC data

Logistics Park in the Binhai New area of Tianjin, and reporters saw a number of damaged Cherokee are at 50 percent of the price of sale. The car Windows were broken, serious damage to the car body, car rear view mirror has fallen off. Sell told reporters that these car selling 400,000, fixing to sell 330,000, has sold more than 400 more in a day.

Reporters on the scene took the chassis number of the vehicle, chassis number is equivalent to a motor vehicle’s ID information. Query by Chrysler official website, confirmed that the car was indeed explosive mass loss of Tianjin Port. Chrysler made clear that “no authorized dealers sell any such vehicle”, then why do these cars into the market? A car people, these cars were originally prepared to recall the destruction of unity, is insurance companies buy these cars, and then auctioned.

Logistics in the parking lot of sales personnel, they have fixed cooperation of garage, these damaged vehicles can be repaired as it is. Reporters came to this called “Lu Bao Feng” the garage, really see here a group of Cherokee damaged cars. Reporters in the garage also met another car, and he was damaged statistics number of Cherokee, intends to sell.

Reporter: do you have a car or worse than this?

Anyone selling car: bad too much,

Reporter: can become like this?

Selling cars: are possible.

Reporter: do you repair material is original?

Anyone selling car: it can’t be original, you also get to pure original. And now so much, one half of you said, I get to the original, is also possible.

Reporter: do you these vehicles are also auctioned?

Anyone selling car: Yes, it is. (Fixed) I might get 35, 360,000, or 38, 390,000.

Explosive mass loss “relationships” on the card

These do not have manufacturer warranty, cannot meet safety standards by means of maintenance of quality loss, and how smoothly it?

At the request of reporters, cars will have a good licensing procedures of vehicles one by one sent me, customs, commodity inspection, vehicle conformance certificates, invoices, electronic information tables are complete. He told reporters that one can go the DMV “relationship” just had been “packed”, a staff member will be able to get a licence.

Chrysler said in its official website “and all parts of these vehicles shall be destroyed.” However, the original should be destroyed instead of being destroyed, instead of “white washing” the market. In response, Chrysler customer service responded during the explosion of mass loss of vehicles have been destroyed, no specific information for the vehicles to escape through other means.

Mass loss of the original should have been destroyed, through auctions, refurbishment, on the open market. That what part of the problem? CCTV will continue to trace reports. In addition, remind the consumer, purchase of vehicles do not covet a moment of cheap, while ignoring safety. Meanwhile, I hope the relevant authorities can really take up the supervisory responsibility.

Land due to do needs to be rules Wenzhou 600 homes will expire next year

Home of State-owned land use permit expires to do–do you think this? Wenzhou people had to “get ahead” faced a similar issue.

4 years ago, Wang Wang Hebei village, lucheng district in Wenzhou, bought a 75 square meters of housing. In March this year when you want to sell, she found the House land titles the service life has expired–as of March 4.

She found, Wenzhou district Bureau of land and resources, land registration, trading center, the answer is: the real estate certificate valid for 20 years, has expired. Because the State has not yet issued implementing rules for the renewal of a certificate, the current certificate expires only on new Shen lingban, made right after the payment of land transfer.

Water heart residential purchase, Mr Wang’s House also encounter such a situation, “sadness” is that he has got the ownership and title deeds, cannot obtain a land use permit.

In March this year, Mr Wang phase water residential apartment, nearly 600,000 yuan after signing the contract purchase, deposited in a bank account third party supervision, and ownership and title deeds, but in land titles–were stuck when the original owner of the land use permit expires on March 4.

“Land registry trading center said, must pay land fees, re-approval of new permits. When buying a House did not think land use permit expired, so that the House three cards are misaligned, a mortgage escrow account, I do not get, sellers get hand cannot revoke the transactions. “Wang told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN).

Wang learned from the lucheng district administrative approval window, making a new application for land use right certificate, required to pay transfer fees of more than 300,000 Yuan: it suites floor appraised value of approximately 6000 Yuan/square meter, multiplied on the title deed building area of more than 50 square meters.

“This is not the case, then appear one after another. Preliminary Mo Pai land sector, land use in Wenzhou real estate has more than 600 cases, which expires at the end of 2017 (set). “April 13, Deputy Director of the land resources Bureau of Lucheng District, Wenzhou City Branch told the word news.

He said, now residential land use the life span of 70 years, but in the 890 method of collecting the land grant at first, irregular operation may exist, as well as alleviate the financial pressures of developers, not paid for 70 years, Wenzhou is at least 20 years. Such as the Hebei village in the 1990 ‘s, developers and land sector was signed between 20 land transfer contract, so Wang House land life of only 20 years.

It is understood that the property Act provides for the use of land for housing construction during the automatic renewal of expired, but exactly how, Ministry, Ministry of housing and not issued supplementary file.

“Also have public consultation similar problems before. House for a land use permit is about to expire and we do statistics, and transitional rules are formulated to submit superior departments, also hope that the relevant sector policies as soon as possible. Expired deals, in the absence of new cases, only new claims processes, and in paying transfer fees after new land use right certificate. “The Deputy Secretary said. Loud Giuliano indigenously in the age of Liaoning

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

AKA-DM1 was launched by Sony a pet with a camera system, primarily as a pet on a daily basis carrying Sony your sport filming camera. In this way, allowing pet owners to obtain a pet’s perspective, of course, can also make a unique perspective of the film this way.

AKA-DM1 has a simple structure, by paragraphs 50 to 80 cm of the saddle with a removable seat “pet saddle” attached to pets.

By using this device can be the best way in the pet’s body handling action camera.

Using this system, I can observe their pets with a motion camera access in general human unable to enter the area, and we also have access to specific information for pets to leave his side.

According to the Sony design, this system can be used with a fixed camera components auxiliary surface shooting performance, if we can’t understand the use of this function, we can look at the Twitter @ strong over the years, if you are curious about Meng Chong’s world, you can choose to buy one.

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Interested readers can choose their own buying patterns to buy. OtterBox Note 4 Case

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Liaoning a village dump destroyed fields conflict villagers say people posing

Web on April 7 in the Liaodong Peninsula, recently, xinfu district, Fushun city, Liaoning province, villagers in qianjinxiang village of lang to find journalists, said someone turned over a large number of residual soil into farmland, destroying farmland, villagers block process, there was conflict.

At the scene, Tali has a lot of residual soil in farmland, canals of the water for the rice fields buried by residual soil. Forklifts are not far from being residual soil dumped on farmland. Destruction of trees, fell to the slope.

“More seriously blocked gutters, water shutoff, WA water, little narrow. Light destroyed or minor key houses do, several hundreds of meters of rice to the affected “villagers told reporters that these residual soils have not only destroyed arable land and posed a threat to the safety of the villagers.

In order to prevent dumping of residual soil in the farmland, the villagers repeatedly reasoning and communication, and even conflict. Reporter found both sides in the conflict.

According to villagers block dump Description: “he (residual soil of the villagers) ago posing as police chief. “According to villagers in the blocked dump saying, residual soil, villagers call” King “, for half an hour” King “.

“He Gu ye clutching guns, 110 of them photographed. “Stop the dump, villagers said.

Liaoning a village dump destroyed fields conflict, villagers say people posing as police chief and gun

Video screenshot.

For this matter, residual soil, villagers said it was after the village and allow members of the village. As for the examination and approval procedures, residual soil of villagers responded: “the land Bureau, Lang Shicun, the steward, is here. After I read it I didn’t pad the residual soil. ”

In this regard, the reporters came to Lang Shi village information, village Party Secretary, said the village is not allowed to be interviewed. They immediately went to the qianjinxiang Government, says a publicist to lead, let reporters back to the phone, but as of press time press conference phone is not qianjinxiang. Hebei Handan over more than 70 public sector workers