Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial people s Congress Zheng Yuchao informed

Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial people's Congress Zheng Yuchao informed the termination of their functions have been canvassing buying

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Published 30th of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial people’s Congress of Liaoning daily announcements (52nd): the 15th session of the Standing Committee of the national people’s Congress of Dalian 26th meeting decided to accept Zheng Yuchao resigned as the 12th people’s Congress of Liaoning province’s request. In accordance with the People’s Republic of China National People’s Congress and local people’s congresses at all levels on behalf of relevant provisions of the law, Zheng Yuchao’s 12th people’s Congress of Liaoning province representation terminates. In accordance with the People’s Republic of China relevant provisions of the law on election of the national people’s Congress and local people’s congresses, Zheng Yuchao’s post as Deputy Director of the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the national people’s Congress, Liaoning province to terminate.

Up to now, the representative of the 12th people’s Congress of Liaoning province are 604 people. The ccdi website details how to identify against

Previously, the ccdi 26th, Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial people’s Congress, Zheng Yuchao serious disciplinary violations were expelled from the party and public office.

Informed that, recently, approved by the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Commission for discipline inspection in Liaoning province, Zheng Yuchao file review of the serious disciplinary problems. After investigation, Zheng Yuchao violation of political discipline, discipline and demanding property, engage in canvassing buying and incite others to work for votes. Ask for property issues bribery crimes; engage in canvassing bribery problems alleged electoral crimes.

Zheng Yuchao as a member of the party’s senior leaders, and loss of ideals and convictions, and serious violations of party discipline, grave and serious nature. Under the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary actions and other relevant provisions of the Ordinance, approved by the consideration of the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for discipline inspection and the CPC Central Committee, and decided to give Zheng Yuchao expelled from the party, dismissed from disciplinary action; be suspected of crime and the money transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

Source: Xinhua

Original title: Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial people’s Congress, Zheng Yuchao termination of their functions, to lobby for votes bribery


Don t knock down these five Tiger and electric power system reform to succeed

“Written on the front”

In March 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued programmatic document of new round of reform–some opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power (the 9th), became the first symbol of China repeated starting after 12 years. This modified to promote nearly 1.5 years since the electricity market has become the consensus of the industry. Improvement of pilot provinces across the country, but there has been contention of flourishing situation, Chongqing, Guizhou, Shanxi and other places to change leaders for the construction of the electric power market has made valuable attempt. Particularly worth mentioning is, Inspector of Office of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform after the electric power system, was the industry that “reform of moderation” changed suddenly showing full acceleration potential, first regional electricity market trading rules landing Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan. Select capital heavily promote electric power market construction, demonstrate high confidence and determination in promoting change.

9th new changed basic file set this path: three release (release price, placing operational and competitive link power plan), an independent (transaction independent) and the construction of a (market). “Plans” to “market” in the process, reduce electricity costs and achieved marked results in the real economy. 2015, the enterprises fall in electricity costs more than 150 billion yuan. Head of the pricing Department of the NDRC’s price Division said: “electricity prices in China there is still some price space, so we are also trying to tap potential, in order to help enterprises cut costs. ”

Power belongs to the special product and its stability concerns the economy and people’s livelihood in all aspects, change is typical of deep reform, tariff reform is “the hard stuff” in the “hard stuff”. Since it is a system mechanism reform, inevitably touches the vested interests, the process will be arduous. Change our way of “Tiger”, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) today recommended a review from senior power long. In this paper, new electric reform faced with traditional institutions, departments, functions and strife, monopoly power, reform objective and route of the existing design, legal system construction, “highway five Tigers” must remove barriers and to create an environment, a strong advance, otherwise change to succeed.

The author thinks that electric power system reform is to build a new system, but the old system could not disappear naturally, self-conscious exit. Power reform means that management changes and reconstruction of management. In addition, the natural monopoly power to exclude competition, also rejected and resisted the market-oriented reforms to promote competition, the success or failure of the forces for change and the game of monopoly power, will directly determine the success or failure of reform. Electricity market is different from the ordinary commodity markets, not spontaneous, and reform is needed to break the shackles of institutional mechanisms, designed to support mechanisms need to be established and the market model, you need to adjust the deviation rectification and strengthening supervision.

New changing faces “highway five Tigers”, if not to win, “Tiger”, has not a hope of success.

On March 15, 2015, the Central Government issued the opinions on further deepening system reform of electric power (“2015”, 9th), issued a new round of reform of electric power to mobilize. A year later, finish analyzing practice and progress of the new round of reform, environment of deep reform is complicated and difficult task of distinctiveness. So, again studied the new modified files, and review recent transactions directly to practice, concluded that new change faces “highway five Tigers”, if not to win, “Tiger”, has not a hope of success must remove barriers and to create an environment, a strong advance or delay the strategic deployment of the Central Government, delaying the development and progress of the national economy.

One of Tiger: traditional system

Electric power system reform is to build a new system, that is, market-oriented power system, and the path is get rid of the old system, the scheduling system. New process of institution-building, is to get rid of the old system and exit the procedure. Old systems could not disappear naturally, self-conscious exit. Not to withdraw from the old system, the new system would be difficult to set up. Is the so-called “flowing”. From our view, reform “broken” determination is not complete, “State” will and hardships.

9th, and supporting documents should be the new reform programme of guides and top design. It is regrettable that these files is “established” in light of “broken”, “break” was too cautious and weak, to get rid of the old system and the underestimation of the difficulty of withdrawal, lack the necessary institutional top design and rigid measures to safeguard. In fact, the electricity plan called the orderly release, an independent trader, symbolic of power grid Enterprise release, to plan open processes dominate the market-building processes, power dispatch maintenance subject blur the situation, reform and other issues, reflecting top-level design fail to get rid of the old system is not complete. More and more people believe that this is a new change of top design flaws. In the practice of reform, these problems also become obstacles to reform the smooth advancement of constraints. Currently, some provinces to address the new basic attitude change is “wait and see” and “a step ahead of others”, and even “slow change”, “change” and “does not change” phenomenon. Next, the old institutional obstacles and interference problems in the construction of the new system will continue to highlight the new change becomes extremely difficult and complex, trends and success or failure is difficult to predict.

Why such a serious impediment to the old system to the new changes? There are three main reasons:

First, good fundamental orientation. Under the old system, has become established benefit structure. Get rid of the old system, the establishment of new institutions, it will definitely affect the vested interests of some sectors and enterprises. For example, power companies will lose their monopoly power plan management will lose management rights, power enterprises are faced with fierce competition in the market. It is easy to imagine, these departments and enterprises of the new modified what attitude to take. Years before, in promoting the implementation of electricity directly in the course of trade, the reformers realized that worried loneliness and helplessness. In fact, some companies that had been dedicated to promoting direct trade, but the real ally of the reform of enterprises vulnerable users only. If you have enlightened reform of local authority leaders, you’ll get superior support, could make a difference. But, unfortunately, some departments put countries disregard the overall situation, used to power the offside, if not to speak for the individual strong business principles. And reform forces usually less divided and more. In the 9th, and supporting documents in the process of drafting and revising, some enterprises and extraordinary energy sector strategy games are already well known to the industry. Fine grind 9th document and supporting files, is not difficult to find strong company with many traces of the influence of traditional institutional sectors, can easily find their standard benefits have been above national interests. In fact, the new round top design is a modified compromise and balanced outcome. Such a compromise and balance reflects the old system took advantage in the game, not conducive to successfully exit the dominant position of the old regime will bind process of building market, is likely to make the new change delayed, derailed, paid an immeasurable cost.

Second, plans and reliance on traditional management mode of thinking. Although the 2002 5th documents issued by the State Council, launched the electric power system reform, but reform stopped after the separation of grid and main and secondary (separation of grid does not fully complete, main and secondary even more so), market mechanisms are not established, planned system has been overwhelmingly controlled status. Decades of system power plan, power of market players and the Planning Department plan thinking deeply rooted, Chief plan of traditional management people, forming a set of relatively curing system and working mechanism, and handy, snap to use. Instead, carry out market reforms, requires in-depth research, exploration and hard to pay, but also to meet the challenges and take risks. In addition to the interest described above, a common thinking and the management of momentum and inertia and reliance on traditional management mode, but also impede the important reasons for deepening the reform of power. It is for these reasons, a number of planning authorities and relevant enterprises in order to care properly for, taking a passive wait-and-see attitude of the new modification, “no reform, reform and sustained reform” dodge the Central Government strategy. Recently, h provincial planning management departments out of developing electricity plans and pilot programmes to form trade group called reform, real reform, out of bounds assert authority, for national and local development is extremely irresponsible.

Third, the dual-track system under the old system. Under the new modified top-layer design, plan and market both for a transitional period. Transitional period, gradually open up the program and expand the market, and market double track. Under the condition of two-track system, power generation enterprises in sharing electricity and enjoy planning approval under the planning system electricity price, power companies can retain existing monopolies under the planned system, together with the relevant authorities to plan management mode of thinking and traditional dependence, market subject and relevant departments must tend to plan system, consciously or unconsciously resisting market reforms.

Way two: Department functions and disputes

In addition to the formation of relatively independent of the trading institutions, new bodies and new has not involved restructuring does not address function. On the whole, new power from various departments according to their respective “three” implementation responsibilities under the programme. At the national level: national development and Reform Commission reform; energy management in departments in charge of industry and market-building supervision; price departments responsible for tariff reform plan operating plan and Emergency Management Department is responsible for the development of electricity. Look, these departments are under the national development and Reform Commission, it seems, can coordinate and perform its function. However, the functions between the various departments are not entirely clear, overlapping functions exist and function conflicts is well known. Power reform started, functioning dispute intensified. For example, in the 9th, in the process of drafting, wrangling has already begun between departments; in the supporting documents, departmental files initiative led to the drafting of its head, trying to plug into contraband goods, and even designed a mechanism to consolidate and strengthen the functions of the Department, to exclude other departmental duties, utter disregard for other statutory duties and regulations the existing regulations of the State. Sector lobbied heads, heads back to speak, dished out the “reform to take into account practical and feasible, may not be fully in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, to dry up again” argument. So, departmental responsibilities are not clear circumstances, coupled with the “real” leader, will inevitably lead to practical difficulties of departments assumed responsibility in accordance with law, so as to lead to fighting each other, passing fight chaos, resulting in ultra vires act, breach of omission and collective inaction.

Have this problem at the national level, province level would only increase, it is difficult to escape, the so-called “exhaustion”. Municipalities, and regions are equipped with national development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), responsible for energy management, accepted the leadership of the National Energy Board on the business, but quite a few provinces in the Committee set up under the energy (electricity), responsible for energy and program management, on orders from the national development and Reform Commission on economic operation Bureau. Both have the backer, eyeball, think of themselves as “energy industry authority” or “power departments”. In addition, the National Energy Board with regulators in the provinces, some provinces also has a price. Energy management functions of dispute for a long time. Once modified, such as fuel, disputes the nature of functions further. H province recently to throw a special pilot programme for the reform of the Committee by letter, to resolutely implement the State Department reform scheduled to run in the name of trying to all other duties of the Administrative Department of energy in the Pocket and find ways to strengthen the planning approval. Urban energy-related management functions of strife in the provinces, is obvious.

Department functions with the dispute, resulting in a “good pipe, hard no one cares” situation, also create opportunities for monopoly. Some monopolies in fundamental interests, one will find in this sector, one will find the sector, looking for voice. The result, ignoring principles and honor individual departments were captured was kidnapped, spokesman of monopoly power; principled Department instead of overhead. Hence became “who all who daren’t, strong enterprise is in charge” of the cycle.

Electricity reform mean management changes and reconstruction of management, the management function should be adjusted accordingly. Some functions need to be added or enhanced, some functions need to be weakened and exit. This should be an important part of the reform of power. It is regrettable that new reform does not involve elements of organization and responsibilities. In fact, the change has just started, part of energy management functions regarding the ban on research, coordinated division of institutional responsibilities. With the deepening of reform, issues of duplication and overlapping functions will be further highlighted. This issue must be attracted great attention of the Central Government, introduced remedial measures in a timely manner, solve the functions of disputes in order to facilitate the change smoothly.

Way three: the monopoly power Australia 60 real estate mogul voice to the Government

Natural monopoly power to exclude competition, also rejected and resisted the market-oriented reforms to promote competition. Electric power system reform will no doubt blocked by monopoly power. This monopoly power including economic monopoly and administrative monopoly and the technical aspects of monopoly.

Economic monopolies mainly from the dominant enterprise or group or a larger market share. Electric power system reform will change set of grid electricity, electricity monopoly, scheduled transactions as one of the status quo, functional properties of electric power enterprises will change radically, must be fair and non-discriminatory open grid, giving up monopoly on buying and selling links. However, the power grid enterprises relying on monopoly formed a large, large number of associated industrial system, holds a large number of resources, giving up monopoly means giving up a vested interest means decomposition of the industrial system, there is no “GE’s own” spirit it is impossible to do. Meanwhile, power companies by virtue of its monopoly position and resources, has the unusual word in place, with sufficient operational energy, can sometimes affect and change the reform process and direction. Community focused on these questions: power companies can truly open network? Can voluntarily gave up its monopoly? Would manipulate Trade Organization? What kind of attitude and approach to reform? These variables can have a direct impact on power system smoothly. 9th, and supporting documents does not take effective measures to remove these uncertainties. Though relatively weak in power enterprise, not directly against electric power system reform, but it can also take advantage of group strengths, market share or cross-enterprise alliances, negative competition and collusive tendering, market manipulation and other practices, so as to increase the difficulty of reform and supervision.

Monopoly major change from related departments and local governments. Some departments may use reform leadership of ultra vires, exclusion of statutory functions according to law, so as to constitute the administrative monopoly; some functions may have functions for corporate endorsements, distort the reforms intended, which is another form of administrative monopoly. While the local government may have interests in the region, delays in implementation, execution or refusal to implement the national reform policies in disguised form files, market barriers, trade barriers, protectionism or sectarianism, optimal allocation of resources hinder power market in the country.

Is the power system must face the challenge of technology monopoly. Highly specialized in electric power industry, electricity reform in need of professional technical support. Especially in electric power, fair trading and power grid open programme for reform designed, rules relating to design and regulatory practice, expertise is indispensable. This not only in business and related fields requires considerable expertise, more crucial is the need for professional and technical support. Professional and technical consultancy in the country basically completed the separation of major, but still depend on a strong power in the business enterprise inevitably subject to the interest factor cannot or dare not speak up. In fact, technological advice willing vassals, subject to market resources, for widespread endorsement by party a. Reform of technical monopoly and economic monopoly is depth, economic monopoly of the power industry also on the technology.

Electric power system reform is the reform forces (reformers and non-monopoly stakeholders) and the game of monopoly power. Success or failure of their game, which determines the success or failure of the reform. To break the monopoly, break the monopoly power is both a reform package should include the necessary content, but also for the reform initiatives necessary to remove barriers, reduce resistance to reform.

Way four: reform objective and route design

What is the goal of new round reform? Read the 9th document and supporting files, you can see the new change objectives are diverse and different documents on the reform objectives and stressed, for example: the market system, energy saving and emission reduction and structural adjustment, technological advances, new energy elimination, human security, and so on. Design of multi-objective, looks perfect, but is actually easy to fuzzy primary and secondary, diluting the focus and weaken the policy relevance and operability. Any comprehensive reform, is a strategic change is bound to be pegged to the strategic objectives to planning and design, must be focused, given a choice, focus on resolving key issues, or easily lose, leading reform direction and on track, leading to strategic blunders. Author think: new electric modified should according to “18 big” decided on “market in resources configuration in the up decisive role” of spirit, set a compared core of fundamental target, that construction power market, let market decided resources configuration; and other of energy-saving emissions, and structure adjustment, and technology progress, and new energy elimination na, from property target are should in achieved fundamental target of based Shang reached. In fact, markets determine the allocation of resources, including the functions and objectives, market construction target achieved, other objectives will also be achieved. Therefore, the programmatic document about top design should make it clear fundamental objective, the supporting documents and rules approach should be closely linked to the fundamental target. Unfortunately, contrary to reality. This influence on the new modified is fatal.

The industry generally believe, 9th new changed basic file set this path: three release (release price, placing operational and competitive link power plan), an independent (transaction independent) and the construction of a (market). “Three free” and “independent” is the premise and Foundation of electric power system reform, which aims to break down barriers, build platforms, create conditions for the reform, is “broken”, but also “made”. However, the industry generally believes that new path planning of modified “break” is not firm, “made” is not clear; new electricity reform should learn from the spirit of reform and the pattern, should seriously implement the acquisition, General Secretary of the relevant energy industry “four revolutionary” speech, not “tender reform” or fragmentation, ambiguity.

Electricity market is different from the ordinary commodity markets, not spontaneous, and reform is needed to break the shackles of institutional mechanisms, designed to support mechanisms need to be established and the market model, you need to adjust the deviation rectification and strengthening supervision. This is electric power system reform and construction of the electric power market of international consensus. Current electricity price system, plans, management and power grid monopoly status, electricity market system is bound to power reform need to get rid of the “three big mountains”. Although 9th, file proposed has “three a release”, but, 9th, file in the so-called of “release placing electric business” and cannot solution grid monopoly problem, real to break grid monopoly on should fair no discrimination open grid, and grid reveals conservative stock market and not participation incremental sale electric market, even to consider lost distribution separate and scheduling trading institutions completely independent, or not only placing electric business cannot real release, also cannot break monopoly created loose of reform environment and fair of market environment. In addition, the “three free” plus “orderly” modifiers “orderly”, but given a context, send another message, weakens a central rigid; “an independent” is limited to independent institutions, and increase the “relative” modifier, produced similar results. In short, rigidity of the 9th, the discount, supporting files is more vague and broad. With China’s national condition, if the reform programme was not strong, a force for change is not strong, is inevitable in the real operation monopoly is in charge of the situation. Reforms once they have been manipulated by individual stakeholders, it will deflect, ended in failure.

Construction of the electric power market, electricity market must be planned, clear market model, transaction system, route step, regulation, risk prevention mechanisms, and other important issues. I had the privilege to listen to the two domestic top-class experts and scholars debate, deep understanding of electric power market in the domestic top there are serious disputes, exchange of research, casting the consensus. Some senior leadership believe that electricity markets are direct transactions. Some people think that, as long as the perfect trading systems and let go of the supply and demand sides, power markets will naturally form. These issues are reflected, 9th, and supporting files to avoid or ignore a number of key issues, there are many flaws and shortcomings. This should cause relevant sources including the national senior leadership attention, through the introduction of header files, to develop marketing plans with modified rules to further improve top-level design, top design for modified patch.

Construction of the electric power market, also to highlight the market’s dominance, not “ordered cuts, with plans to dominate the market,” path. Open plan, only one aspect of service in the market building. And the market itself is to “cut right to plan” and “leather plans.” It’s hard to imagine a long-term plan to hand power sector, will willingly give up their power, “change your own life”, vigorously promote the development of market. I can assert that, Planning Department-led market, is undoubtedly a wrong path.

Way five: legal system construction

Legal construction of China’s energy development and progress of construction work has also, promote the healthy and orderly development of the energy industry. However, from the overall situation, in the face of energy system reform of electric power system reform in particular the new situation, China’s energy legislation is lagging behind, it is urgent to speed up energy legislation. Main performance: a planned system of color and is quite a few regulations exist traces of two is part of legislation significantly behind development needs; third, energy market regulatory legislation significantly behind; four is the coordination between various energy laws is not enough, there is cohesion and even conflict. Meanwhile, the dispersion of energy management functions, legislative-led sector more self-contradictory, laws and regulatory problems, which resulted in laws conflict.

Many power workers are recognized in practice, and power, “a five cases” have not adapted to the current situation, some provisions have been detrimental to the actual work, but it has “negative effect”. Of course, against the electric power system, there are also many rules. Reform must be “under the law”. Legal system construction and reform should go hand in hand. Legal system lag status quo will inevitably impede the process and effect of the reform of the power source. Electricity reform is also urgent to speed up energy legislation on the legal construction, a clear direction, providing legal support for energy reform. Especially planned for release under the system of implementation of the energy legislation, in the guiding ideology, basic principles and specific provisions are contrary to what the market system does not meet or, needs deep changes. The national people’s Congress, the State Department and the Energy Department must pay attention to energy legislation, speed up the legislative process, effectively enhance the electricity regulations “State instead of waste.”

This article started in the “power law observed” (micro-letter number: higuanchajun), the surging authorized reprint of the press.

Counter terrorism exercises Seoul Subway station cleaning her calm rub

Local time on August 23, 2016, Korea, Seoul, Seoul Metro station holding anti-terrorist training, this training is the Korea-us “Ulchi freedom guardian drills” part of it. A cleaning lady calmly in the soldier next to MOP the floor.

Counter-terrorism exercises Seoul Subway station cleaning her calm rub

Local time on August 23, 2016, Korea, Seoul, Seoul Metro station holding anti-terrorist training, this training is the Korea-us “Ulchi freedom guardian drills” part of it. Picture shows a cleaning lady in the soldier next to MOP the floor. Germany build a 200 kilogram world record bread

Counter-terrorism exercises Seoul Subway station cleaning her calm rub

Local time on August 23, 2016, Korea, Seoul, Seoul Metro station holding anti-terrorist training, this training is the Korea-us “Ulchi freedom guardian drills” part of it. Photo is of a people pushed a stroller through.

Counter-terrorism exercises Seoul Subway station cleaning her calm rub

Local time on August 23, 2016, Korea, Seoul, Seoul Metro station holding anti-terrorist training, this training is the Korea-us “Ulchi freedom guardian drills” part of it. Firefighters wearing masks.

Counter-terrorism exercises Seoul Subway station cleaning her calm rub

Local time on August 23, 2016, Korea, Seoul, Seoul Metro station holding anti-terrorist training, this training is the Korea-us “Ulchi freedom guardian drills” part of it. For paramedics in the simulation exercise.

37th forest wars have nothing to do with winning or losing at least I personally

Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei, the two old men came to Rio, is in fulfilment of that “two people agreed”.

21:15, 11:21, 20:22, lindane, saving 3 match points or the semi-finals, but he personally sent Lee to the Rio Olympics finals.

0817, this is the day when Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei will never forget. A 33-year old, a 34-year old, two men to a Badminton agreed to adhere to a four-year, and in the end.

Eight years ago, Lin Dan won the Beijing Olympics badminton men’s singles champion on this day. All have the honor, perseverance and dedication are frozen in that moment. He chose a piece of plate, Beijing, *LD817, to commemorate.

0805, Buchanan defended at the London Olympics. The same day, his autobiography, until the end of the world, available in the country. Since then, his world title has been accumulated through the 19th, or 20? No longer important … …

0819, 37th showdown between Lin Li. It’s almost become the most important game of badminton world, this is a game about an era, they are relevant also enemy friendly feelings between the two men.

Good bye! On the Olympic stadium there is no “forest wars”

One breathless semifinal, has been fighting to the last minute. Score rises Alternately, smash, diving save, Pisha, net of wits, anyway you can think of wonderful, are included in this 1.5 hour match.

Lin Dan lost, but he smiled, said nothing, his mistakes at critical moments, but he also congratulated Lee, thanks also to all the fans, they have seen a good game.

“I did not expect to win this game, because I didn’t win in the contest of lindane, I didn’t dare think, game I haven’t thought about it. “Lee Chong Wei to win the game very excited, but soon calmed down. He swapped shirts with lindane, for two memorable era of the future Memorial.

In an interview after the match, Lee still recall the third key close scene, “when I didn’t care that much, 20 flat, I would also like to not to repeat the scene of London. ”

However, this time, fate had selected him. In the last minutes, lindane foot skid and has not yet received a ball from Lee, missed the game.

“I think it’s all heaven. “After the Olympic final in London, Lee Chong Wei is also squeezed out a sentence.

Difference is, after four years, really wants to bid farewell to the two great rivals, Lam no more wars on the Olympic stage, “I am for the two of us, for a great game and proud. ”

The 2012 London Olympic Games, Lin Dan again beat LEE Chong Wei to win. Oriental IC data


Heavy footsteps, accompanied by deep breathing.

On the training field as a whole, only lindane, a person, or on the run. Only the eyes of all the men’s singles group little brother still has strength, following their dange.

This is characteristic of the Chinese badminton team physical training. All the horses run up, accelerating in the round until unable to stick. Declares a set of training. Lin Dan, always run to the last one. Aged 33, he looks a little lonely.

Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei attended the activity. Visual information in China


Title the next morning. Muscle memory woke lindane. He put on clean clothes, running start to the Olympic village.

Badminton history, no one can be defended in the Olympic men’s singles competition. The night before, when the last ball of Lee, lindane full run, into Wembley Stadium field.

“Probably because we feel that is not so true. (Previous day) you were defending like any normal the next day without any distinction. So I think, that goes to training, go run. “Recalled the night four years ago,” unreal “lindane is the most profound impression.

Champions crowned, and eventually there will be different.

Next to him in the left arm represents a Grand Slam five-star tattoo, plus a similar “2” symbol, representing double circle the Grand Slam.

2011 Super tournament men’s singles badminton all England final, 2-0 win over Lin Dan Lee Chong Wei. Oriental IC data


Before the 2013 World Championships, Lin Dan has trained only for 3 months. Prior to this, he gave himself a career-longest on a vacation.

A year’s time, his world ranking fell to 286. Sponsors have pulled advertising of lindane, and exchanged the lead for a younger chenlong. They thought China men’s singles changed hands.

Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei and Xie xingfang common activities. Visual information in China

However, the wild card team Lin Dan defeated successive chenlong, Lee Chong Wei won the 5th World Championship title.

After the news conference, opening of lindane is: “a lot of people must be thinking, what’s that damn lindane is back? ”

He did so, with indisputable victory, announced the return of the King. Prove it to those who look down on her, betray his people. Buchanan called it “sad.”

Lindane, the mystery of the State, not to rival live. However, he said, is a professional player on the field’s desire to get him back. “I don’t want to out so early. ”

In the view of him from the public “disappeared” for more than 200 days, his physical training has not ceased for a single day.

In the eyes of athletic trainers Mike plume, lindane is badminton’s Kobe Bryant. “I used to be a Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s third trainer. “Mike,” said during a visit to the away games, Bryant felt the training effect is not very satisfactory, and to pay for arena staff, not let them turn off the lights, and practiced for an hour. ”

Stay with Los Angeles, Bryant had seen four o’clock in the morning and accompanied Lin spent countless days weekend. Mike found that the original mad man on the pitch is the same.

“I think sometimes people can’t be too laissez faire, to their own constraints. Itself in men’s singles, the physical requirements are high. ”

Lin said, “If you start to think about today, I (training) easy, but by the harsh competition, will eventually lose this game because of declining physical fitness. There are no shortcuts can go. ”

Lindane can do sparring is not easy, because he often took his teammates and he in turn, until you win a ring before they would give up.

Often younger first-round opponent, physical fitness, not a question of lindane.

2013 World Championships men’s singles badminton final, Lin Dan beat LEE Chong Wei 2-1, five-time world champion. Oriental IC data


Lindane in 2016, is starting with the 6th all-England title. That’s a good sign.

In the past year, Jorgensen, and Zhou Tiancheng, and Sun Wanhu … … List of names he had conquered lindane. He described as a 16 player career 2015 “bottom year.”

After five races in a row, lindane dragged his exhausted body came to this year’s Asian Championships.

Men’s singles semi-finals Lin Dan VS Lee Chong Wei, world war it was the 36th time that LAM, is about two people met for the last time before the Olympics. Lee Chong Wei in the first innings came from behind to reverse 22:20.

“This game is actually very good, especially the first set. Leading a lot, but you have to win. Will affect their State of mind. ”

21:15, Lin Dan to win the second game.

“After the top of the second inning, the third, in fact, still want to follow the rhythm to play second. If you hold it still can, just because you down, stared at the live ball. Or a prediction wrong later, immediately following the failure of this ball. ”

Decider, Lin Dan crisp defeated, score fixed in 4:21.

However, Lee Chong Wei, this does not mean anything.

“I think if there are no Lin Dan, there is no Lee Chong Wei to train hard, stick to it. Because I think there is lindane, in my life. “To come to Rio, is, to went to Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei is about. “He is my greatest foe. ”

Buchanan also said: “the two of us were the same age. But he remains a very good form and high morale, which was greatly inspired to me or touch. I don’t have any injuries, but also their physical quality remained relatively good. Can in fact be competing together in a cycle. ”

Together, what a beautiful word. Lin Lilai said that chance is not much.

Local time on September 28, 2014, Korea Inchon, the 2014 Incheon Asian Games men’s singles badminton semifinals, lindane 2-1 Lee. Oriental IC data

Rio Olympic Games be?

The Chinese table tennis team seem invincible.

But head coach Liu guoliang talk about Olympic Games said: “we fear every day, dinner with a cafeteria, eating the same dish, even every which way to go to match what start time, are required to be the same, so you can find a point of balance. ”

“Because you’re afraid of being upset, so you want to exhaust all possible, deal with this response that, all full head and go to bed. ”

Lindane is also looking for this kind of “balance”. For example, before every Olympic Games, he will go to shaoshan; for example, for so many years he finds only a stylist; for example, he takes one or two hours a day to each wrap towel plastic racket.

Obsessed with all the ritual of lindane. Games intermittently when you switch sides, often see coach will help players get the ball bag. But here in lindane does not occur. “Bags, racket and I for one, no one can touch, only for me to service them. ”

These four years changed racket brand lindane, signed a ten-year 100 million contract. This time, he will be carrying and Lee from the weapons of the same brand.

Do you remember the last ball London? Lin Dan NET, Lee picked the ball out of bounds. In a sense, you can think of, Lin did not give him a fatal blow.

Back-to-back twice in the 2013 World Championships and 2014 Asian Games competitions after losing to Lin Dan, legendary Indonesian hendrawan served came to the Lee side.

A little attention can be found, Lee Chong Wei a year adhere to the tactical choice is the only and most appropriate for his, as well as offensive-dominated rule in the competition.

This attack as the core tactical Super match in nearly a year of continuous use and consolidation, lindane, chenlong and other rivals who constantly verified its effectiveness, Lee saved full confidence before the war.

This choice means risked everything to fight each other’s point of view into the field. Means that combustion and Lee Chong Wei long career finally broke out. Featured tonight Who dares underestimate Ronaldo

Lee Chong Wei is 34 years old, firmly implement storm control network play on Lee’s body and mind will be a major test.

Meanwhile, the sole, final and the most appropriate selection of Lee, the offense set, loaded with six years ago, his coach hendrawan served was borne in shame.

16 years ago in the Sydney Olympic Games, hendrawan served under enormous pressure before the ball accurately, net subject, low attack effect, anemic counterattack, was snatched by a young Chinese anti-a lot of offensive opportunities, and finally lost the game. This person is not his most important Xia Xuanze, JI xinpeng.

Hendrawan served, Lee Chong Wei. These two at the Olympics with great regret that people ultimately fatalistic together, want to take this last opportunity.

This trade-off. Buchanan’s soup was not behind the fairy Tiger, but he understands the world of kungfu, but not broken. It was found that Lin Dan smashes on the field now less and less.

“I prefer to play in the past myself, now hope that he can eventually win the game. Any, are simple and effective. “Buchanan said.

“(John) had won, would hardly be badminton athletes to take part in four Olympic Games, especially where there is a lot of young players in China,” Buchanan said.

“Rio’s dream, be sure any more difficult than in the past. Full of challenges and opportunities. I’m going to go all out. Not to think about the score, not to think about the results. ”

Now, results are important? For the purposes of this era, “forest wars” has become a competitive, about men, about growth and about the love story.

All witnesses are the happiest people in the world of badminton.

(His surging news published in this paper, the “eight stars” ID:stars_gossip)

College students in Guangdong 20 stop thief was stabbed to death on the streets

Young age of 20, gaobu, Dongguan, Guangdong guy Wang Wang lives cut short, he graduated this year, on the evening of August 9 was stabbed to death because of the Suppression of stolen mobile phones. In this scene, most busiest in the Dongguan-Nancheng hongfu road intersection in the downtown area. At present, Nancheng district, Dongguan police have mobilized a junction controlled actively catching the perpetrators.

College students in Guangdong 20 stop thief was stabbed to death on the streets, the assailants are still at large

Wang Wang Xinhua News Agency some kindergarten chefs wearing

Stop the theft was stabbed

9th 10:30, son Wang Dengfeng got call from a mobile phone, phone, boys in a hurried voice of a man claiming to be the son colleagues said: “Wang Wang to stop stolen phones being stabbed, South City Hospital. “Wang Dengfeng, immediately rushed to the South with his family to the hospital. On arrival at the hospital, the baby is intensive rescue, and his colleagues have been taken to police stations to be interviewed. Doctor involved in the rescue to the Wang Wang’s family photo shows the wound. Displayed on the photo, there is only one wound in the abdomen, intestines was stabbed breaking flow out from the wound. Since Wang Wang’s injury is too heavy, 10th at 2 o’clock in the morning, Wang Wang declared the age of 20 died.

What enemies hate, do it so hard? According to the witnesses of the case, Wang Wang’s colleague, 9th at about 10 o’clock in the evening, employees get dinner, Wang Wang hongfu road bus stop with him, when you go to hongfu road, intersection of telecommunications, found two thieves stealing passers-by in front of the phone, while passers-by unaware. Wang Wang immediately stepped forward to hand seized the thief by the arm, grabbing back shoulder, loudly asked: “why is stealing someone else’s cell phone. “The thief immediately refuted the” this is my cell phone. ” Since then, two people arguing and pushing at the intersection.

Unexpectedly, Brawl, and thief phone fell on the floor. Wang Wang colleagues immediately put two opened, named Wang Wang leave, intends to pull him away. Clinker, as they turned for a moment, the thief from behind while Wang Wang unawares and directly from behind and stabbed him with a knife. After having been stabbed, Wang Wang fell to the ground, two thieves drove in disarray, stole away the cell phone fell to the ground. In desperation, my colleague only on the injured Wang Wang hospital, thief and stolen cell phone passers have went away.

Are focusing their efforts capture the perpetrators

10th at 3 o’clock in the morning, Dongguan Nancheng outside the hospital, Wang Wang’s family around South City Public Security Bureau police questioned details of the case, current Deputy Director of the City Public Security Bureau who told family members, police have mobilized all around the intersection cameras to collect clues from suspects, are active cases.

9 o’clock in the morning, yangcheng evening news reporter visits the scene found in Dongguan, where the city centre, although it began to rain early, but people are still very great, the surrounding office buildings, shopping malls everywhere, crossing apart from the traffic video monitoring, but also on the side of the road with security monitoring.

“While installing a lot of monitoring, but the thief is very rampant in the area, due to the large crowd, many of them staring at the passersby phone, others steal parked near Nancheng Mall Wal-Mart bikes. “One shop owner told Xinhua, hongfu junction often stolen, police have also stepped up inspections, often undercover interspersed in the crowd. On August 7, Dongguan Justice Coalition against grilled 15 players, in all the 5 thieves in this area. Prior to this, Nancheng district Dongguan sheng and an auxiliary police officer of the police station, and because catching the thief was stabbed in the area.

College students in Guangdong 20 stop thief was stabbed to death on the streets, the assailants are still at large

In Dongguan, Guangdong is the most prosperous of the incident-Nancheng hongfu road intersection in the downtown area.

Declared righteous

“We hope that the police solve as soon as possible, to bring the killers to justice, addition, hope for children name, he can’t die situation. “Wang Wang’s uncle, told reporters that they just before reaching the native of xinyang city, Henan province, and Wang Wang parents, gaobu, Dongguan business catering business, the family moved to Dongguan, for many years.

In May this year, Wang Wang had just graduated from a College in Guangzhou University, majored in software engineering, living in the Cheng sheng he Plaza, a mobile software company. Other than Wang Wang, has a younger brother that read in your family.

According to family members, said Wang Wang in South City to work every day to travel more than 20 km to go home for dinner, “If you won’t be home for dinner, he would call ahead to let family members know. So early on with his family yesterday said the night office party to back home, and told us not to wait for him to eat. “The thought is that this became Wang Wang’s parting words.

Yesterday afternoon, Nancheng district, Dongguan police said after the incident, led Dongguan Public Security Bureau attaches from the criminal police detachment deployed elite police forces immediately, and the City Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force, quickly launched an investigation.

In addition, the police is working with related departments to verify the information, and proactive victim declared heroic title.

The AH ring II men cry is not a crime that is what powers the sports view

Introduction: surging opened new talk-show section: Ah ~ ring! Each night, surging veteran sports journalist hurt tert bring you a taste of the Rio Olympic pain points. Do a killer live show would you do it

Choreographer: DDR

Script: Shen Wendi, Pu 垚lei, Plateau (practice)

Photography: Lu Linhan, and Zhang, and Wang Chen

Clip: Lu Linhan, and Wang Chen

Late: CR, Wang Ya game, Zhang Zehong

Yulin episodes when two civil servants work each Member of Department personnel

Users reported in zizhou County, Yulin city, Shaanxi Province, created at work watching TV staff. Twitter map

Users reported in zizhou County, Yulin city, Shaanxi Province, created at work watching TV staff. Twitter map 46 death of garbage time buyers 500 000 home buyers

On August 1, a Netizen in the Twitter fact said, zizhou County, Yulin city, Shaanxi Province, created two staff members watching TV at work, out to the staff indifferent. 3rd, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from zizhou County party Committee propaganda department learned that two disciplinary staff have been reprimanded and ordered tests.

Users @ exotic Yulin said July 29 3:30 P.M., zizhou create level two 2 cadres in the Office place, do disregard the disciplinary style of loose, openly in the unit on the computer to watch TV, to staff indifference. The tweet picture shows a man wearing a black and white striped shirts sat watching video while eating at your desk, another woman on a computer screen playing a costume drama.

Surging news sent wrote private letters, have not been returned. At present, the home page for the Internet users do not see these Tweets.

3rd, surging News learned from zizhou County party Committee propaganda Department, the County “one city” work leading Group Office has been criticized on two disciplinary staff, and ordered two deep examination.

Zizhou created a staff member of the Office, was criticized in two staff members is the staff of the inspection teams, often in the countryside town of supervision units work in progress, rarely go back to the Office. The staff also said that inspection teams rather than the specific business acceptance Department, no previous mass inspection team found the staff situation.

Official website showing Government of zizhou, in furtherance of the counties to establish provincial environmental protection model city, the County, the County Government set up a leading group for creating and created from the unit deployed 20 members from the backbone of the composition, specializing in creating jobs.