Interview with NTU gods Professor Zhang Yibing best period now is the development

On May 13, the Tongji University, Zhang Yibing guest, centred on Foucault’s Humanities 70-year anniversary of Tongji University speech. Zhu Yichen

Zhang Yibin, a Professor of philosophy at the University of Nanjing (pen name Zhang Yibing) specializes in Marxist philosophy and continental philosophy and postmodern thought in question, but great teachers like to call him “God” or “soldier”.

On May 13, Zhang Yibing scholar surging news interviews, Foucault, philosophy in the present situation of Chinese whispered: “now leading goods of value in Chinese society, everything is utilitarian, he must ask the ‘ what ‘. But useless philosophy is its highest use. ”

“God” temples have some white hair, has a stream of gentle winds. He said: “cold philosophy is a specific historical period, after the material abundance in the future, when people’s spirit and soul need to rely on when people are no longer just chasing an empty villa. ”

That afternoon, the Tongji University, Zhang Yibing guest, centred on Foucault’s Humanities 70-year anniversary of Tongji University speech. In May, he returned to Foucault – of violence by the construction and discourse structure of life security boundary is also published by the Shanghai people’s publishing house.

Back to Michel Foucault-the violent construction and frame border security discourse of life book

Foucault inspire us to see the world from another perspective

Zhang Yibing said more than once, if Foucault stood on the podium today, Foucault is most likely telling quote is: “I am not a Bible, but a paradigm of Toolbox, more strange is that the Toolkit will be turned into a constantly throw their grenades. ”

“He doesn’t want people to contact him as we read the Bible, every word is a must. His text is broken, the second text his first text, third text denied the first two text … … Each text is on his own grenade. He is a toolkit, the Toolkit makes us more creative thinking. ”

“We grew up in a normal process of knowledge and enlightenment, but Foucault’s starting from sensible, living in a world in which we judge to be normal, like being labeled ‘ sexual perversion ‘ label. He sees the world, and we are not the same. “Zhang Yibing said, we are often exposed to is something intuitive, identified, but Foucault observed a lot is not intuitive. For example, invisible slavery.

“Foucault has an important point: the modernity of bourgeois power is not visible to the killing and forced, but microscopic, such as capillary-like powers of strength. Today, capital of human slavery from the unseen details disposal. ”

Zhang Yibing for example Foucault, in discipline and punishment described in the book of panoramic monitor. “Now many people Chase Office environment, what employees are doing, managers can see. From space, modern factories and modern company management model from Foucault’s discussion of this book in Bentham’s the panorama prison. ”

“We talk about equality, justice, Marx said the exploitation of surplus value, and it’s all recognizable. Invisible slavery but Foucault said, is apparently very fair thing. “Zhang Yibing feeling, Foucault’s presence is the most important lesson is that the see invisible things.

“In the old cultural tradition of our nation, identity and homogeneity is the core part of the. You want to converge, and educate children as well. In kindergarten, are obedient children of bright red flowers. Exam-oriented education into everyone’s answer. Foucault, makes it possible for us from another angle of the heterogeneity of the non-observation of the world. ”

Cold philosophy, Chinese culture has not kept pace with the rapid economic development

At home, not many young people are reading Foucault, online, there are many “Foucault obscure” reviews.

In France, Michel Foucault in the 1960 Edition of the The Order of Things and their subsequent works were popular bestsellers. Zhang Yibing even describe Foucault’s works from France the cultural popularity of “like we Chinese people get to the toilet.”

Zhang Yibing, with respect, knowledge of our society today, and France is different.

“The philosophy of Chinese high school students don’t read. But in France, like Jean-Paul Sartre the philosopher’s first job was the best high school philosophy teacher. France provided you do philosophy, first thing to do is to high school philosophy teacher. France child start from high school receive a good philosophy, arts training. Foucault’s writing to the point difficult to understand, the French can still be read. ” Play Museum of the singer sentiment struck a chord

“Like the French Academy lecture series is for the general public, is not confined to the University, all the people on the street can hear. Foucault, Bourdieu, Aron which France thought masters, they talk about could be France audience acceptance, can be disseminated. ”

A professor at the philosophy department, Zhang Yibing, China the “cold philosophy” deep feeling. He admitted to surging news when he was South University’s philosophy department, the philosophy department as the first number of student volunteers, worked for three consecutive years to zero.

“I often joke that probably only Chinese gold shop in the world has the fingers of thick gold necklace, this characterization of fetishism in Marx is obvious. In fact, no one more internal things, the more needs something to say rich. Just as we are now pursuing cars, there are rich opened 4 million, 6 million car and wrecked it freely on the road. Fetishism in China has reached the point where a terrorist. ”

“In some European Nations hundreds of years of modernization, and economic processes are consistent in their culture. Economy to a certain degree, it’s psychology, culture, knowledge, traditions and accumulated to a certain extent. “He told the word news,” 30 years is we made a family of three centuries, this is possible in the accumulation of material wealth, however all of our non-physical existence is still old and deformed. ”

Tongji University lecture. Zhu Yichen

Now it was Chinese philosophy and development of good times

Zhang Yibing told the word news, development of philosophy in China is not always pull off. “1977, 1978, 1979, and liberal arts of colleges and universities at that time the highest point in the Department of literature, history and philosophy, Nanda was not then business school and law school. ”

In his view, philosophy is hot or cold, and is closely related to age. “Mao Zedong is a philosopher, poet, historian, when he was governing the country is more concerned about people and relations. At that time reading Chinese Department, Department of philosophy, Department of history, is easy to get into, the attention and promotion. ”

“Reform and opening up, our major social development model has undergone fundamental change–and it is pragmatic, wealth creation, so the ‘ tool ‘ the talents the main part. “This tool continues to the present: the high scores are often preferred in science and engineering, humanities students ‘ highest scores also tend to business, law, foreign language tools such as highly professional. “History and philosophy and the arts, will simply become a job after graduation, are marginalized. Parents don’t understand, spend tens of thousands of dollars to send their children to the philosophy department, but don’t know what to do. ”

“But this is a nation-specific historical period. Philosophy, music, art, this is a nation or a community to achieve rich phase, people may enjoy and follow. “Zhang Yibing themselves, for example on a trip to France, sitting in the coffee shop across from the old lady if you heard is a Professor of philosophy, excitement will come and talk to you. “For what? She has a topic. In some European countries, people together is not the stock market fashion. And his family the best of kids first selection is theology, art, philosophy and music. Because they don’t have to go to eat and drink, these disciplines and the human mind, and our understanding of life. ”

“So I think it is normal. Everybody in for a living a long time, you allow everyone to learn philosophy, this is a very strange thing. But I have an opinion, now is the best period of development in Chinese philosophy. ”

He said as disciplines like philosophy, art, and power centre or pecuniary interest in certain pseudoscientific. “You think Yao wenyuan, Zhang chunqiao was to write an article, what is that philosophy: philosophy, it is a tool for politics. Today, more in the spotlight, is more likely to be pseudoscience. Why? It associated in an interest in, how is it possible to actually tell the truth? Out of the question. ”

In his view, philosophy of individuality like a bloom in the winter, will open in the winter. “When the real, material benefits from the relationship of time and power, philosophy is the discipline of its personality, metaphysics, this trait can be shown. If you head full of money and the power, you can’t really get into philosophical thought. ”

Zhang Yibing news is, somebody who really likes philosophy in schools now came in a little bit. “I think with the economic development and social prosperity, will return to the people the spirit of philosophy after a historical period. ”