Steuben, Angola shed light on solar

ANGOLA — Solar power is one of the country’s fastest improving energy sources, but local ordinances did not necessarily kept up with technology.

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TV SHOW listings for May 8

TV SHOW listings for May 8(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Moschino iPhone 5S Case SpongeBob SquarePants

NBCSN — Formula Another, Grand Prix of Spain tradition

FS1 — NASCAR, Sprint Hole, Spongebob iPhone 5s case Squarepants 400 practice

FS1 — NASCAR, Sprint Cup, iPhone 5 Spongebob case Squarepants 400 final practice

FS1 — NASCAR, Truck Series, Toyota Tundra 250 qualifying

FS1 — NASCAR, Sprint Cup, SpongeBob Squarepants 400 qualifying

FS1 — NASCAR, Truck Series, Toyota Tundra 400

ESPN2 — Heavyweights, Joey Dawejko vs . Amir Mansour

TRUTV — Champion Seanie Monaghan vs . Cleiton Conceicao; Glen Tapia vs . Which includes a Soro

TGC — PGA Concert tour, The Players Championship

NBCSN — IIHF, World Championship, United States vs . Denmark

MLB — St . Louis in the Pittsburgh or Baltimore at And. Y. Yankees

ESPN — Playoffs, Houston at L. A. Clippers

NBCSN — Playoffs, Washington in the N. Y. Rangers

New car line experience Salon recruitment


If you look forward to flying with ultimate control of passion, if you expect to experience pleasure of flying, if you expect big Lady have sincere exchanges of science and technology.

Then you must come here!

On May 10, 3W coffee in Shenzhen, the “new stuff” music row somatosensory experience Salon under the car line.

Here, not only will you experience a new sense of music row, and most importantly, you will be a happy player with top hardware exchange experience a sense of music row reservations car project; or a face-to-face communication with Le Hang engineers; see media, fashion industry friends as well. This is an ultimate experience Salon.

Is not enough? We’re going to give 5 lucky – providing a “cars” experience! Generic classifier! Month!

Theme: “new stuff” music row under body car line experience recruitment time: May 10, 2014, 13:30 place: Shenzhen 3W coffee recruitment: 20 time: with immediate effect on May 9, at 18 o’clock participation conditions: Incipio iPhone 6 Plus Case

1.@ love @ music world SCV fans … 2. forward this Tweet: “the new stuff” music row under body car line experience recruiting 3. enjoying the latest technology, willing to share with others. Concerns love and Lei feng’s network to do something, and products are of great interest to music row. 4. the site published tweets associated with this event at least three topic on Twitter with # line # offline experience.

Registration method:

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Send to e-mail to the following:

Name: QQ: Mobile: SINA weibo: occupation: interests: what’s your opinion on music row (words): announcement: May 9 at 19 o’clock @ penchant for micro-published list (list upon confirmation, we will send the invitation notice invited friends. )

Do not hesitate to come and sign up now! Incipio iPhone 6 Case


1. Verify that the day of the event you have sufficient time to participate in this event, and then sign up again. 2. Please carefully read the conditions of participation and registration, participation in this event shows that no objection to the above. 3. has been invited to participate in this “new gadgets, somatosensory experience Salon car line” activities of friends, do attend. If for special reasons cannot be present, May 9 (Friday) told us before, in convenient places to other friends. If absent or without prior notification, I’m sorry, you will be permanently absent the love machine offline activities in the future. 4. due to limited live event venue, were invited to the friends do not bring friends to attend. 5. does not charge any fee for this event. 6. music world reserves the right of final interpretation, love all.

Fully automatic and full manual? What do we need?


On a mobile phone camera, from scratch, from the decoration to the practical. Up to now, Android, Apple, the WP platform three phones to take pictures continuously upgrade skills. Shooting in photographs has been getting better and better, more and more feature-rich at the same time, in the final analysis, we need the kind of shooting?

Fully automated?


That automatic goofy shots, and now Apple’s iPhone is the best (of course is the latest that better), regardless of speed, white balance, noise suppression, shutter, electronic image stabilization, HDR, etc, is to optimize the best shot the most hassle free. Knowledge taken even if you don’t know, as long as you know how to take pictures before you tap the screen to focus and then press the shutter, in most cases, your picture can be seen, focus is clear. And even if you want to adjust the parameters, iPhone camera parameters are adjusted, most can make you free like HDR, Flash option is enabled.

In this context, have to say many flagship Android phones are not as good as iPhone, especially with regard to speed and white balance. While the WP platform, now Nokia has exclusive, in the automatic result is more general, and white balance off the problem is WP Nokia cell phones the most prominent.

Manual function blessing?


Android beat the automatic mode? Then had to go to the manual directions. Adjustable parameters is more common on the Android machine ISO, white balance such. Of course there are parts of the Android phones even the ISO is not able to control, such as the OPPO Find 7. In order to further distance, enhanced manual functions has been added to the mobile phone, such as shutter speed, manual focus, metering and focusing separation, but also preserve digital prints (RAW), even the electronic simulation of grey lens effect. These things, without knowledge of photography of the average consumer, may be difficult to understand, and never used, but it seems to some acquaintance with knowledge of photography enthusiast, this is the phone towards the professional route, an important step clear of fool.

And manually adjust it on the one hand, the native iPhone camera is not adjustable. Android and the WP system currently have the upper hand, Lumia, led by Nokia series of high-end mobile phones had Nokia professional photography application, manual focus, shutter speed, white balance, ISO can be adjusted easily in a professional application. Android has become part of the high-end model supporting more manual functions, such as in b mode, electronic grey lens, metering focusing separation of Nubia X6. Now also has a professional model vivo high-end flagship Xplay3S and Xshot. Have a maximum of 32 second exposure OPPO series models (but can not adjust the ISO, so the long exposure mean little). But more interesting is that these manual functions now made mobile phones, foreign mobile phones such as Samsung, LG and other phones on the sign is the absence of these features. Domestic mobile phone development in manual mode, also want to take a closer foreign high-end Android phones photographic effect and highlight your innovation.

Vera Bradley iPhone 6 Case Baroque

What do we need?

In fact, in the final analysis, just to make themselves, up to daily use, must be in auto mode. Auto ISO, auto focus, auto white balance. ISO even when shooting darker scenes is a little high point does not use slow shutter, because after all, everyday is a handheld, slower than 1/15 of a second shutter speed makes it difficult to control. In General, the most An Zhuoji focusing is slow in a dark environment, but wouldn’t say for no Coke, if you focus on the good. White balance and even the iPhone is not very accurate, as long as not too outrageous or manual adjustment.

Does this mean manual mode did not need to exist? No, absolutely not, shooting in special circumstances, manual mode is absolutely necessary. For example in long exposure photos manually, it is very important. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 case


For example, small series with Lumia 1020 shot home in the new year Fireworks. This specimen, experience the importance of manual functions, because Fireworks combustion on high in the sky, then would not have to consider the question of focus distance, direct manual focus adjustment to the farthest. To keep noise, limited to 100 ISO. In order to be able to get a set of normal exposure and shutter control to 2.5 seconds to extend exposure time can also complete capture the whole trajectory of fireworks exploded. So, when everything is ready, you just need to wait to press the shutter, waiting for the fireworks and the fall, waiting for time to stop, the setting, the proof just came out. In the process of pressing the shutter to the proofs produced, due to the fixed-focus, you don’t need to worry about camera focus error when shooting. Due to the fixed ISO, you need not fear too much noise has completely destroyed the picture. Due to the extended exposure time, you don’t need to struggle, or will the shutter of the camera is too fast and just her gorgeous Fireworks trajectory.


Another example is this, this picture is the use of Lumia 920 looked out from the top of a tall building, one taken with long exposure 4 seconds at night. Might have looked to the naked eye, this scenario is a bit dull. Through a long exposure shot proof, feels very different to the people. This proofs taken views, capture light, is already far beyond the naked eye can see, low ISO can also be restored relatively unpolluted sky and retain the better image detail. Vera Bradley iPhone 6

There are also long-exposure light graffiti or something, not in detail one by one.

Proofs on long exposures, and before you can make the charm of long exposure night most Nokia Lumia920 and the watch Super Lumia 1020 pixels Nokia film evaluation.


Here a piece of long exposure photos taken with Obama small single, this is on the top of a 34-story building photographed, then just took just 13 second exposure, long exposure can be more clearly seen the stars in the sky. Not that small to depend on, says the phone suddenly turned to the camera, but I have small hands long to Lumia is 1020 4 seconds of exposure, if mobile phones can have a longer exposure time, to make a star, even shooting star track, are likely.

These manual function, is the iPhone this type fully automatic camera shooting difficult.

Manual photo nature has its charm, but for everyday use, including small series of their own, the most commonly used always or automatic shooting modes. Xiaobian also strongly in favor of iPhone logo inside of that phrase:

QQ picture 20140512223331

IPhone how to take wonderful pictures of the Church, more than to teach people to become professional photographers to be reasonable. In fact, if your cellphone camera white balance is accurate, focus speed is fast enough and accurately, ISO and shutter speed to be able to have a very good balance, noise reduction effect or in daily use, you also need to use manual mode?

If you want to answer the title question, to consider more use cases, we also need excellent fully automatic mode, Yes, automatic is necessary, but it must be good. If that’s all right, then add some manual mode is best, ISO, shutter, manual focus a few manual features are very useful. Although the use of manual mode is one of the few, but absolutely the case, manual mode can more easily deal with a variety of scenarios. Adjustable aperture and optical zoom … … There are not many hard, because it will further increase the volume of camera, who did not want to the back of the phone has a large and prominent very outrageous shots, right?

Of course, text above is my own opinion, and do not represent public opinion, so what do you think?

Packaging design red wine red wine and robots

Remember love rare last year to introduce Israel Design Studio Monkey Business and Reddish brilliant ideas, please, when they are provided with the package designed for wine accessories, can turn wine into a variety of interesting animals. Now, two Studio brings an updated version, this time, we can turn wine into a robot: Siyoteam card reader

SIYOTEAM T18 Keychain Micro SD Card Reader

Is still some extremely simple accessories, can be put together in the wine packaging provided, also not much increased cost, but simple pieces in on the wine corks, haha, all kinds of different robot was born ~

Designer: Monkey Business, and Reddish

[] Siyoteam card reader

Swaying with the wind flowers of light

Share with you a video: swaying in the light of flowers, we can consider it a landscape design or think it is lighting ideas–but no matter what, the effect is only one word can describe, it’s is dreamy … … small bluetooth speaker

Directly on the video. According to the information available, it is in the United States at the opening of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York took the, at that time, the two vast sea of purple flowers, a right and left surrounding the entrance road, is perhaps one of the most beautiful Avenue in the world. Justin Weiner is derived from Studio Kenji’s design. mini bluetooth speaker

Camera Lens Shape Bluetooth Speaker

Designer: Justin Weiner (Studio Kenji)