Stainless steel gentleman Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) tours

Metal body design, a six-inch big-screen, 2K resolution, narrow border design, Word Association does not seem harmonious VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) combined. Containing a 4000mAh battery, as well as 2.5GHz mycophenolate mofetil 801 processor, strong heart which was his winning weapon. Vera Bradley cell phone case

Lenovo VIBE series package design has been very interesting, K900, empty envelopes accordingly, packaging rich sense of depth and beauty. This back VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) to remove empty design, to print design. Although there are no empty design surface stereo effect was no less significant. More interesting is that the packages within the envelope and This is my VIBE, great tunes.

Information note on the side of the model, color, network information, more interestingly this time receiving Mark for the standard version, is representing Pro or mini version? Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920), a total of eight colors, such as the common black, silver, grey, gold, and bright red, blue, Orange and purple.

Manual, warranty card and a card PIN.

Parts list.

Data cable and headphones are the noodles line design, both ends of the cable plug or a corresponding convex design, to facilitate easy identification of positive and negative.

Charge output for 5.2V/2A and most frequently are 5V 1A or 2 a.

In terms of design, Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) gives the first impression is the strong domineering. Square edges, hard metal materials, elegant patterns on the back, makes me the metal control quite like. Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) face a six-inch occupies most of the area, narrow border design makes the screen ratio and visual effect quite well.

Positive overall effect when you put out the screen very well, is very “senior black” feeling.

Top receiver, respectively, front-facing camera, sensor, LED lights.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) designed for the entity key, bottom from left to right is a menu key, Home key, and return keys, backlit design.

Left and right are the volume button and the power button, but the location on the design of single hand hold when adjusting the grip in order to operate.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) use a 6-inch screen, making the overall larger, even should be seen as a tablet. Fortunately, Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) on both sides of the narrow design, rounded corners makes a single hand hold without clear sensation.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) designed for dual SIM card dual standby, but it is a pity, the only card slot supports 4G, but slot only supporting GSM, would still doubt it.

Top and bottom are the headphone jack, speaker, mic, and Mirco USB interface, more interesting is the Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) Mirco USB interface to yellow. Yellow USB interface on the PC can provide a shutdown or Powered USB charging, but seems to be seen for the first time on the phone, is there a hidden feature?

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) using integrated stainless-steel fuselage, its design philosophy draws on watch design, sharp, angular and unique textures enhance the look and texture. Vera Bradley phone cases

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) the thinnest of 7.7mm of the fuselage, projecting part is the camera location. Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) black bar at the top of the back paired with red circles, I personally prefer and can accept, but there are a lot of users that match does not look good.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) uses a native 16:9 1600 camera, supports the OIS optical image stabilization, equipped with dual Flash, on hardware and software, there are many new ideas, will be one focus of the evaluation.

Vera Bradley iPhone 5 Case Baroque

Camera highlights how many people can feel it.

One-hand operation can only be about one-third screen area, which is under the big screen had to sacrifice.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) as Lenovo’s new flagship product, molding in a stainless-steel body, extreme Visual 2K six-inch screen, booming-HP 2.5GHz mycophenolate mofetil 801 processor, there are native 16:9 16 million pixel camera, strength and performance of its ability to impress you? And Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) experience evaluation.


Beyonve knowles and Nicki Minaj wear Phillip Plein, Givenchy, Moschino, and More throughout Feeling Myself…

@XOChristanna achieve us up on Twitter, typing, “Patiently waiting for @thefashionbomb to identify every woman from the #FeelingMyself video. ”

Givenchy iPhone 5S Case Mad Dog

Presenting on the case! I searched for it on Youtube, but WOMP: it seems different only available on Tidal, which I have not subscribed to (have you subcribed? ). But worry not! We were able to catch a few screenshots and too a highlight reel, so we can get my credits locked in for that while involving us wait for the Coachella themed viddy attain to masses!

Nicki and Beyonve knowles lounged in a pool with floaties, with Nicki in a $365 Moschino Towel Print Swimsuit, Seville Michelle rose gold Italian leather door knocker earrings, Jennifer Fisher VIP, Cray cuffs, and a $10, 495 light blue Chloé Fox Fur Coat.

Later on, Nicki get sultry in a $1, 805 sheer ‘Pervert’ jersey from Givenchy iPhone 5 case.

And finally, Beyoncé and Nicki danced it up on a car in a Philipp Plein black and white fur “Warrior” hat and a black and white fur jacket equipped with grosgrain collar and cuffs by way of Fall/Winter 2015 Collection.

Lastly, Nicki is shown in a Di$count Univer$e ‘beetle juice’ turtleneck crop surface and $310 Off White Distressed Produce Shorts:

As for Lady Bey, this woman was outfitted in $927 imprinted windbreaker by Off White by Virgil Abloh.

I’ll update this post if i have actual video…if it’s items released.

Until then, get some about Bey’s and Nicki’s looks lower than:

Oh and see a leaked show from the video here:

For those of you the people that don’t have TIDAL, Nicki Minaj coupled with Beyonce just dropped the video on Feeling Myself.. You’re welcome.. Abide by Me On Instagram: @muva. kyra

Posted by Kyra Gee across Monday, May 18, 2015

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Beyonce’s 7/11 Video Fashion Credits: Virtually any Joyrich LA Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt, A WXYZ Leather Crowns Visor, A Surburban Riot Him Sweatshirt, and Mother’s ‘Dropout’ Sweatshirt

This Week in Chic: Beyoncé, Ava Duvernay, Kendall Jenner, and More!

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May perhaps perhaps 31, 2015: June Contest you ought to “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”

Witness a divergent reality and the Justice League protects the planet � but answers to no one but rather themselves. Employing methods of intimidation so fear, this Superman iPhone case, Batman so Wonder Woman deal brute stress in the name of justice. From the creative guru of executive producer Bruce Timm and co-producer Alan Burnett crops up an original story where the world�s major triumvirate of super heroes had distinctly different origins. Superman isn’t raised by the Kents in Smallville, the Caped Crusader is not Generic Wayne, and Wonder Woman is not very an Amazon warrior of Themyscira. They are as likely the world�s saviors as Earth�s despotic rulers. When a group of famed scientists past experience untimely �accidents, � a the united states task force follows the path of clues to the Justice Domestic league � but is there a more powerful professional operating from the shadows? It�s an excellent stakes game of intrigue, problem ? paradox ? puzzle ? enigma ? secret and action that asks problem: How do you serve justice to those over a law?

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Moto 360 compared with the LG g Watch r details

Moto 360 and LG g Watch r these smart watches did not give the feeling of blockbuster, but also attracted the attention of many people. At this point, let us compare these two models powered by Android operating system Wear smart watches to see if they have what features and parameters specification:


And phones and Tablet PCs, Google hasn’t allowed customized Android operating system Wear, so the watch software experience should be the same.

Voice control

These watches are based on Google voice control for the Center. As of now, powered by Android device voice control speed Wear Smart Watches soon, and the identification of the good.


LG haven’t released g Watch r’s dimensions, but based on the diagonal measurement of the screen, we estimate the length and width of the main table (as shown in above figure). If we estimate that well, then g Watch r table length is longer than the Moto 360 20%, and almost the width of the two.


Moto is 360 stainless steel body.

G Watch r table is stainless steel, but LG said it is also adding aluminum metal, and its surface is plastic.

Replaceable straps

These watches are 22mm standard forms that can replace the default.


Watch LG has not released the g r weights, wrist experience on us a bit, feeling there is some weight. Moto 360 weighs 60 grams.


At the time of product launch, Moto 360b provides two colors, and g r Black Watch this one.

Display (size)

G Watch r screen size only Moto estimated 360 72%. But the ratio does not account for Moto360 black border at the bottom part of the display.

Display (resolution)

These smart watches the pixel density is not very satisfactory, but g Watch r-definition higher and sharper than Moto 360 about 20%. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case

Display (type)

LG said g Watch r plastic OLED display and g-Flex Tablet phone using the same technique.


At present we are still evaluating Moto 360 range. LG no g Watch r battery life evaluation, they said only that the watch can run for a long time.


These watches have reached the intelligence watch IP67 waterproof standard in the industry, this means that they can last for 30 minutes in a 1 m water depth is no problem.

Heart rate monitor

G Watch and heart rate monitor is not configured in the first paragraph, but LG g Watch r above to deploy this feature. Moto 360 in addition to heart rate monitor is also equipped with a pulse sensor.

Compatible mobile phones

And like all carrying Android Wear smart watches, these devices require matching phone running Android version 4.3 or above, they are not compatible with the iPhone and WP mobile phone.

Independent radio

These smart watches are not supported.


These Smart Watches only one button, and is on the right side of the main table. This design makes them look more like an ordinary watch, of course, very classical style. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case


Both the device’s internal storage capacity is 4GB.


Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 5s Case Zebra

Every Android Wear Smart Watches RAM is 512MB, these two are no exception.

Release time

Moto 360 is already listed, but was said to have sold out. You may have to wait at least a week or two weeks, so that the online and physical retail stores will have more in stock.


We don’t know how many g Watch r’s retail price is, but Motorola Moto 360 pricing is very aggressive. Given g Watch r’s cost is only $ 20 higher than g Watch, a $ 50 lower than the Samsung Gear 2, so the price should be no more than Moto 360 g Watch r.


LifeProof Nuud Case and Cover Represent iPad 2 3

lifeproof 5s case Nuud Argument and Cover Stand for iPad 2 a variety of – LifeProof Nuud Case as well Cover Stand for iPad 2 3…LifeProof Nuud Case and Cover Stand for ipad tablet 3LifeProof Nuud Case and Pay for Stand for iPad 2 3LifeProof Nuud Argument and Cover Stand for iPad 2 3Product Feature* Works with iPad 2, 3 as well 4* Large speaker ports permit youto get the most out of yourmusic and flicks using LifeProof’s Sound Enhancement System* Built to meet or exceed IP-68 and Affiliate marketer Standards allowing you to take your iPad everywhere* Ability to take into wet facilities, including total submersion under waterProduct DescriptionNaked touch experience, LifeProof confidenceLifeProof Nuud Case and Cover Represent iPad 2 3You May Also LikeLifeProof Nuud Case/Cover for iPad 4/3/2 least White/Grey…LIFEPROOF 1135 LifeJacket Float least Protective case…LifeProof Case for iPhone 4/4S – White/Grey…NETGEAR WN3000RP-200UKS 300 Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range…Life nüüd Verification Case for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad…

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Paynetown’s fossil dig gets a makeover

Paynetown’s Fossil iPhone case dig gets a good solid makeover read more

FOSSIL iPhone 5/5S Case Polka Dots

Jill Vance, DNR interpretive naturalist, talks about the FOSSIL iPhone 5 dig at Paynetown State Playground. The special area at the back of the particular overflow parking lot lets people appreciate for fossils and take them natural.

Jill Vance, DNR interpretive naturalist, talks about the fossil dig together with Paynetown State Recreation Area. The great area at the back of the overflow building lets people dig for fossils and take them home.