A residential elevator in XI an 31 f falling to young mothers and daughters

A residential elevator in XI ' an, 31/f, falling to young mothers and daughters were killed, 1 day ago has just completed the annual inspection

January 29 at 18 o’clock, sunny community of XI ‘ an elevator falling death accidents, embrace a 26 year old mother of 5-month-old girl from the 31 floor, take the elevator, two people died on the spot due to elevator plunge. Properties says, a day after the elevator inspection. Figure for accidents elevator. Traffickers have shifted around the hospital concerned

On January 29 at about 6 o’clock in the evening, Xian Ming Road and North of the southwest corner of the second ring road to 1th, sunny building 1 unit elevator death accident occurred, the mother and daughter died on the spot.

Who lives in sunny 1th, 1 unit 31 floors of 27 boys in Fujian province Zhou Zhengjie didn’t think, say hi to his wife and daughter were in this life farewell. About 6 o’clock, Zhou Zhengjie and his wife prepared to go downstairs for dinner, he suddenly thought of going back home to take something, let his wife of 26 years Zhou Meie holding the 5-month-old daughter down the stairs. When he went out, can’t find a mother and daughter. Dialed his wife’s phone calls. He found three elevators in the elevator doors closed, two of which failed, just east of the lift can be used normally. He then took the elevator downstairs to look for, but always to no avail. In the process of finding, Zhou Zhengjie heard neighbors say 5 floor elevator make too much noise, he went on to find, found an elevator stops 5 floor, elevator door variant, he quickly find property for help.

9:30, when the reporter arrived on the scene, found on the 5 floor, fault the elevator is the middle one of the three elevators, stopping between the 5/f and 6/f. Are evacuated 120 first aid doctor told reporters that the two have no life signs in the elevator. Wearing a pink kids baby girl’s body was placed on the 6 floor elevator, her mother’s body is still on top of the elevator.

Elevator signs that “manufacturing units as Shanghai yungtay elevator equipment co, the next test date of January 2016”. Number of households in the community told reporters, and said elevators in January 28, completed inspection of the property.

Zhou Zhengjie introduction, he lived in the building were three ladders and eight from the first half of the second half of 2014 to 2015, Elevator outage maintenance often occur. Small households, 1th floor, unit 1 January 29, Lee later told reporters that he was a possession in May 2015. From his arrival to now, elevators often fail, three elevators near the West part is occasionally closed. The tenants in the building are also complaining, lift the quality seems to be not so good, not reaction when door is closed properly.

The night of January 29, XI ‘ an unfinished police are at the scene to carry out the investigation, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. As of January 30, zero hour, 30 minutes, two bodies of the victims had been removed.


A rescue station was set on fire in Shenzhen 3 psychiatric patients died official

A rescue station was set on fire in Shenzhen 3 psychiatric patients died, official: arson suspected mental disorder

January 26, Bao ‘ an district, Baoan district, Shenzhen City Civil Affairs Bureau official Micro-Blog @ Sun reported that 25th night of Baoan district xixiang Street, Baoan district, rescue station on fire, causing 3 deaths. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Baoan district emergency Office confirmed that killed 3 people for mental patients in the shelters. 12306 picture verification code 8 enter the correct

Reported that on 25th 22:45, 8th room on the third floor of fire rescue management stations, covering 30 square meters, at 23 o’clock allows the fire to be extinguished. Fire killed 3 people, 1 leg minor burns, hospital treatment.

Informed the show is through adjusting the watch room surveillance video, initially to determine fire for the 24th relief stations Jiang Xiaodi (male, 31 years old, suspected of mental disorder) caused by arson. Investigate and deal with the aftermath of the case is in progress.

Adopted son prevalence to blindness United States flew to Ningbo tracing adoptive

The help pays.

In order to be diagnosed with a rare genetic disease of Chinese Miao miao adopted son in the blind before birth parents and brothers meet up, United States Seattle Molly Sano, Ningbo city, flying ladies ‘ well-to-do tracing. On January 15, with the help of local media, hospitals, Miao miao’s birth parents had been found. When we met Molly and Miao miao’s mother wept bitterly.

Molly is a sign language interpreter, Microsoft engineer husband is deaf. February 2014, their adoption in Hangzhou to Ningbo, the ING Mei orphanage Miao miao.

Adopted son prevalence to blindness, United States flew to Ningbo tracing adoptive mother continued: parents find

In February 2014, Molly (second from right) see Miao-miao in the Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department for the first time with the orphanage staff photo.

Born in April 2012, Miao miao congenitally deaf, on May 18, Jiangbei district, Ningbo “Tin Shui Wai home” South Gate was discovered by security, and then was sent to the orphanage.

Birth parents remain in the infancy of a letter saying that, Miao-miao had a brother born in 2004, 2, does not address cannot be found, the doctor said to do cochlear implants, but they don’t even have a place to live. Miao miao was born, congenital deafness, they have no ability to do cochlear, can’t, hope that good people can save our pathetic little lives.

Since November last year, Molly found Miao miao appear unsteady walking, to the local hospital after checking in late December was diagnosed with congenital deafness-retinitis pigmentosa syndrome (Usher Syndrome Type IB), which is a genetic disease, patients with night blindness, and blindness.

“The probability is completely blind and cannot be cured. “Molly said Miao miao from adopting, they started to search for him, wanted Miao miao to know their roots, but there has been no progress.

Last November, Molly touch through friends in Ningbo in the English training of Yap. Yap will be posting messages on a personal micro-blog @ Panda loves to read history, caused by the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) and other media attention. Shanghai metro lines a new operation on Saturday

On January 12, Molly accompanied by brother Benjamin Nixon, flying 10 hours to reach Shanghai, then transfer by high-speed rail arrived in Ningbo.

“China is to speed up the tracing the progress of Miao-miao before the blind see loved ones – and, his brother may be the same people with Usher syndrome and not know, tell him as soon as possible, early medical intervention may be able to defer or relieve blindness. Meanwhile, take some photos, videos to take home, Miao miao about his birthplace. “That night, she said in a surging news.

While in Ningbo, Molly visits the ING Mei orphanage for children and find that year found security of Miao miao, to thank him.

In institutions, she saw parents remain in the swaddling clothes of another letter, addressed to Miao miao.

“This is the purpose of my coming here! No one expected that, and one biological parent’s letter to Miao miao, it is their most direct, is currently the only dialogue. “Holding letter, Molly choked up listening to the translation:” even if nothing is found, see it. ”

She did not think, a bigger surprise waiting for her.

A media contact help hospital in Ningbo, looking for clues. Ear doctor recalled in a hospital in April 2012, the deaf son of parents with newborn checks.

After you bring up the case and found the child’s information with the Miao miao consistent, then contacted his natural parents.

According to Mr, Miao miao’s birth parents in Jiangxi, Henan respectively, currently in Fenghua, Ningbo city workers. When born Miao miao, who had only 600 Yuan, forced, abandoned children, Jiangbei district, a relatively upscale “Tin Shui Wai home” door, want good people to help your child.

At present, their eldest son attending a school for the deaf, living in Ningbo. Mr IP said, 15th is weekend, parents to take him home in Ningbo, received calls from reporters on the way.

“The phone is call father, said here that he had thought that a cheat, not believe it. Later, Miao miao’s mother call back call. “Mr ye said, when they meet in the evening, Molly life-thanks to the birth parents gave Miao miao, the latter thanks to Molly tending to Miao miao,” two mothers wept bitterly. ”

It is understood that Miao miao’s brother now sight the problem does not occur. Molly told the word news, doctors say, accurate data is not the genetic probability of Usher syndrome, can certainly not 100%.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric

On January 13, almost makes it difficult for most people to withstand great pressures of modern life, many people even dream of escape to paradise. United Kingdom in Worcestershire “modern caveman” Angelo? masiteluopiaiteluo has achieved this dream, 250 million years ago, in his local forests in prehistoric caves to luxury modern residence, also equipped with floor heating, running water and Wi-Fi.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

On January 13, almost makes it difficult for most people to withstand great pressures of modern life, many people even dream of escape to paradise. United Kingdom in Worcestershire “modern caveman” Angelo? masiteluopiaiteluo has achieved this dream, 250 million years ago, in his local forests in prehistoric caves to luxury modern residence, also equipped with floor heating, running water and Wi-Fi.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

Now 38, Angelo was Australia head of recruitment firm, in Australia for 10 years. In 2007, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, even paralyzed, it made him reflect on the health and lifestyle, they want to make him feel happy, healthy place to live.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

In 1999, Angelo while out cycling with friends all of a sudden rain, seeking shelter from the rain when they discovered the cave for the first time. After 300 years, the caves were used as a four-bedroom House, until in the late 1940 of the 20th century, abandoned. In 2010, Angelo returns the United Kingdom, see the caves are for sale, paid 62,000 pounds (about 590,000 yuan) to buy it.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

Since then, Angelo and 100,000 pounds (about 960,000 yuan) to reform here, cutting and removal of 70 to 80 tons of rock. Connecting only 2 rooms stone gate, it took him 11 days to build. He also built the Hill, introduction of clean running water from the mountain. Because he does not need planning permission, so you can make use of their imagination, creating your own Comfortable residence.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

He uses a lot of pebbles to build shower walls, bathroom sink using organic materials such as rocks and logs, most of the layout of the room, it retains the cave scene, including rock textured walls and curved. Angelo also not shy of modern facilities, he wished to make stone houses in order to give a modern feel, while retaining the charm of the cave.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

Throughout the renovation project cost Angelo to more than 1000 hours. He said: “I like a challenge. Coincidence is that the meaning of my surname is actually a stone master, so my blood flowing with risk factors. ”

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

In the left figure, Angelo cave-like design was retained, including texture of stone walls and curved. In the figure on the right, Angelo cave with water facilities, but remain faithful to the natural environment, including details such as wooden sink. Qinghai Lake hundreds of sheep crossing the ice

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

Angelo cave installing large Windows, so that the Sun can shine. Also dropped many green plants in front, standing on the balcony you can enjoy.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

The caves in the cliffs of up to 15 meters in in the 1940 of the 20th century and abandoned. Image on the left is the newly installed chimneys.

United Kingdom man spent millions rebuilding 250 million years in prehistoric caves

Angelo does not need planning permission, he plans to spend more than 1000 hours.

It took him 11 days to open the right doors 1.5 m tall stone.

Angelo is still unfinished cut built-in wardrobe in the bedroom.

Threats to traffic police believe it or not let you take off your clothes Bureau

Half a month after the incident, on January 7, the Bureau of Sichuan Province issued a briefing note.

Internal Revenue Service Center, Sichuan province, Liu gang, obstructing a police officer, Deputy Director of law enforcement for the scene. WCC

Half a month later, the police said, “believe it or not you take off your clothes” Chengdu “BMW man” identity was confirmed, the Department of taxation cadres in Sichuan province Liu gang, has now been removed.

According to Chengdu, Sichuan news network, January 9, December 22, 2015, Chengdu dates a man driving a BMW 7-series Car Park Lane disorderly, police discourage twice, but he is a ring road around all the time, right back to the same spot to park. Because the vehicle is not the annual inspection, the man was unable to produce the vehicle license, and unwilling to cooperate with the police and civilian police and shouting, “believe it or not I let you take off your clothes? “When the police man away from doing further investigations, his relative impeding traffic police, fan-police in disarray in the face of a woman. After the people involved be punished. The men also were obstructing a State personnel from performing their duties, under administrative detention.

On January 7, the Sichuan Provincial Bureau issued an information note on its website’s website claims: recently, some media reports, there are cadres of our Bureau for obstructing traffic police. After preliminary verification, cadre for the Bureau information centre Deputy Director Liu gang involved.

After the incident, the Provincial Bureau of CPC attach great importance to and are in support of public security organs in accordance with the regulations to deal with related persons; the second is removed from gang information center Deputy Director, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of administrative sanctions. Acres of land in Jiangxi was a 7 year remain open

According to the Chengdu business newspaper reported on December 30, 2015, 22nd of the month, Sichuan Institute of modern disease of TCM and Western medicine clinic renovation before opening, famous doctors, Liu yan was in the clinic’s son Liu BMW parked outside the shop, police have repeatedly discouraged, and found that the car is not examined, and Liu could not present a driving license. Father Liu yan block is raised after police detaining cars. Liu Yanzheng, Liu gang, who punished by administrative detention.

CES 2016 KIA pushed Drive Wise driver assistance systems

  The 48th session of the CES International Consumer Electronics Show was held today in the United States was officially opened in Las Vegas, more than 3,600 technology manufacturers to showcase their latest technologies and products here. Well-known car manufacturer KIA launched its Drive in this exhibition Wise the self-driving car brands. KIA said the Drive Wise is one of their advanced driver assistance systems.

  It is understood that includes automatic cruise control brakes, emergency brake, and a number of automatic technology appears in the KIA in the research and development of self-driving cars. The car company’s target is the year 2030 can completely customise their self-driving cars on the road. Completely independent means the self-driving cars to connect consumers to a particular site, and sent him to a designated location, it can be done in the absence of control tasks such as these.

GUCCI cases

CES 2016: KIA pushed Drive Wise driver assistance systems

  Of course, part of the autonomous car come faster, such as Tesla Autopilot Beta self-driving cars have been delivered into the hands of consumers. In addition, GM and Volvo and other automakers self-driving cars products will enter the market in the near future.

  KIA said their brand of Drive Wise “part of the independent” self-driving cars to build the first generation of driver assistance systems based on current, and will in 2020 and hit the road. At that time, these cars will have parking and road features such as automatic driving.

  In addition, Kia also plans until 2018 to invest $ 2 billion, which is designed to speed up the progress in the development of the self-driving cars. Before that, the auto maker has been granted a United States Auto driver’s license in Nevada, this is the United States currently can issue automatic driving licence is one of the few areas.

  Other than the self-driving car, Drive Wise driver assistance systems will also bring some new user interface concepts. KIA demonstrated at the show they called “the blind control”, this feature through a fingerprint scanner to identify the identity of the driver, and allows the driver to set before a preference and hand gestures to complete the in-vehicle control for all functions.

  In the past years the gesture seems to have become a feature of the automotive industry, for example, BMW 7-series models in their latest added this feature, Volkswagen also made a similar move. Now, KIA’s research has successfully passed the test, it is interesting, GM Phil Abram, head of information entertainment sectors still skeptical about this feature. GUCCI iPhone 6 plus Cases

  At present, the subsidiary of KIA Motors in Drive Wise Soul EV electric vehicle on some features of the driver assistance systems testing. It is reported that the company plans to be launched in 2020 models equipped with this system.

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4 pupils placed stones to force two bullet trains stopped on the tracks the

Chutian metropolis News January 3, just to look at the rubble was crushed after the train, and 4 pupils into sprinted by rail fence gutter, place the stone on the tracks, killing two train made an emergency stop. One bullet cracked window glass was hit by bouncing debris.

Of being hit by debris inside the train.

4 pupils placed stones to force two bullet trains stopped on the tracks, the train Windows were crushed by gravel

Train hit by a gravel outside.

Today, Xiangyang, Hubei province by four primary school students yesterday as being criticism, their guardians will be financial compensation.

Railway Department, January 2, 11:43 A.M., Wuchang D5243 to Xiangyang in Xiangyang East train station and at the Xiangyang station, was placed on the track on the rolling stones. Driver examination revealed after an emergency stop, on the track, train wheels there are traces of compacted gravel, and carriage 15th Windows outer glass broken on the right side; Office of investigations bullied by Sanya city

Shortly thereafter, Xiangyang to Huanggang East D5238 train running to here, once again on the rolling stone, made an emergency stop, two bullet trains were delayed for 18 minutes, 26 minutes.

Railway police, the force stopped the “culprit”, and four pupils, they are between the ages of 7-9. The morning of January 2, their holiday at home bored, play will be gathered together to the railway from one drainage culvert into the rail fence.

Out of curiosity, to see if gravel train rolled like they laid on the tracks to rubble. See car parking, staff get off the view, they swiftly ran out after police seized by railway.

The railway police, 4 pupils already in violation of the People’s Republic of China administrative penalties for public security, and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the safety management of railway, railway police inquiries and criticism of education four people.

Because the four people under the age of 14 shall not be penalized, the railway public security organ shall order the guardian to strict discipline, and 4 little boys school, community communications, signed a security agreement. Loss of railway sector, their guardians will face economic damages.