China seeks foreign companies such as Apple and Microsoft domain names must

China seeks foreign companies such as Apple and Microsoft domain names must be registered in China

China plans to award Internet domain names in the new approach.

Preparatory years, the management of Internet domain names has finally embarked on the revision process, including one in the new rules is cause for concern.

According to China’s Ministry of industry and information technology’s website, on March 25, the Ministry issued the measures for the administration of Internet domain names (revised draft), and open to the public for comment.

New 37th caused more controversy: the domain name within your network access service should be provided by the domain name registration services in the territory, and by internally running domain name registry management. Within network access, but not part of the management domain name registration services in domain names, Internet service providers not to provide network access.

In short, China Web site, or Server site in China (both China and abroad Web site), the domain name must be registered in China.

Science and technology since the media “Moonlight blog” blogger William long told the word news, for foreign companies or multinational corporations, according to the provisions of the earlier, foreign-funded enterprises operating in China, servers and storage devices must be in the territory of China.

“If the new domain name management, domain name transferred to China in order to provide foreign-funded enterprises must be resolved. “William long said.

News check out the surging to Taobao, Baidu, NetEase, Microsoft, Apple, and many other well-known company’s website domain names that are registered in foreign countries, foreign domain name registration services provided by service agencies. 2016 started so badly to see last year s five

In theory, these sites will be affected, the domain name be transferred to the territory.

About Facebook, Google, Twitter and other foreign websites in China does not set the server itself, not 37 affected. At present, companies such as Tencent, millet, 360 Web site domain names registered in the territory, will not be affected.

IT analyst Jiang Bojing, introduce 37 new regulations, “one is completely cut off those registered overseas bad sites or other dangerous Web sites. Second, promote Chinese domain name. Third, if the Agency wants to expand its domestic business, the best and domestic cooperation. “He told the word news.

William long believes that mandatory domestic corporate Web site domain name operability is not strong. “Domain name in safety abroad, you can prevent being hacked. Domestic security is too poor and often attacked by hackers. ”

MARKMONITOR and the NETWORK SOLUTIONS Web site are two of the most professional domain name management. Public information, MarkMonitor is a professional business domain hosting company, hosting some of the world’s top Internet company and the world’s top 500 domain names.

Domain name registration services in the country of Alibaba Group’s network, renamed science and technology company limited, Xiamen 35 interconnection technology limited.

William long worried that Chinese domain registrar network is mainly to provide, transfer domain names to home, could lead to domestic Internet sites controlled by the company. In 2011, by universal networks offers domain name registration HC was complaint, resolved by million net suspended for hours, HC after external launch “anti-network hegemony” website, alleging ultra vires.

Before April 25, the public through the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council Web site ( and other channels to provide feedback.

Available public information, revision of the measures for the administration of Internet domain names start dates back to at least 2013. According to the Beijing News, miit Minister Miao Wei said, in 2013, China will strengthen the management of the Internet industry, amend the domain name, the IP address resource management practices, improve the website for the management level, to continue to purify the Internet environment.


Shaanxi English exam fraud exposed Gunners or hundreds of college students found

“Editor’s note”

Shaanxi xianyang English examination revealed widespread fraud.

March 26, 2016 national professional title foreign language level test day, is located in xianyang, Shaanxi Institute of clothing engineering test establishment of 131 examination room, a total of 3,653 candidates.

However, people familiar with China business news to the local media leaks, the examination will have more than “gunman” in the exam.

Reporter undercover training institution in XI ‘ an “education of Tujia” see, employing hundreds of college students being recruited. The “Gunners” number XI ‘ an University College students and recruiting information from Baidu, micro-circle of friends, College forum access. Reporters also found that the “Gunners” object that the exam is State grid units, iron and other State enterprises employees.

Xian police investigation, found that “education of Tujia” has a detailed exam procedures, computer document displayed two years ago may also organize the exam last year.

Really exam behavior? Reporter exam and the exam site for in depth investigation.

Shaanxi English exam fraud exposed: Gunners or hundreds of college students, found still being released

Caught by the police “Gunners”. China business daily

Not long ago, in XI ‘ an, College app in my circle of friends spread a message like this: “part-time for two hours on Saturday, four levels of English can be, both male and female wage 300-600, Tel: 181423xxxx9 Yuan, teacher, for forwarding. “People familiar with the matter said, which is recruiting” Gunners “, aimed on March 26 to help candidates who took their country professional title foreign language test exam.

This person said that such tests in previous years there have been massive exam cheating. It was his understanding that, this year, an exam group from XI ‘ an xianyang test centers are organized, there are plans for the investigation. “I had contact with sick and for the test team in the early, confirmed that such a violation does exists. “People familiar with the matter said, according to the micro-messaging contact on the phone, and” Yuan teacher “connected to the head.

To prove his point is true, insiders will also own and “Yuan teacher” app dialog screenshots to reporters.

Reporters saw on both sides of the conversation, “Yuan teacher” said to exam is English, when sources raised concerns, the other continually ensure absolute safety, “we will not only ensure your safety, but also to ensure our safety.” “Yuan teacher” also said that as long as the Thursday and Friday (March 24, 25th) to pass their tests will be able to participate in the exam, and that higher-paying higher and higher. Meanwhile, they also provide detailed contact address.

Exam like this really exist? Reporters split road and scored exam within the team, trying to uncover the truth exam. Jinghong Yunnan hundreds of taxis stopped money

Want to be “the Gunners” after measuring English, applying for College can be as many as hundreds of people

According to these people provide clues, on March 23, the reporter and “Yuan teacher” made contact.

On the phone, “Yuan teacher” is not afraid to “Gunners” exam. She says are in urgent need of a group of English proficiency levels in University English four levels above 450 personnel, who participate in the English exam. “Roughly the same exams and University English four levels, six levels if there is absolutely no problem. ”

From March 24 to 25th, more journalists to apply for “gunmen” for the RM ring and optical path cross-bearing penghao building nearby to take the exam.

The afternoon of March 24, journalists should be about all the way to penghao building, first floor, room 2202, seen prominently “education of Tujia” words, no less than 10 staff, all students. In room two, when reporters arrived, one filled with “exam candidates” who are students. A layer is a glass room on the left side, the right side is an open space. Porter put a glass oval conference table at least 15 “candidates” are doing papers. Open space, there are several “test”. Registration, staff should include the name, phone number, and school. Already registered before the reporters found six or seven pages, each page about 20 people, almost all students from various universities in XI ‘ an. At a press conference, answering nearly 2 hours, at least more than more than 60 students come to “application”.

After journalists handed in, asked when the results, the staff said: “soon, would call on the elections. “Reporters check out find test papers is over the title foreign language test’s true subject, almost did not change.

“Test all things to please you”

On March 25, another reporter went to the “education of Tujia” room 2202, still see the room full of students, candidates. Every time somebody knocked into, “education of Tujia” front desk will submit “is to test? “” Who is introduced? “And so on. Answer is finished, they will be registered in the form requires candidates for leaving information such as name, phone number, school, but do not view the documents.

Subsequently, the “Yuan teacher” drawn from several prepared papers to the applicant requesting finished in 2 hours, fixed on the spot. Out of 100 points, score 55 or above are qualified. “Yuan teachers” will be registered in another form.

Staff candidates stress, comfort also said: “it’s okay, exams can take reference books, certainly better than it is now.”

At dinner time, “the education of Tujia” staff booked lunch box for each candidate. “You say hello to good, test all things to please you. ”

In accordance with the relevant provisions of 2016 title foreign language test on March 26 at 9 o’clock in the morning the examination on time.

Until the 25th, at 7 o’clock in the evening, still have to apply for “gunmen” who continue to “Tujia education” to take the test.

“Gunmen” highest paid 600 Yuan

And journalists to “education of Tujia” Liu and Wang, claiming it is a 211 in XI ‘ an University graduate student in the school, all tests with high marks. “Yuan teacher” notice two people back to school Pack toiletries, as “gunmen” groups will be held on March 25 starting at 5 o’clock in the afternoon in Xian, xianyang accommodation. Liu intends to do, Wang is a temporary change. Liu “Yuan teacher” explained Wang of being found will affect their studies. And Wang had the same concerns there. 4:30 P.M. day or so, “education of Tujia” staff according to a list of tested hundreds of people call one by one, which has expressed some concerns, acknowledging.

Temporary change, “Yuan teacher” relaxing testing standards. After some test scores below 55, more than 50 people, was an emergency notice to xianyang to take the exam.

In the “Gunners”, in addition to uneven results, exam treatment also varies. At the appointed start time, “gunner” gather in “education of Tujia” balcony on the second floor the roll. Because most of them are the same age students, portions of the “Gunners” soon became familiar with it. Through the Exchange, they found that participate in this exam, most can get 600 Yuan compensation, minimum of only 150 Yuan.

Through exchanges, “Gunners” and found distinct because of their “home”. “Yuan’s teacher,” for example, she gives “Gunners” reward provided is 300-500 Yuan. “Based on your test results. “” Teacher Yuan, “said:” the price is already high in the industry “, part” Gunners “after the exam to get only half pay, while the other half until test results come out, pass in order to lead.

“Gunmen” small don’t even know their own “home” name-he is seen at the school Forum-related news. “The ad says it is hiring part-time English, did not say exactly what to do. “Zhang said,” like home “told him to take the examination fee is 150 Yuan, he suspects it is” home “extract the difference. And Zhang have similar experiences, “gunmen” from the Baidu post bar, micro-circle of friends, College forums, inter alia, that message. “Gunmen” before setting off, don’t know if I will go to xianyang.

Pro start in “Gunners”, promising “collective barbecue in the evening”

On March 25 at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, several reporters and “Gunners”, gathered in the “education of Tujia” second floor waiting for departure. Until 7 o’clock in the evening, continues to have the boys to test. In Exchange, two staff members said that because men “Gunners” inadequate “emergency recruitment.” A staff member said: “now also come from yanliang, is said to have 9 more sure. ”

Point, the “Gunners” were divided into two groups of men and women, respectively, leaving “Tujia education” Office, visiting the near by bus. Close to the Office, two white tour bus seats 50 people have been waiting for. About 7:30, Shan AL45xx first view, another Shan AL38xx still waiting for conducting tests of “Gunners”.

On the bus, the staff constantly called upon to confirm the “Gunners” number. Count total number of Shan AL45xx “Gunners” 47 people, 13 men, 34 women. In addition, there are 3 staff. Due to the late starting time, the weather is cold, most of the “Gunners” complained, staff told her: “after we better hotel, collective goes out at night to eat the meat. ”

In order to comfort the thoughtful “Gunners”, said a female staff member, exam organizers have many years experience, will not let “Gunners” appeared in any danger. In the process, the other said earlier plans to recruit more than more than 80 “Gunners”, because she has not filled, and proximity to the evening, based on the first batch of nearly 50 people only.

Book village in the hotel was full, “Gunners” were transferred to small hotels

8:45, the bus arrived at the 1th, chongwen road, xianyang, Shaanxi clothing engineering, Simon. Problems and admission ticket for examination the next day sites, staff still refused to say, “anyway, in the vicinity of several school test tomorrow (March 26) admission ticket you will know that in the morning.”

However, organizers did not expect was due at the weekend, previously scheduled Village Hotel is full so nearly 50 “Gunners” were transferred in batches to the surrounding small hotel. About 10:40, the first all “Gunners” were arranging my room, several organizers left the Inn.

“Live in Nice hotels, to eat the meat of” commitments fell through, many “gunmen” and complaining.

The night of 9:35, second plate for Shaanxi AL38xx white tour buses arrived in Shaanxi Institute of clothing engineering Simon, a stay after a few minutes, 23 men and women students dress up in succession from off the car. However, this group did not disperse, but disciplined South walked twenty or thirty metres on the curbside. About 10 minutes later, this group of people mass in the opposite direction and, after a few hundred meters, stays in the first “Gunners” Feng wei, lived next to the hotel, small groups stood by the roadside talking. At about 10 o’clock in the evening, when reporters think that when these people lived here, and seven or eight of them back, followed by the rest of songsongsansan. When the team returned to stay in place for the first time, people began to be spread out.

10:30, journalists keep up with several of them into an alley, in the alley there are several hotels, but they did not enter any, just stood talking to a hotel downstairs, look around from time to time in the past, and very alert. After 20 minutes, several people left the alley again.

Every knock on the door ticket early this morning, especially the account “be found immediately after leaving”

“Morning ticket issued” plans, on March 26 at about 2 o’clock in the morning, staff members one by one door, “Gunners” distribution of admission cards, ID cards, pencils, books and other supplies. After registration, staff will be exam with “Gunners” corresponds to the information one by one, and accountable “if found by the examiner, not conflict, and leave the room immediately.”

By comparison, multiple reporters found that the “Gunners” hand corresponds to the admission ticket and ID card information, where ID is the genuine documents. Ticket information displayed, most applicants to the exam as a subject integrated class a, class b, tech English class a, class b. Applicants age between 35 to 40 years old, work units including the State grid xxx power company, iron cross-Bureau of XX, XX, etc.

March 26, at 7 o’clock in the morning, staff, respectively, “Gunners” woke me up and said it received notification, proctors this year may be more stringent. “If being caught, do not say anything; finish if all goes well, us recovery ID card at the door. “Staff,” said General Proctor not checked photo. “

Suspected fraud, proctors are still released

March 26 at 8 o’clock in the morning, had gathered in front of room a lot of candidates. Reporters noted that the test the night before the reporters saw “Gunners” were mixed in among the crowd. Shaanxi Institute of clothing engineering total of 131 test, test number, first and last, 3,653 candidates exams.

8:30 A.M., room door opens and the candidates have moved into the examination room, but there are still some candidates remain in the examination room door in. “You look at a fat one thin, obviously not like it. “Journalist close to 4 is about the young man heard that, but next to a young man once told him,” don’t be afraid, if I ask you, after you are married you tired and thin. ” With that, a few people smiled, went to the examination room. It is understood that, according to the test requirements, candidates must hold myself ID card (or valid temporary identity card, residence permit) and admission ticket to enter the examination room, documents are incomplete or inconsistent with my admission. But when entering the test centers, security and test center staff were not checked. “Gunmen” were easily passed the “first line of Defense.”

Subsequently, the reporters hold identity cards, candidate into the examination room. As you can see, each room is equipped with 2 the invigilator, when entering the examination hall, 1 one invigilator is responsible for reference and ID information, 1 other invigilators handheld metal detector, view the reference staff are carrying contraband. Journalists entering the examination Hall during examiner investigations reporter with the ticket does not match the information, but still released; hand-held metal detectors, proctors, there is no action after hearing the alarm.

Title foreign language test

The exam is based on the selection criteria should meet the language proficiency requirement through written examination for professional and technical personnel in the form of basic foreign language vocabulary for test, test scores, is part of the measure the level of professional and technical personnel. Exams organized by the society, take the form of unified outline and unseen written examination.

Leiyang grilled clothes were beaten to force a girl kneeling nude photos police

Leiyang grilled clothes were beaten to force a girl kneeling nude photos, police: arrested 9 people 1 person arrested

Against the nets in recent days, “a female student was beaten in Hunan leiyang insult” video, on March 23, leiyang City Public Security Bureau in the official public release event-handling notice: 9 suspects were all arrested and one person was detained.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from video provided by Twitter users to see, one wearing a yellow jacket girl was more girls slapping, foot kicking, knees; the injured girls being stripped shirt, sat on the floor, about a girl on each side showing “Scissorhands”, and photograph of a photo.

March 23 leiyang Public Security Bureau announced of by police continuous work, network biography video “leiyang a female middle school students was beat abuse”, 9 name suspects all netted, which a people was penalty arrested informed said, found network biography video Hou, March 18 leiyang established project, March 19, through visited, will victims small spent (pseudonym) and suspects Wu Mou, and leaves a law summoned to law enforcement case district, March 20 remaining suspects also active to police organ tie survey.

After investigation, the video content in September 2015, Wu girls victims of some suspects, such as flowers (not his real name) said its bad, vindictive, offer flowers to a house under construction on the beat, abuse, took video and uploaded to the Internet in the near future. After the flowers leave and not tell parents and teachers, there is no alarm. A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for

Report on the handling of 9 suspects has been released: 1 people have been detained, imprisoned in Hengyang City women’s prison, the other 8 people under 16 years of age have been ordered by law parents back to education. In the present case is under further investigation, police would be dealt with according to law, and is actively coordinating the victim’s psychological counseling.

Highest tone of supervising illegal vaccine series meet the conditions of arrest

Today (March 22), the Supreme People’s Procuratorate will be involved up to 570 million Yuan worth of vaccine series cases listed as handling cases of illegal business operations, and issued a notice, call on the prosecutorial supervision departments at all levels to do a good job handling cases in this series. Jinghai Ocean Stennis aircraft carrier moved to

Recently, the public security organs cracked up to 570 million Yuan worth of illegal business in connection with vaccine case widely reported by the media, attracted a lot of attention. The series spread over more than 20 provinces and cities, involved, in connection with the number of illegal vaccines. Notice that the area involved procuratorial supervision departments at all levels should attach great importance to, and local food and drug departments, public security organs working connections and close cooperation, comprehensive, in-depth understanding of inflow of illegal vaccines, crime information, inform the perfect clue, to transfer the case, information sharing and other mechanisms. Provincial Prosecutor’s Office to find out the truth quickly, timely summary report the highest Office for investigation and supervision.

The circular stressed, in connection with the prosecution investigation and supervision departments should give full play to the prosecution function actively gets involved in the investigation, and guide the public security organs around the conviction of key overall objective fixing the evidence gathered according to law, meets the conditions for arrest in time for approval of arrest, and catching action follow-up work. Prosecution to play integration advantages, combined with the special case of crimes against food and drug safety oversight activities, severely crack down on crimes against food and drug safety. Provincial Prosecutor’s Office investigation and supervision departments should strengthen guidance, study case law, strictly control the evidence, facts, off, ensure the quality of handling cases, protect people’s lives and health.

CMC political Department song and dance ensemble debut formerly known as

CMC political Department song and dance ensemble debut, formerly known as Ensemble

Stills of the flesh-and-blood built the great wall. Pictures from the Internet

In the current round of reform, as the Chinese authorities from the general political Department, four to 15 functional departments at Headquarters, before the part of the original ensemble of the general political Department has to “CMC political Department song and dance troupe” name brand new appearance.

In addition, the head of the original ensemble Li Yuning has served as head of the CMC political Department song and dance troupe.

On March 20, 2016, the PLA in the 5th edition published entitled let the fighting spirit–the military political Department song and dance troupe of male chorus, symphonic concert sidelights on the article revealed the news.

This article, “said army songs best Sung passionate, exciting depends on literacy; interpretation of classical world music penetrating note – all on merit. Military song and dance troupe performed political work Department of the magnificent flying – Chinese and foreign music of male chorus, symphonic concerts, no doubt doing it for this spring in March, adds a touch of summer flowers in bright colors. ” CPPCC Member Bai yansong the dialogue departments

Article clearly states that “Dance Ensemble, the predecessor of the Department of military and political work from 1953, since its establishment, it owns and maintains a high standard of chorus. More than 60 years past and quench interaction more than 60 years, making their perfection, success. ”

In addition, the Liberation Army daily article and disclosure above, the original ensemble Li Yuning, Chairman of continued to serve as head of the CMC political Department song and dance ensemble, the article “shortly after the military head of the political Department song and dance troupe” refers to Li Yuning new positions.

Prior to this change, according to the Shenzhen Special Zone daily reported, ensemble choral concert of the Symphony built the great wall of flesh and blood on September 18, 2015 at the Shenzhen Grand Theatre, head of the ensemble, conductor Li Yuning concert featuring conductor at the national level.

In the current round of deepening the reform of national defense and the army in the organs of the Central Military Commission have in January this year, basic adjustment tasks, from the General staff headquarters, the general political Department, General Logistics Department, and General armament Department 4 headquarters into 7 departments (Hall), 3 commissions, organizations directly under the 5 total 15 functional departments.

Among them, CMC political Department was 7 (Hall), and carry out party building of the whole army, the Organization, political and military functions such as human resources management.

Independent enrolment in colleges and universities released a strong signal

Independent enrolment in colleges and universities released a strong signal: non-competition and discipline students not in

Independent enrollment in colleges and universities are facing high school participated in the Olympic Games and athletes achieve outstanding results, as well as other high profile domestic or international competition Awards top students in “opening doors”. China Visual

University independent recruitment of new signals being passed: not in to race and discipline students.

Up to now, 90 with independent entrance qualifications of the pilot colleges and universities in the country, the vast majority of published 2016 autonomous enrollment.

Both the top elite Tsinghua University and Peking University, also is in Shanghai’s Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, looking at these University independent admission set the selection criteria can be found basically oriented to high school participated in the Olympic Games and athletes achieve outstanding results, as well as other high profile domestic or international competition Awards top students in “opening doors”.

This also means that most of the students ‘ future careers, will return to the entrance on the main road, no longer as in the past, the blind “comes” the largest independent recruitment and selection of schools.

Youngs on discipline contest of college students in colleges and universities to open the door, but as long as the high-level Award winner Fu expired raw material sentencing the company

After 2016 released independent enrollment of Tsinghua University, Peking University also released the independent recruitment programme.

Comparing the two schools admissions criteria listed, with opportunities for shortlisted candidates must meet a high threshold of logging. Reporters found that only three candidates are expected to be included in the Tsinghua University independent recruitment and selection. Specific for, first class is Austrian game players, that in high school stage participate in national number, and acting, and of, and health or information subject Olympic race, and get national awards of top health; second class is created research type students, can is divided into technology class and Humanities social science class, but also are need in national of related contest or international game in the get awards of players; third class is has highlight to of students, candidates if in studies, and memory, and language, aspects has special talent or to, must provides proved material.

In Shanghai, all with their own selection and qualification of pilots has announced the admissions in colleges and universities. From Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, several colleges set enrollment selection criteria, basic positioning the three types of candidates. In competition, for example, while the majority of Shanghai’s University enrollment conditions are set slightly lower than the Tsinghua, in the Science Olympiad Division athletes achieve outstanding results at the provincial level can also be nominated, but to be fair, the selection requirements is not low.

For example, Fudan University independent admission applications this year, “Wang planned” such candidates must be “high school stage in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics Olympiad of national or provincial first prize two or more different disciplines”; and Shanghai Jiao Tong University independent recruitment and selection, on discipline contest of college students that “first prize in the provincial division of the high school won the national student Olympiad” entry requirements.

Contrast this year and last year, Zhejiang University independent recruitment programme can also be found, selection criteria and further enhance the school this year. Last year, Zhejiang University to set the threshold for admission in “national high school Math League, the national Physics competition second prize of provincial division of excellent candidates”, and this year only in academic competitions in the National Olympiad won provincial first prize and the candidates have a chance of the above Awards finalists calibration.

Reporter access to the more prestigious independent admissions found that set the bar very high for the subject competition in colleges and universities students. Even some students participating in Science Olympiad in high school experience and won the second and third Provincial Division, also has been missed because they do not meet the requirements to apply for quite a number of prestigious independent entrance exams.

Independent recruitment promotion and evaluation in fact already excluded most of the students

In addition to the academic competition, technology, humanities and social science-oriented class in colleges and universities and other professional potentials and to independent recruitment and selection of students. But for these types of students, colleges and universities are equipped with “hard stripes”, asked to meet the University finds that conditions.

A case study of Nanjing University, independent enrollment of the school of liberal arts candidates to register for this year is: high school won three in the national competitions in Humanities and above award, or at the provincial level and the first author publications above to publish at least two articles, or in the national speech and debate activities and achieve better results. In language, literature and history, logic, memory and other candidates who have special talents or abilities would like to apply, must provide the relevant supporting documents.

Sun Yat-sen University independent recruitment brochure for specific candidates in technological invention, creation, research, endowments and other aspects with outstanding performance, its landmark results underpinned by access to patents for invention, published articles, books and other documents as evidence.

Starting from 2015, according to the Ministry’s request, University independent admission of larger policy adjustments, in addition to the time after the move from the front entrance to the University entrance exam, universities have a clear positioning, independent recruitment main singles “geeks”. In addition, the Ministry of education also requires adherence to independent enrollment enrollment shall not exceed the number of annual admissions plan 5% percentage of requirements.

Expert on one sleeve, told reporters that from last year and this year the University independent recruitment and selection requirements, are subject to multiple policy synergies, the promotion and evaluation of de facto already excluded most of the students. “Unless some students from an early age have expertise in a subject, and obtained impressive results in high school, or are not up to the autonomy of universities set selection requirements, have no chance to even take a written test. ”

So even judging from the University this year calibration schedule, many colleges are written on June 11, a “big crash”. But this year have the opportunity to “struggling to descend” candidates are actually few and far between.

College Admissions staff are also told reporters that with the raising of University independent recruitment and selection requirements, many high school teachers and students are welcome, positive attitude. “I remember a few years ago eve of the autonomy of the University entrance examination, some famous high school classrooms were empty, and students were too busy participating in the selection of universities, high schools and even maintaining the normal order of teaching are hard. ”

Another trend is worthy of attention of high school students, has a large number of students enrollment of basic disciplines in colleges and universities into independent recruitment phase, aimed at selection of a profession with a strong interest in or are interested in doing research in the future talent. So there are high school teachers with respect, of University independent admission delineation in the future to “the runner” will drop sharply from the past.

The other hand, high school students should be aware that if you want to attend school, especially attending the so-called “popular” Professional ACE exam is King.

A man poured petrol over female nurses in Shaanxi Province threatened to burn

A man poured petrol over female nurses in Shaanxi Province threatened to burn hospital, emboldened drink before committing

All together put the outlaws uniform. China business daily

Within the elevator car was filled with the strong smell of petrol, nurse Li Ming’s wet hair and clothes have been gasoline, gunmen carrying a gasoline can, lit at any time possible. “Help! “March 14 8:29 P.M. 25 seconds, in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, central hospital surgical building, 3 floor, Elevator, there was an urgent cry for help, the gangsters trying to dig a lighter, crisis, nurses and patients ‘ families to come forward to Wang Fang, Rob hands of petrol was trapped inside the car, pulling out the nurse Li Ming, subdued fires gangsters.

Men get poured gasoline on female nurses who

Yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning Xu, according to informed people reported material, March 14 at 8 o’clock in the evening Xu, Baoji downtown hospital surgical building, one middle-aged men mention with a barrels gasoline trailing a name nurse into elevator car van Hou, immediately will female nurse pulled pour holding, beat female nurse, and to its body poured gasoline, threat burn off hospital, thanks to all timely shots, Heli will men uniforms, curb has events of spread upgrade.

At about 11 o’clock in the morning, China business news reporters in the hospital video surveillance room to view the surveillance video of the incident. Elevator monitoring system failure, unable to see the elevator scene, can only see the elevator scene. According to monitoring displayed: 8:28 P.M. 28 seconds, a name mobile black plastic bags of men trailing one female nurse into elevator, 8:29 P.M. 27 seconds, one wear slippers of men first rushed to three floor elevator mouth, press elevator button, makes elevator door keep open-like, shortly thereafter a name nurse and the more name men almost while rushed to elevator mouth, female nurse again by has about elevator button Hou quickly into car van, fast hold out petrol was, almost while, wear slippers of men rushed into car van, pulled out was trapped danger of female nurse, shortly thereafter , Hijacked by three men working together nurse men out, and put it to the ground.

Another nurse robbed of petrol was patients ‘ families out of the stranded nurses

At about 11 o’clock in the morning, Baoji city hospital-related charge, hijacked nurse named Li Ming, due to its too shocked, currently under treatment, not an interview.

According to the hospital to investigate, middle-aged man surnamed Li Ming hostage replied, when Li Ming has just come back from the pharmacy to get drugs, preparing floor 3 floor, take the elevator to the surgical building, a trailing carrying a black plastic bag went into. At that time, the only two people in the car. Li Ming kind asked answer a Shang several floor, answer a answered 9 floor, Li Ming will help its by has 9 floor button, but answer a suddenly from behind pulled live Li Ming of hair, will Li Ming pulled pour in to, Li Ming brain Department a pinch hair was answer a pulled off, scalp injured bleeding, then answer a will gasoline poured to Li Ming, and threat to burn off hospital, Elevator line to 3 floor Hou suspended, elevator door normal open, Li ming took big call “help”, while with feet mess pedal, tries to played off answer a hand in of petrol was, answer a constantly beat Li Ming head, Family members of patients with Li Yuan for the first time into the elevator, press the elevator button, and rushed into the car, pull Li out nurses followed by Wang Fang arrived and rushed into the car, away from the gangster was buoyed up; Meanwhile, family members of patients with Lv Pengfei and his two classmates Feng Limin, Lv Cheng rushed into the cabin, will answer some out, and put it to the ground.

Suspect’s mother in the hospital treatment outside the hospital after suicide

The official said, investigations by the hospital, multi angle monitoring video showed that nurse Fang after petrol was away from gangsters, petrol was quickly brought to the nurses Office, hidden under the Cabinet and call security section reporting to the hospital in a timely manner. Due to elevator and elevator as well as gasoline, Wang Fang got off the phone in the elevator and keep reminding people not to smoke in the past.

The official said, on February 14 this year, should be a mother Huang for cerebral infarction and other conditions in the hospital treatment due to more serious illness, doctors also stressed in his orders, the elderly must consist of persons accompanying. February 16 at 7 o’clock in the morning, Huang told the Group her to dinner, and left the hospital, and has not been back to the hospital, hospital personnel to find, but didn’t find it. March 6 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the police in Qing Jiang He Hwang’s body was found in the grass by the River, identified by the police, the old man cut his wrists. Since then, Huang several times to the hospital to negotiate compensation to the family of hospitals suggest the family justice procedures, the two sides have not reached an agreement.

Critical moment by a different connection Haikou a vegetable wholesale market price gouging

“Petrol was the most dangerous, so I took the hands of petrol was first. “Wang Fang said,” help “, she has habitually thought the elevator with emergency and rushed to the elevator when they smelled a strong odor of gasoline, Li Ming lies within the car, a middle-aged man, with a white plastic bucket, Li reminded her that:” with a gasoline can in his hand! “And a middle-aged man stuffed his hands into his pockets, she worried middle-aged man out lighter, immediately realized the danger, when the hospital many patients, families, staff, once the man lit a gasoline can, the consequences would be unthinkable, so she did not care that much, snatched the men’s hands for a gasoline can.

“Uniformed gangsters can completely block dangerous, so we first overpowered the gunman. “Patients family Lv Pengfei told reporter, he of lover for brain Department tumor in hospital treatment, he as accompanying, live in hospital aisle, incident at, he of two bit friends Feng Limin, and Lv Chenglai hospital comfort he,” help “sound came Shi, they three people coincide to rushed to elevator mouth, because middle-aged men will hand plug into has Pocket, they worried its cut lighter lit car van, so first time will middle-aged men pulled has out, and Heli will its by pour in to. It is understood that the Lv Pengfei, Feng Limin, Lv Cheng all are after the.

“Human life is the most precious, so I pulled out the nurse. “Family members of patients with Li Yuan said his father with cerebral infarction hospitalized, in recent days he has been accompanying his father around, day and night to see his father was sick, he increasingly felt how precious life is. So when he rushed to the elevator in the first, smell the pungent odor of gasoline, see the nurse has been poured petrol on the hair, clothes wet, in case of a middle-aged man lit car, nurses must slash, so he rushed into the car the first time, trapped in a dangerous nurse pulled out.

These good Samaritans say, look not so much at that time, so the moment they are not afraid.

There are thousands of people in the building when the suspect committing the incident prior to drink two bottles of white wine

Central Hospital of Baoji section chief zhengnan said the hospital building, 59 meters high, a total of 15 layers, building in hospitalized patients with a total of 532 people, 438 people, medical personnel and 83 to the families of the patients, a total of 1053, in addition, a large number of expensive medical equipment. Because of the large elevator shaft inside the cable, once the car is lit, will ignite the cables, fire will spread quickly, and building around the oxygen pipeline, so the whole building is dangerous. Therefore, critical moment, if not the family, and the nurses stood up to Wang Fang, in case of an accident, damage is difficult to quantify.

Wang said it is understood that the answer before a crime had drunk two bottles of liquor and courageous, in addition to a gasoline can, when committing, you should also carry an iron hammer.

Yesterday afternoon, the Hua Shang Bao reporters learned from the Public Security Bureau weibin district, Baoji City Branch, has been detained by the police now suspect reply, the case is under further investigation.