Xinhua County Hunan province response refers to the village parties Deputy Director

NET exposure town, Xinhua County, Hunan Pro Tour police Xiang in passing by “local village party people” assault. On February 29, surging told Xinhua County, loudi city, Hunan province, people’s Governments at the County Government staff news (www.thepaper.CN), judicial, public security departments have been coordinated by the town government, the two sides have signed the memorandum. Fujian managed outside a girls body is hurt the

Network attached screenshot.

User on February 28 post, Xinhua (Hu) siege of civilian police by people “beating” the network for help? Said, 13th, Xiang drive with wife children to happy new year, via car field Bay Village Shi, for road narrow, passing Shi and opposite vehicles occurred disputes; for himself not convenient reversing way and other is convenient way, its “courtesy to motioned” other way, but other car Deputy driving rushed down a middle-aged men “strongly not let”; Xiang this wants to turned go, then other shouted to more than 10 more people put road blocking died and on its implementation beat, its consider to police identity, no fought back, and wife came theory Shi was beat.

Internet post says, the lead hit is Kurumada Bay village branch of Long Angchi’s two sons, and village fire in front of the police: “told me about this place and he said so, asked me, and took a drive away, refuses to obey, don’t want to leave. “NET post Xiang” security “said his family without any fault, willing to accept any investigation of the organization.

NET a suspected party Secretary responded by saying that the day of the incident, Xiang, Deputy Director of the police station involved driving rampage in the traffic on the main road, opened King car, causing serious traffic jams. When the car requirement after it avoid,, Deputy Director of the wife to get off “Sapo curse” are deliberately courting trouble, Deputy Director, and raise social idle people in fight event is raised. This response to appeal, the Government and the public security organs to severely punish the perpetrators and ordered to apologize to the public and takes the injured heath care.

“This is a private matter, not talk. Can ask the political ban. “In loudi city, Hunan province, you Jia you Jia staff of the police station of the town to the surging, Xinhua News, the net post” Xiang “is the Vice President, an event not involving corporate, Internet post reflect the content or to the superior authorities.

Staff of the people’s Governments at the County Government above tells the surging, Xinhua News: “this town has been treated well, judicial, public security departments have been coordinated by the town government, the two sides have signed the memorandum. Specific details to consult the town. ”


17 year old girl with a mysterious man at a small hotel in Guangzhou died in

17 year old girl with a mysterious man at a small hotel in Guangzhou died in Hubei Province, the police: knife wounds

Hotel location.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) February 24 Netizen News says, 23rd Shi Qiao Xin, Kai Tai Road, Huangpu district, Guangzhou City, to “Angel accommodations” hotel, a 17-year old girl was killed after suspected a man of the hotel accommodation. 24th, hotel staff confirmed to the surging news concerned, before the girl and a man, and registered the relevant personal information.

Surging Huangpu branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau told News Bureau investigation, related case does not disclose. Huangpu police reported that Zhang of the deceased who sustained stab wounds.

According to South City reported reported, Zhang a and its cousin Zhao a in same company work, 21st late two people this should with to Shang night, but Zhang a not to, cousin also not contact Shang Zhang a; 22nd morning Zhao a looking for Zhang a not fruit, to police reported; thereafter, Zhao a from Zhang a of QQ chat records in the was informed that, Zhang a missing night, has one men about she to “Angel accommodation” Hotel open room; 23rd morning, Zhao a found the hotel, found Zhang a died. Zhao said, are not aware of love, man she did not know the Internet.

“Both identity information were registered, police have been informed. “” Angel accommodations “hotel staff declined to give further details. Investigation family for Joe meat drunk bee milk

The suspects are identified and captured, Huangpu Public Security Bureau administrative office staff said: “yesterday (23rd) release notification shall prevail, it is not convenient to disclose, which may seek advice from the municipal Public Security Bureau publicity Office. “The Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Chief of the propaganda Department’s news division told the word news, it was informed, as surging News went to press, yet receive the reply.

Huangpu police 23rd, according to a circular, 23rd at 5 o’clock, Huangpu police received a public alarm, said Shi Qiao Xin 1 women died within a hotel. After receiving the report, police immediately sent its staff to dispose of, and informed the “120” medical personnel arrived at the scene. After police arrived at the scene and found a woman in the room, who sustained stab wounds. Confirmed by the medical staff that the woman had died. Following a preliminary investigation, Zhang of the deceased (female, 17 years old, Hubei) in Huangpu district companies. At present, the police investigation in a related case is under further investigation.

Just waiting for the order kill China airborne rock rap battle of the

 “Always have tasks in mind, will always have an enemy in the eyes and shoulders permanent responsibility, will never have the passion in the chest! Outbreak of war at any time, and we are ready “,” just waiting for the order to kill! Murder! Murder! ” Who hyped Olympiad four cups in school against

18th China military paratroopers latest rock and rap issued the Declaration on the fight, the songs to rap, and equipped with airborne exercises, pictures, magnificent.

“Through the layers of experience as a test stand over and over, which used to flow through the blood and sweat of a bolt of lightning, continuous stroboscopic beliefs constantly reinforced chains, majestic voice you must hear”, the song eventually roared out “hat, war, war to win! “Battle Declaration.

BMW to say goodbye to congestion and high speed line is not a continuous variable

Mr LU on February 17 to the surge in Beijing News (www.thepaper.CN) reflected the ninth day of the first month (February 16) afternoon from Harbin, Heilongjiang had years when return to Beijing via Hebei, Qinhuangdao and Beijing-Harbin Highway, encountered a Beijing white BMW car to say goodbye to a continuous car.

Mr LU said the BMW when it encounters a congested from the emergency Lane, then forcibly and lines, but beside the vehicle is not made. After leaving congested roads, BMW all the way to say goodbye to a continuous, and for more than 10 minutes.

Because he was not to prevent owners of BMW and line, were Lu qibuguo took a video with his cell phone. He provided a video display, the Beijing brand BMW behind the times, change lanes on the highway impede vehicles moving. Mr LU said the highway speed quickly, BMW owners such a serious threat to other drivers safety. Fujian managed outside a girls body is hurt the

Sections of Qinhuangdao city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of the incident a police on duty told the surging news, for a similar car, the owner can be reflected to the high-speed traffic police complaints, if not caused by collision, it is recommended that owners, be patient up, away from the deliberate car vehicles, so as to avoid accidents.

The police also said that pence of current use cases a lot, especially the use of luxury cars pence, in this case, if the owners did not hold back with their “mutual”, after causing collision is not worth it. He suggested that if someone malicious car collision, car owners should call the police immediately, not settled in private against fraud officer.

Last year Chinese bought 46 luxury goods around the world called walking wallets

Global 46% 2015 they bought luxury goods, 78% of them abroad. Visual information in China

Commerce Department data showed that Chinese tourists in 2015 consumption abroad of about 1.2 trillion yuan, continues to remain the world’s main tourist consumer titles. Chinese tourists in the past was called “walking wallets”, with e-commerce facilities, purchase of fire, not “walking” can do “wallet”. Experts say that solve the consumption problem of brain drain from the aspects of supply and demand.

Wealth Institute of quality under the brand library of more than 20,000 brands operating income estimate found that US $ 116.8 billion in 2015, consumer global luxury consumption in China, global 46% year Chinese bought luxury goods. Among them, 91 billion dollars abroad, 78% per cent of the total. That said, the Chinese 80% consumption of luxury goods is “bag bargains overseas.”

Price is still scouring the sea the most attractive place. Data shows that alcohol spreads up to an average of 64%, spreads as high as 85%; watch the average price difference 33%, the maximum spreads 83%. Consumers often buy clothing, perfumes, bags, cosmetics and shoes, price difference below 30%.

Ocean Terminal data show that overseas shopping majority concentrated in the 25 to 40 age group, aged 25 to 30, the user’s preferred shoe wear beauty, 30 to 35 years of user preferred bag digital, 35 to 40 years old light users in addition to jewelry and extravagant, but also focusing on nutrition and health products.

Experts estimate that the Chinese consumer demand for high-end consumer durables will increase further, returning overseas consumer responsibilities. “Retail prices in addition to taxes also include channels, accommodation and other operating costs, manufacturers of pursuit of gross margins. For example, goods bought in duty-free shops in Hainan is still more expensive than foreign; even though New Zealand is tariff-free imports of milk powder to our country, the final milk powder prices are still too high. “The overseas education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University tax teaching and research group leader Wang Weiqing said. Wang Sicong dialogue a lot of rich followed me

In addition, the slow development of high-end retail, also leading the consumer back fatigue. Represented by the duty-free shops of the high-end retail to attract “high-end purchasing power” backflow has not played its proper role, reflects China’s high-end retail industry in responding to “consumer promotion” has several disadvantages.

“Solve the consumption problem of brain drain from the aspects of supply and demand. “Fortune character Dean Ling Tai said that in terms of supply, enhance the quality of regulatory and technical level; on the demand side and promote domestic commercial circulation enterprise tax relief, reduce the circulation of direct tax and indirect tax, so as to reduce terminal costs.

The most important is to strengthen the support to national industries and cultivate “quality consumption” brand. “Japanese and Korean brands in addition to the sales in duty-free shops, including domestic reputation, characteristics of goods. The quality of national brands is the consumption of this, consumer really back ‘ ballast ‘. “Ting Zhou said.

Performance is so beautiful Google to overtake Apple as the world s largest

Performance is so beautiful! Google to overtake Apple as the world's largest company by market capitalisation

In United States New York Google’s headquarters building. Oriental IC data

Google is about to surpass the Apple as the world’s largest company by market capitalisation.

United States local time on February 1, the parent company Google Alphabet issued as at December 31 in fiscal year 2015 quarter and annual earnings. Reported Alphabet total revenues of US $ 21.329 billion for the fourth quarter and 18.103 billion dollars in the same period compared to last year’s 18% (ignoring the effects of exchange rate movements rose 24%), to 4.923 billion dollars in net profit, up 5% from a year earlier.

Alphabet of net profit and sales that beat market expectations, largely due to strong sales of its online advertising, strict cost control.

This is Google in August 2015, renamed after the Alphabet, the first full quarter. At the same time changed its name, Alphabet also modifies its own management structure, Google as the largest subsidiary of Alphabet mainly dominated by search and advertising operations, other subsidiaries engaged in riskier businesses, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, medical technology. A share new IPO execution system releases tomorrow

Local time on February 1, the Alphabet outperformed the trend, shares of closed at 1.22% at $ 752. Under the influence of both performance beat market expectations, Alphabet in after-hours trading, the shares rose 4.6%.

United States broadcaster CNBC that, if there are no accidents, Alphabet’s market value will reach about $ 570 billion in local time on February 2, beyond Apple’s us $ 535 billion, becoming the world’s most valuable company, breaking Apple since August 2013, has been the world’s first recorded by market capitalisation.

According to the reported Alphabet four quarterly advertising revenue (made up of website revenue and net revenue) of $ 19.078 billion, up 17% compared to last year. Meanwhile, Alphabet four quarter paid clicks (including Google website and Network member sites related to advertising on click) 31% more than last year, down 13% click costs than a year earlier.

Among them, including search, Google maps, YouTube video and the Alphabet in every area of owned and operated Web sites compared to the paid-click growth 40% last year

After renaming, the 2015 annual earnings of the Alphabet the Alphabet into Google sectors as well as all of the other Google services, “Other Bets” business unit.

It was reported in the year to December 31, 2015 fiscal year as a whole, Google 13% sector revenues were $ 74.541 billion compared to last year, net profit was 23.425 billion from $ 23%, while Other Bets sector reported sales of $ 448 million, operating loss of $ 3.57 billion.

See Alphabet earnings is clearly in line with Bloomberg when adjusting the operating structure for its interpretation in Google: Google earn money, other businesses are responsible for changing the world.

Alphabet innovative research and development projects have been losses, but Wall Street and investors did not mind. Behind those losses, Alphabet heart of Google’s business will look more powerful than in the past, this helps enhance shareholder confidence in the Alphabet.

Analysts at brokerage firm Edward Jone Yueshi·aoersen (Josh Olson) says: “more transparent business companies have a great deal of help, core business of the Alphabet very healthy, it also increased investors ‘ confidence in its creative business. ”

But on the other hand, as the global smart phone market growth slowed over the past six months, Apple’s stock price fell nearly 20%. Last Tuesday, Apple’s latest results show after its revenue growth fell short of market expectations, the same day Apple shares fell 2.6% to $ 102.71, its lowest close since October 2014.

Although, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Luka·masiteli (Luca Maestri) in later said in a conference call, Apple will by buying back shares, as well as practices such as dividends to shareholders to boost the capital market, but the road of the decline in Apple’s stock price has not been terminated, as United States local time on February 1 closed, Apple’s stock price fell below $ 100 to close at $ 96.43.

On April 28, 2015, Apple shares hit a record high of $ 134.54, with market capitalization reaching $ 767.2 billion, Apple even had expected to become the world’s first break through the trillion-dollar company by market capitalization, now obviously it has been difficult to achieve.