Because sympathy of the mountains and rivers of the enemy of the good

Because sympathy, of the mountains and rivers of the enemy of the good

Stills of the mountains and rivers of the enemy. Zhang Jiawei played unreasonable Ah NBA team basketball

To small town youth triangle love of story opening, through time space, sat in dark theater in of audience are watch see with screen Shang this out plot drama slowly played into has times song: friends of respectively, family of broken, family of discrete, original characters fate Elegy morning has wrote set, movie in of role are, face life of changes made how of determination, made how of reaction, end full was times of torrent scour carry volume, throwing to has with a position.

The interception of three sections of the history of the mountains and rivers of the enemy, made a group of sentient beings are suffering beings.

1999-2014 – 2025, not far from the past to the near future, every detail of life cast determined already in the viewer’s memory, experience and imagination. With symbols and architectural space, leading the audience into a particular situation has been the Director of the alley, people can pick JI movie samples to contrast with the own life: umbrella disco, Yangko, a small town, three-disc CD stereo, flip phone, red Santana 2000, iPad, transparent touch-screen phone, experience the flow of time from the change of material. At the time of the transfer, has traveled beach-goers in the era of hard coal mine, miners of hard numb until it was swallowed by life, more of the irreversible trend of consensus, passive acceptance of Tao children separated again and again.

Jia Zhang-Ke is so pessimistic. In he of script in, probably no wills decided fate of bridge paragraph, characters can do of, just listening big times of background sound: Watch of, and who happened to of, and stepped have Shang footsteps of, and mass hurried jumped a song Go West, to for has new world, finally understanding “free is a fart”; Miss of, unknowingly fell separate dance, only sigh a sound “treasure”: hope world total can has turn.

Jia Zhangke’s generosity. Things just didn’t turn, but under the cruel fate of judgment, he believes that love, as well. “Everyone can accompany you to go part of the way” the subtext is said: do not know when that person will suddenly leave, and the further away you go road, but he used to really step into your life. The moving of the mountains and rivers of the enemy, it inadvertently describes the spatial and temporal changes remain together after separating friendship.

Because sympathy, of the mountains and rivers of the enemy of the good

In later interviews, Jia Zhangke described friendship: “he loves people, probably in some kind of crisis, although it may have alienated separately, but he also had thoughts and thoughts, there is love blessing.” In the film, he gives women up to friendship. Tao children help younger admirers treatment, revisit his father died at the station, take the green vehicle more for their moment and son … … These are fragments of the temperate, sentimental but compelling, a humane man who would make such a reaction, do such a thing.

Sylvia Chang’s Chinese teacher, too. Such a mysterious character, we know only know her for her 1997 emigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver, then came to Australia. Asked what Chinese name, without hesitation answered “I don’t recall”. What is the story behind her? She did another Tao is in the southern hemisphere? Only when she pulls out a sheet of black plastic disc, flow of shred. When her fingers through album covers, song when she’s listening to Sally Yeh, this time, her heart transitory thoughts and thoughts, everyone regardless of whether their homes can be imagined.

While the male characters in the movie, Jia Zhangke give them opportunities to express friendship, performing a gentle was minimal. Most of the time, they were planning to leave again and again, because bloom love, economic risk of kidnapping, job, family considerations, like ants, like a beast. But they are not hateful role, but was forced by life is no way to stop and look back. Watching them step by step to the final look, seemed to excuse: are the times.

Because sympathy, of the mountains and rivers of the enemy of the good.


Students play phone Zhejiang University female teachers wrath and fell 3 iPhone

Students play phone, Zhejiang University female teachers ' wrath and fell 3 iPhone

Broken cell phone

According to the Zhejiang online reported on October 28, “an introduction to Sociology class, she broke both broadcasting majors not listen iPhone 6s”, 28th, a net post after being a popular news portals, triggering social buzz.

Slam the phone scene took place in the afternoon of October 26. The afternoon of 28th, the reporter saw a party of Zhejiang Institute of media and ice cleaning teacher, she says, is what’s going on in the classroom, let it end in the classroom is good. Interviews on campus, many students interviewed said teachers “is a good teacher of class”, but simply “slam the phone is undesirable.”

Dissatisfied students cell phones, female teachers 3 iPhone 6 flung out of the window

Through a number of media interviews with faculty and students, reporters generally restored it after.

Ice cleaning teachers working in the school of social studies, is mainly responsible for the teaching of an introduction to sociology. Started October 26, 1:30 P.M. ‘s class, she is confronted with two classes of 2014 broadcast major students.

At that time the school Bell had rung, after being named, or late students pushed open the door into the classroom. Have students in their seats, many head start playing mobile phones.

See this, class is always strict teachers reminded students several times. Later, she stepped off the platform, also indulged in “virtual worlds” 3 students take cell phones, 3 mobile phones after falling out.

Internet post said Dai was broken two iPhone 6s just listed, but students told reporters that is actually two iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 plus 1 Department. See from broadcast engineering provides a picture, was cast has indeed broken the screen of the phone.

Teachers said the parties “no pressure”

28th at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, in the experiment building of Zhejiang Institute of media and the second a public office on the second floor, the reporter saw ice-cleaning, just want to ask, just another teacher walked in, notify her immediately to the Director of the Office for a meeting.

Facing reporters, Dai said she didn’t want to be interviewed, when she got up to leave, the reporter asked, it would make her under a lot of pressure? She said the two “no pressure” and said she and the students have spoken on this matter, since it is what’s going on in the classroom, let it end in the classroom is good.

Online, titled wrath of the College teachers ‘ classroom broke two iPhone hot post of the good intentions behind the 6s, teacher in tiny said in a letter to students: “I don’t know the people who write articles, don’t know why writing seemed to know so much about me, a lot of wrong information. ”

Zhejiang University of media and Yuan Lei, Vice Minister of the propaganda Department of the Party Committee, spoke to reporters, Internet post sign for the school, “Li Xiaodong 15 economics School of management class”, but after a school investigation found that schools are not this person.

28th at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, publish this Web site has been deleted posts. Hot comments | stabbed the judge suspects the

Student teacher tips: confiscation in class, class

In fact, because the students do “bowing” angry slam the phone has more than one case of teachers. Baidu “anger hit cell phones in class”, the reporter found that the same scene in Wuhan, Xianning, Chengdu of schools staged.

Zhejiang University of media and senior women Wang says, in fact, occasionally take out phone read in class and play are universal phenomena. If standing on the teacher’s perspective to think of it, does “can’t stand”, but “after all, some classes are boring, you phone look news.”

A teacher at the school of journalism and school of communication, to raise students ‘ “school play” that is also a headache, he believed that this kind of thing is really difficult to manage, you need wisdom, “after all, everybody’s life has been increasingly rely on cell phones.”

However, students also give “headaches” teachers was a trick: “why not confiscate mobile phones prior to class after class to return it? ”

“Look at how various schools put an end to the classroom” bow “”

Shield law: Yangzhou University in animal science and Technology College League prices to purchase a mobile phone signal shielding device, questioning students and friends: “in case of emergency, phones are not going out, is it too dangerous? ”

“Guilt” approach: Chengdu College of Sichuan Normal University, thinks playing phone caused the classroom teacher is one of the main reasons for the popularity of “blind”. If students in the class play, teachers are ignored, the College will play with the mobile number, in accordance with the teaching of the teachers were punished.

Confiscation method: Huazhong University of Science (microblogging admissions) School of physics on March 6 of the provisions on the phone during class, students cell phones will be confiscated for a month.

Demerits: late last year, the Wuchang Institute provides that students using cell phones in the classroom, once deducted 1 point grades, until buckle grades so far.

“Like” integral method: tourism College of Zhejiang “mobile classroom-free” praise the score, in class, class students-free use of cell phones, to teachers after class to sign, win class 1 points.

“” Class cell phones is “an international problem” “

United States Maryland grace g Austin school principal Knode in visiting China, said that the University students cell phones abroad, the school provides cell phone use was found for the first time, a fine 105 Yuan (RMB), and the second, a fine of 210 Yuan (RMB), school 2 hours cleaning, third, principals want to see parents. In serious cases, there may be dismissed.

On YouTube, a foreign student has shot a fire class to play video, the teacher collected the phone directly with a hammer smashed.

Foreign media also reported that the teacher has problems at Harvard University, a teacher confiscated the students ‘ cell phones and is students come to “human rights violations” would have no choice but to return.

NET can not bear refused to leave forgotten husband look like

NET can not bear refused to leave: forgotten husband look like

Photo: Getty Images The screws that are not easy to digest in your

NET can not bear refused to leave: forgotten husband look like

Nearly two-day, one can form the “the world is so big, I want to see the” vacation on the Web became popular. It is called history’s Pat refused to leave.

This made payable to iron on a project note 20 Council says “almost forgotten husband look like, I want to see.” Due to this unusual absences, the vacation was widely forwarded on the network, and also resonates with many users.

Note, the lady from October 18 to 27th took 10 days off, from the Jinan approach Xian to Lhasa to visit her husband.

Note payable to “railway 20 group limited”, this should be a long-term site couple in two projects.

In this regard, some replies saying, feelings than the world is so big I want to see more. Also the Netizen said “comment was more bad. To pay tribute to all the construction people, you have worked hard. ”

News search interface was informed that the leave was originally owned by the China communications news official micro-blog on October 26, released around 17 o’clock in the afternoon, the original text is “‘ forgotten husband look like, I want to see the ‘–Plaid Shirt, engineering the dog is actually fairly hard touching, especially all the year round in the first of two project site couples … … Grand friends home page just to see……. “

Now, who’s the master behind this note has sparked great interest. China transportation news reports released this afternoon, leave the heroine with a loved one is in the iron workers in an Office, two different projects in Tibet in Jinan and front-line work, rare to see all the year round. One of my colleagues said, two days before seeing her this photo (note) sent to her on the QQ space, call her and ask her, I didn’t think of that famous. Engineering units.



On October 26, the China communications news @ Sina weibo by China Communications News reported, “‘ forgotten husband look like, I want to see the ‘–Plaid Shirt, engineering the dog is actually fairly hard touching, especially all the year round in the first of two project site couples … … Grand friends home page just to see…… “in its subsequent forwarding explained that one message to the families of 15 years of marriage.


The Thirteen Five plan will restart reform how the essay s highly anticipated

Photo: CFP

2015 is a critical year. It is not only “Twelve-Five” ending years of planning, but also “Thirteen-Five” year of planning. On October 26, 18 plenary session will be considered by CPC Central Committee for formulating the “Thirteen-Five” plan proposals. This means that the next “five-year plan” is about to pull the curtain.

At present, China is experiencing the throes of unprecedented reform, economic growth has continued in the decline stage, China needs a thorough reform will weak economy out of the mire. Meanwhile, in order to complete the report of 18 ‘s “2020 GDP by 2010 a” goal “Thirteen-Five” during the pressures of economic growth speaks for itself. Territory raised overseas investment Shanghai

Only reforms can release tremendous dividends. On October 25, the Tsinghua University industrial development and environmental governance on the celebration of ten years of the Research Center and academic study, Economist Wu Jinglian said with little success in the past is realization of this transformation of the institutional obstacles. The only way out is to promote reform by reform to eliminate institutional obstacles.

And the tax system is the key element in the reform. Financial and fiscal reforms, 18, adopted at the third plenary session of the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of deepening reform in the decision of the tone: finance is the Foundation and pillar of the national governance and science systems is to optimize the allocation of resources, maintenance of market unity, promoting social justice, national guarantee for lasting peace and stability.

Review of “Twelve-Five”, positive progress has been made in some aspects of financial system reform: 2014-12 session of the tenth NPC meeting adopted a decision to modify the budget law, the revised budget law in effect on January 1, 2015, 2012 transportation and parts of modern service industry in Shanghai “camp changed by” pilot is also the national progressive “spread around” and scheduled to be completed this year.

President of the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of financial strategy Gao Peiyong fiscal and taxation reform in 1994:20 processes, evaluation and vision for the next 10 years points out in his book, marked by two things, a new round of tax reform has in fact been officially launched.

Meanwhile, fiscal expenditure is more and more toward education, health care, social security and other basic tilt public finances gradually began the process of covering rural.

But contributes to, tax reform in the problem still many: existing of indirect taxes one-sided and main rely on enterprise tax source of tax structure imbalance; financial spending aspects, economic constructive spending partial big, social welfare sex spending partial low, livelihood field input insufficient; budget management system in the, Treasury 2011 foreign announced said, China has achieved full canceled budget outside funds, will all Government sex income all into budget management of target, but today, “full caliber” budget management is big degree Shang remains form.

To this end, on June 30, 2014, the Member of the meeting reviewed and adopted the master plan for the deepen fiscal and taxation system (hereinafter referred to as the programme). The introduction of the programme “Thirteen-Five” and even more in the future for a while a blueprint for the reform.

According to the programme, fiscal and taxation reform for some time to come will focus on the following three aspects:

One is to improve budget management system, strengthen budget discipline, standardize Government behavior, effective supervision, accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive standard of modern, open and transparent budgetary system;

Second, deepen reform of the tax system, tax structure and improve function, stable tax macro-tax burden, promoting the rule of law, conducive to scientific development, social justice and market a unified tax system, full adjustment of tax to raise revenue, distribution, promote structural optimization of functions;

Third is to adjust the financial relationship between Central and local governments, on the premise of maintaining Central and local income patterns generally stable, further straighten out revenues are divided into Central and local, rational division of Government powers and expenditure responsibilities between, promote unity of powers and responsibilities, work and money, established powers and expenditure responsibilities compatible systems.

The programme pointed out that a new round of reform to be completed in 2016 basic priorities and tasks in 2020, establishing a modern financial system.

CICC October 20, published an article entitled “Thirteen-Five” planning foresight report predicts that “Thirteen-Five” during the fiscal reform will be focused on tax reform, budget reform, and reform of the relationship between Central and local governments three main areas.

On tax reform, increase the proportion of direct taxes, reducing the proportion of indirect tax will be gradually implemented, improving local tax system. In the budget system, CICC report points out that Government Fund budget, social insurance fund budget and the management of State-owned capital management budget line standard to the general public budgets will gradually. In the financial system, the Central Government will be the basic old-age, medical and other fields to take on more responsibilities. Local government financial autonomy is expected to be expanded.

Reforms difficult is obvious. June 2014, Member of the meeting made it clear that, deepen fiscal and taxation system involves both central and local, Government and enterprise as well as intersectoral rights adjustment, was a launched body holding a tough battle.

China Guangdong Nuclear how veteran players gathered in the United Kingdom nuclear

China Guangdong Nuclear how veteran players gathered in the United Kingdom nuclear stand out in the market?

Cgnpc’s United Kingdom Office inaugurated

After several twists and turns, Sino-British nuclear single finally signed at President XI Jinping during his visit to Britain, as the Chinese leader of China Guangdong nuclear power Group (hereinafter referred to as cgnpc) with the world’s largest nuclear plant operator France EDF (EDF) signed a cooperation and development United Kingdom of three new nuclear power project investment agreement. Agreement was signed just a few minutes, but until the last minute of show-me behind the nuclear deal, but nuclear power enterprise in China for several years of experience.

Four years of sword

Wide checked United Kingdom favors nuclear power market has a long history. According to the national weekly financial reports, early in September 2011, the cgnpc were studied for the first time United Kingdom nuclear power market, that United Kingdom is a potential but highly competitive market.

Want veteran players gathered in the United Kingdom market share of nuclear power is not easy.

Although the United Kingdom has a quite brilliant history of nuclear power, nuclear technology since the 80 ‘s of last century route changes and the impact of electricity privatization, the original pattern of nuclear power after the restructuring, other European energy giants to join United Kingdom Government decision impacts on industry weakened. Coupled with feast of oil from North Sea oil field development in the period since 1987, only after the pressurized water reactor started, United Kingdom then no new nuclear power plant in nearly 30 years.

Part by design and aging unit, United Kingdom active nuclear power plants annual output decreased. In addition to the pressurized water reactor, a remaining reactors will have retired before 2028. In order to make up for future retired nuclear energy gap and achieve the EU’s carbon emission reduction commitments, United Kingdom in 2008, the Government published the white paper on nuclear energy, nuclear positioning for future national energy supplies important support and suitable in 2025 final eight years ago to build a new nuclear power plant project site.

Eight a planning site in the, long-term deep United Kingdom market of EDF Energy (EDF in British full funding subsidiary) has five a, Germany power giant meaning Ang (E.on) and Rai Yin (RWE) group joint venture of United Kingdom horizon nuclear power company has two a, also has a master in Spain power giant Iberdrola (Iberdrola) and the France gas Su Iraq scholar Group (GDF Suez) hands (the project Hou was Japan Toshiba holding).

Entry opportunities soon appeared for the first time. In March 2012, Fukushima later shut down the global nuclear power industry, coupled with response Germany domestic nuclear policy, e and RWE announced its withdrawal from the United Kingdom nuclear power market and sell United Kingdom horizon nuclear power company.

Concerns United Kingdom market of China nuclear power companies started immediately. China Guangdong Nuclear for years with partner France AREVA (AREVA), wing, another China’s State nuclear power technology Corporation nuclear power enterprises and co-host United States Westinghouse joint bid. Thereafter, Japan Hitachi also announced its accession bid. In November 2012, Hitachi wings far above market expectations of price bid. For the game, the outside world had many interpretations, including a United Kingdom domestic Chinese companies into the United Kingdom nuclear projects concerns with invisible barriers encountered by Enterprise sea common question, and so on. In this regard, National Energy Board the original Zhang Guobao, in an interview with the southern energy Observer magazine said, the project is not a problem of domestic enterprises, but the Commission subsequently requested the two exits.

Although not a successful bid for a case, but hand in hand international nuclear power giants entering the nuclear power market in developed countries take this trip, China’s nuclear power enterprises to go out valuable combat experience. Through the bidding activity, United Kingdom also had the opportunity to focus on the Government and the industry to China in nuclear power plant construction and operation of power, as well as in United Kingdom the strong will of the new nuclear power plant construction.

Formal admission

Shortly thereafter, in early 2013, United Kingdom sentelike (Centrica) time delays, lack of nuclear power construction company construction experience and their own integrated effects such as capital investment limited, decided to sell its NNB companies (EDF holding United Kingdom new nuclear power company) 20% equity. Until then, Centrica and EDF holding Hinckley point (Hinkley Point) c and saiziweier (Sizewell) c two new nuclear power projects, the former exit, forcing France to turn new investment partners.

This time, strong financial background, eager to enter the United Kingdom market, and Foundation in partnership with EDF has deep cgnpc is naturally seen as a dream candidate. Starting from the construction of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant and their cooperation partners for more than 30 years. As early as November 2007, EDF and cgnpc signed a global partnership agreement, joint venture power plants at home and abroad, and support, the expansion of technical cooperation and joint development of new technologies and other aspects of cooperation.

From looking at the technology fit, Guangdong nuclear power is also method of choice. At present, joint ventures with France of Taishan EPR technology is under construction. Message from cgnpc, Taishan since its start in 2010, all aspects of project progress and cost control is better, present progress in construction has exceeded earlier became the world’s first reactor started similar projects, 1th unit has successfully completed nuclear circuit flushing, became the world’s first complete nuclear loop flushing test-generation EPR nuclear power generating units, plans to put into operation in 2016.

Thus, affected by Centrica withdrawing cooperation of EDF

Energy soon presented to the China Guangdong nuclear to develop United Kingdom proposal of nuclear power market. In March 2013, cgnpc’s internal approval process, launched with participation of EDF on United Kingdom construction of new nuclear power project consultation under the EDF and cgnpc reached a preliminary agreement to communicate, cgnpc’s formal letter of intent submitted to the EDF ENERGY. On April 13 of that year, gleaned from EDF ENERGY cgnpc, responded positively to the letter of intent on cooperation, as well as draft cooperation and China Guangdong nuclear to develop United Kingdom nuclear cooperation agreement in the market.

This partnership also received endorsement at the Government level. In April 2013, President, XI Jinping, France witnessed by President Francois hollande, EDF, Areva and cgnpc signed a joint declaration of cooperation for a long time, in advanced reactor development, nuclear fuel and shared experience, nuclear power plant operation and maintenance, and performance improvements to strengthen long-term cooperation.

China Guangdong Nuclear how veteran players gathered in the United Kingdom nuclear stand out in the market?

Hualong first renderings

In December 2013, Premier Li keqiang in Beijing with visiting United Kingdom while meeting Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested that Britain and China should carry out substantive cooperation in nuclear power, China enterprise investment, shareholding or controlling the British nuclear power construction project. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron said, and welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Britain, supports Chinese shareholding or controlling the British nuclear power construction project.

From investment, equity participation holding, is the roadmap of China nuclear power companies to enter the British market. For China,, through shares Hinckley angle c and saiziweier c project familiar local commercial, and regulations and regulatory environment, for more in-depth participation United Kingdom nuclear power market accumulated experience, again in by China holding of Bradwell (Bradwell) b project Shang master plant development of led right, output independent three generations technology China Dragon first,, from this dimension degrees view, Hinckley angle c is must conquer of fortress, again your also have purchase of tickets. United Kingdom is on civil nuclear industry in the world’s most rigorous national one of Hualong once landed, first United Kingdom, experience can be extended to the rest of the world.

Another important point is that in August 2014, “Hua long first” technology by the National Energy Board and the State Office for nuclear safety organization of the technical review, at a critical moment for the cgnpc strive for Bradwell b project “Hualong first” technology provides powerful support for the negotiations.

September 2015 United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne announced during his visit, United Kingdom Government for the participation of the Chinese side of Hinkley point c project with 2 billion pounds (about 19.8 billion yuan) investment guarantee. United Kingdom the Government of this “initial support for” gold, for the United Kingdom’s first 20 years paving the way for the construction of new nuclear power plants, so that it can back on track in the event of delay.

United Kingdom local time on October 21, in XI Jinping and United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron witnessed by cgnpg and EDF signed the United Kingdom nuclear power project investment agreement. Under the deal, cgnpc and EDF will jointly invested 2 EPR units at Hinkley point c nuclear power station, cgnpc led the Chinese Consortium and EDF will be at Hinkley point c item 33.5% and 66.5% shares. Estimates of the project investment amounted to 18 billion pounds, according to calculations, Chinese investment is expected to reach 6 billion pounds. Signing of investment agreement is not the last link before the project starts, EDF Chairman Jean-Bernard l e vy said in a joint statement, plans to make a final investment decision in the next few weeks.

On concerns of the Chinese side share, previously outgoing various versions. Struggle with the see-saw everywhere, investment agreements involving three bundles of new nuclear projects, which compromises the spatial intensity and game, alone in the past these fragmented information and project level will be able to guess one or two.

Subsequent saiziweier c project also proposed to build two EPR units in the project development phase, EDF will subscribe for 80% shares, cgnpc will be 20% shares.

But this does not mean that shares power plant to the holding power, China can have certainty. In accordance with the United Kingdom’s nuclear regulatory body, entering the United Kingdom adopted in construction of nuclear technology, must go through a rigorous technical standards compliance reviews, namely universal design review (GDA). This review requires a particularly harsh after France EPR technology for 5 years before they are adopted, and is currently the only nuclear power technology passed the assessment. But from another point of view, once passed the standards review, Hualong convincing at first, in the global nuclear market also increased significantly.

Currently, EDF and cgnpc has promoted buladeweier project together agree on the key issues of the final investment decision. Hualong, first through the United Kingdom review of universal design will be applied to the buladeweier project. Buladeweier b development phase of the project, cgnpc will take 66.5% stake, EDF has 33.5%.

It is reported that cgnpc has launched “Dragon of China first,” technology United Kingdom GDA pre-trial preparation. Planned in 2016 to promote “Hualong first” technology GDA formally accepted, strive to 5 years through the review simultaneously complete the early buladeweier b site development licence application procedure and follow-up investment required for construction and operation of the security conditions.

Granted to “go global” Mission of Hualong first why get one?

Since the United Kingdom new nuclear market seems to have become the training ground of the nuclear energy giant, the next how long first United Kingdom nuclear foothold in the market?

“Dragon from China first itself, both in terms of security, advancement, maturity is the industrial chain, have a big advantage. “Guangdong nuclear power international nuclear power development department General Manager Zhu Minhong, said Hua long when first starting from research and development, based on the reactor building with independent intellectual property rights, in order to” go out “done full preparation. Use of software such as research and development, these software while abroad can be bought, but technical output, “going out” may face the intellectual property barriers, China Guangdong nuclear planning in advance, arranged 31 apps developed for the future “go” technology transfer to prepare.

Prior to that, He Yu, Chairman of cgnpc including surging journal (www.thepaper.CN) media, said in an interview, current-generation nuclear power technology competitive, compared with mainstream third generation nuclear power technology in the world, Hua long technical security first with the international advanced level, have obvious competitive economy, with most of the current international order Russia compared to nuclear power technology products are also competitive. September City North high tech or 92 in the table

Meanwhile, the sophisticated equipment manufacturing system and capacity advantages, capable of forming the “going out” supply chain advantage. At present, China’s nuclear power going industrial base increased, supporting industries and resources already have support in the international and domestic market nuclear unit ability 10-12 new construction. These for the Chinese economy has provided a guarantee of long first, reducing risk.

China as a nuclear power development was now gathering the global nuclear market to almost all mainstream generation pressurized water reactor technology, the AP1000 and the EPR, and VVER type are under construction. Than the other nuclear powers, China’s nuclear power development limbo does not appear, this is a big advantage. He Yu said that at present, the global nuclear power development has two main areas, one in the United States, one is European. “The United States has more than more than 100 reactors, most of them built in the 60 ‘s and 70 ‘s, France most of the 70 ‘s. After the 80 ‘s, global nuclear power had stalled. And our country is starting from the 80 ‘s of last century, has continued to build in the reserve aspect nuclear power amount of talent. Either in terms of design, manufacture, construction, operation, China have a strong team, and abroad is relatively stock State. ”

He Yu said this 30 years of uninterrupted construction experience money can’t buy.

Jiangsu foot FA Cup infighting to scold football what grumpy teammates

Football is always pervaded the strong hormones, an action word instantly ignite a powder keg. But sometimes when you fire into players, this scene is “could not bear to look.”

On October 21 in the FA Cup semi-final, second leg matches, Jiangsu SAINTY Ren Hang and jianye two internationals because the Defense had an argument on the pitch, two intertwined each other insults, eventually by Luneng players and the referee separated them.

Looking to international soccer, fighting on the pitch is not a novelty, rather than some foreign players, as airlines and jianye “uses his tongue, not his” style is a “gentleman”.

Ren Hang constantly in jianye swearing.

Judge to mediate conflicts.

Netizen “spoof” both of them called content

The FA Cup semi-final, SAINTY 2:1 lead Shandong Luneng from the first leg, qualified for the situation better.

19 minutes into the match, Luneng Jiangsu team defence leak caused by attacking people, Captain Liu jianye, Jiangsu gas without a fight, to defensive teammate Ren Hang a accused, but never imagined, Northeast China man also was not good stubble, pointing two internationals on the pitch, calling each other.

Subsequently, the SAINTY teammates quickly stepped forward to stop, Shandong Luneng player Perkin to appease two team-mates, but they still are talking.

Not yet, after a few minutes the game again in a dead-ball State, as airlines continue to find Liu jianye “theories”, his mouth cursing “embedded”. This is not just teammates, even see it anymore, go to mediation between the two people, at least two people on the spot move hands.

Shandong Luneng player Perkin Ren Hang open international team-mate.

But fans are not too large, continuously shouting “jianye name” support captain, Jiangsu, coach peitelaisiku can do that only on the sidelines, shaking his head.

After the game, the netizens for Ren Hang and jianye conversation “brain hole wide open”, received praise most is:

“Liu: I entered the national team at your level? : Your gadget can replace him? Referee: well don’t argue, you guys shouldn’t have entered the national team to meet with this level. ”

Dell and Lee Bowyer fight pictures can be rated as international football “classic”.

Later, Dale (left) and Lee Bowyer on Manager Souness, accompanied by an apology.

Violence fight each other with led red off

Violence index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ren Hang and Liu jianye, the referee really is restrained. If you put in a foreign country, two collective might end.

In the history of world football, the most “famous” pitch infighting comes as Dell and Lee Bowyer Newcastle United in the Premier League.

2004-2005 season, the Premier League, Newcastle and Aston Villa in a game, defense of Dell on the right facing the other two players, Lee Bowyer in the side repeatedly made gestures to the ball, but Dell has chosen to “ignore”, just alone with the ball and passed the ball to a defender.

Dell’s move incensed Bowyer, know that Bao Yeke King foul is the Premier League, Be booked record no one can break.

When Newcastle when the other player advanced to the front, they discovered that fists behind both Dell and Lee Bowyer were already, a few rounds of world war. When the Newcastle United players looked at each other, actually is a Villa player Barry will both open.

Referee immediately to two people, one a red card, has fallen behind 3-goal Newcastle have to next time with 9 men.

Later, two others were suspended for 4 games, Bowyer was fined £ 250,000 by the Club and a public apology in the newspaper.

Iran pictures published in the media.

Team-mate “POPs” mutual slapping

Violence index: ★ ★ ★ ★

2004 Asian Cup group match, Iran vs Oman game, Iran has been 0:2 down at the end of the first half.

When the game came when the first 10 minutes of the second half, Oman team deliver a rushing right and came up against the Iran player Mohsen Rezai decisively put down it. Dang Oman when the players rolled on the floor, and Iran has its own and “play” again.

Mohsen Rezai, the lack of timely appeared dissatisfied with the defensive team-mate Hadavi, two people in a similar “anti-you”, “your control” after a quarrel, a word not even started slapping each other on the spot.

But two people are “fair”, one slap “tie”, the stopped hands, shocked Iran coach Hadavi immediately also be substituted.

After the game, two players were suspended for two penalties, but the funny thing is, both slap in the face was put in jeopardy the referee Delaval.

Under FIFA rules, players against each other, one’s own, even violent actions to the audience, to get a red card but Delaval on this “chance” unprepared should let the two men.

AFC said after the game, which is “principled” question, Delaval was later deprived of continued enforcement of the Asian Cup qualification.

Podolski out for a moment. Li Chen ice sides I love

Barak was team-mate “face”

Violence index: ★ ★ ★

2010 former Germany National Team Captain Michael Ballack is the obvious “big brother”, but he was also tortured by his teammates on the field, “face”.

In a World Cup qualifier in April 2009, Barak shortly after the opening to one big long shots for the Germany team opener. After the goal, Podolski was approached by Captain celebrated, but a few minutes later, the two “enemies”.

Germany Bild description, game in the second half, after Lukas Podolski conceded and angrily rushed to Barak before him, accused him of “not positive”, while Podolski, 23 shots is a Palm, hit 32, Michael Ballack in the face, then quickly “escape” from the latter’s range.

Later, Podolski was asked to face the captain apologized, he said in an interview with the Berlin daily newspaper, “this is just an accident. Although we did not speak in the locker room, but we solved the problem to the hotel. ”

Jah and Morrison on conflict.

Not “Helmets” out on teammates

Violence index: ★ ★ ★

In October 2013, the England U21 World Cup preliminaries in the 5:0 victory over Lithuania, but even leading the team, Morrison and the tie was ill-tempered little two player.

In this game, Morrison scored two goals for England, but in the 76 minute, England penalty, wanted to finish “hat-trick” Morrison was a penalty kick by teammate Rob right, the daily mail said it made him “very angry”.

Then after a ball out of England, Morrison and his team-mates clashed Jah. After a few spats, Morrison suddenly furious to Jah face is a fist, but teammates stepped forward to stop did not allow further escalation of the conflict.

Morrison was born in 1993 from a Manchester United Academy geniuses, but his short temper has been giving Ferguson a headache problems. On the pitch, he had beaten his ex-girlfriend and their family members, and be taken to court.

Afterwards, disappointed Alex Morrison at a price of £ 3 million “sales” to West Ham.

Dunga rage against Spain included Brazilians bebeto and no defense.

“Samba” faction

Violence index: ★ ★

Used to rule the world football Brazil team in as many “violent temper”. In the 1998 World Cup group match against Morocco’s game, and Spain included Brazilians bebeto and Dunga has staged two legends fighting scene.

Morocco player fell down in front of the penalty area and the referee punished free kick. Playing captain Dunga was furious with Spain included Brazilians bebeto and failed to defend, and Spain included Brazilians bebeto and was not to be outdone, two men on the field to scold, but fortunately the team stop without causing the conflict.

However, just two people after a conflict has ended, Spain included Brazilians bebeto and Brazil scored the third goal.

XI Jinping arrived in London today for the most solemn of United Kingdom state

Photo Source: Xinhua

President, XI Jinping, October 19, at 8 o’clock in the evening, local time arrival United Kingdom capital of London, began on the United Kingdom on a State visit. XI Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan at London’s Heathrow Airport by United Kingdom Queen’s representative Hu Dezi Sir, Foreign Secretary Hammond warmly welcomed.

XI Jinping to the United Kingdom Government and extend my sincere greetings and good wishes of the people. XI pointed out that between Britain and China have a long history and splendid culture, make a unique contribution to human civilization and progress. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and countries with important influence in the world, China and Britain in maintaining world peace and promoting common development and share common interests and a solemn responsibility. This year is the China-UK comprehensive strategic partnership in the second 10 years of starting year. Deepening of Sino-British relations conform to the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples, in line with the trend of the times. I look forward to working with the United Kingdom leaders on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues in-depth exchange of views on, wide exposure to United Kingdom public, common planning blueprint for Sino-British cooperation, Sino-British relations have been developing better benefit the two peoples and make new contributions to world peace, stability and prosperity.

London XI United Kingdom the first leg of the trip. Zhihou, XI Jinping will travel to Manchester also continue to visit. Central inspection has covered nearly half the

In accordance with the arrangement he abundance of travel in London on 20th.

Local time on October 20, United Kingdom the Royal welcome ceremony will be held, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla will represent the United Kingdom on behalf of the Queen at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel United Kingdom the Queen welcomed XI Jinping and his wife, then accompany XI Jinping and his wife to Horse Guards Parade (Horse Guards Parade).

Horse Guards Parade, United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip will meet with XI Jinping and his wife, held a welcome ceremony and parade. Royal guards fired a 21-gun Royal salute (Royal salute), the Chinese national anthem, the Queen accompanied XI to review United Kingdom Royal Guard.

Subsequently, XI Jinping and his wife sat on the Queen’s Royal chariot with the Royal couple (Royal carriage), the Royal Mile, to the Queen’s residence Buckingham Palace mansion.

At noon, XI Jinping and his wife will attend the United Kingdom private luncheon hosted by the Queen. After dinner, XI Jinping and his wife will be invited to visit the Royal collection of Queen (Royal Collection) in Chinese.

20th, XI Jinping and his wife will travel to the United Kingdom Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, where XI at the Royal Gallery of speech to the Parliament members and other guests.

After the speech, XI Jinping and his wife will visit to Prince William’s official residence Clarence House. Prince William and Kate Middleton will be accompanied by XI Jinping and his wife to visit the Prince’s School of traditional arts (Prince’s School forTraditional Arts) and meet with students. XI Jinping, couples will also enjoy English afternoon tea with Prince Charles and his wife.

Before the dinner, XI Jinping courtesy greeting with the jielimi·keerbin, the labour leader at Buckingham Palace.

The evening of 20th, United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for President XI Jinping of China held a grand banquet, the Queen and he will be speaking at a state dinner.

United Kingdom State is considered to be one of the grand banquet in the world, in the United Kingdom played an important role in the diplomacy. It was reported that the Queen not only personally go over all the menus and floral decoration details will also be monitored.

The state dinner was in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace, 36.6 meters, 18 meters wide and 13.5 meters high, is the largest room of Buckingham Palace.

It is reported that another United Kingdom State Banquet with about 1000 glass, every guest with 6 glass containing water, when he proposed a toast to drink champagne, red wine, white wine, champagne or dessert wine and port wine. Many decorations are on the table have been adopted from the 19th century era of George IV, placed in the middle of the table decorations made up of seasonal fruits and flowers, the Queen’s gardener to design flowers, flowers local mining in the palace garden.