India heavy rains caused 1 2 million homes have been flooded people living on

Local time on July 29, India Assam, India rain-triggered floods have caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded and people living on boats.

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

Local time on July 29, India Assam, India rain-triggered floods have caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded and people living on boats.

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

In India Assam in the North-East, 19 people have died due to heavy rain disaster. In Assam, officials said it is estimated that the floods hit 3,000 villages in the State’s 21 districts, killing 2 million people homeless.

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

Assam people put up wooden planks in water, Cook.

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

Local time on July 29, India Assam, India rain-triggered floods have caused 1.2 million houses were flooded and people living on boats. Visit the only school children with AIDS such

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

In India Allahabad, a woman running in the rainstorm.

India heavy rains caused 1.2 million homes have been flooded people living on boats

In India’s capital New Delhi, near the guergangshi, flood the streets, people travel in the water.


Fujian women s violence against law for public officials kick the police twice

Channel network, July 26, on July 20, Hua in joint law enforcement, the traffic police, city, Zhangzhou, Fujian, suffered a rare thing. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

When a female motorcycle rider in the face of law enforcement officers law enforcement violence against France, smashing the police twice kicked recorder for law enforcement, even abusive police is “bandits”.

After an investigation, the woman driver was one of the local family planning officials. Eventually, she was sentenced to administrative detention by Wah on Public Security Bureau on 8th. Yesterday, the traffic police informed the case of Zhangzhou.

Fujian women's violence against law for public officials: kick the police twice kicked recorder

Video screenshot

Woman not wearing a helmet was found insulting police

20th 9:40 A.M., Hua Jiao Jing Cheng Guan squadron with huaan Datong road, Chengguan Brigade set up checked posts, unlicensed undocumented motorcycle without wearing a helmet, installing umbrellas special rectification action.

A motorbike approaching set up checked posts gradually from West to East, the driver is not wearing a helmet. Subsequently, 3 civilian police stopped them. The interception of civilian police, the driver was not “buy” continue to ramble about in his mouth and stepped on the gas rushed away from the scene, the police quickly surrounded them. At this time, several other civilian police upon seeing this, gathered around.

9:43, in a standoff with police after a few minutes, driver and more agitated. She suddenly got up and off the motorcycle, a motorcycle fell to the ground, refused to accept the check, and constantly pushing the civilian police. During that time, she also kicked one of the police’s left foot.

“Do not strike a blow, this recorder is shot! “The Police warned her repeatedly. Female drivers rather than listen to, abusive law enforcement police at the same time, one of the police law enforcement recorder beats.

“Damage already constitute a violation of the law enforcement device! “The Police warned. Unexpectedly, the driver answered: “it doesn’t matter a fart” and twice the recorder for law enforcement on the ground with heels kick.

This farce let the presence of civilian police and onlookers people, amazement.

Woman is family planning officials were detained for 8 days

Later, to avoid more conflict, the police will take it to a nearby city booth, persuaded education. At this time, the driver’s mood is still not calm, but continue to abuse the civilian police, said police were “bandits”, and no mention of his identity, unit.

In desperation, Huafeng police eventually brought the driver to the police station for further processing. At this time, the driver suddenly realized that things have gone great.

The investigation, the driver name is Virgin some chrysanthemums, 48 years old, is run by Hua ‘ an County Huafeng Town Planning officials. This message, handling civilian police by surprise again, “as a public official, even black and violent anti-French, incredible. ”

That afternoon, the Hua ‘ an County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People’s Republic of China public security management punishment law 50th article (b), second paragraph, administrative detention against Virgin some Chrysanthemum 8th. At present, the Virgin some chrysanthemums, Zhangzhou city, remained in detention in the detention facility.

Yesterday, to solve this problem, Hua ‘ an County Huafeng Town-Planning Office Director Huang says, currently has just learned the news, is to seek further information.

Original of Maoming municipal Committee Secretary Luo Yinguo died during imprisonment

Original of Maoming municipal Committee Secretary Luo Yinguo died during imprisonment sparked official Woan shook Guangdong politics

Information: the Maoming, Guangdong Party Secretary Luo Yinguo. Rao Aimin Xinhua photo

On July 23, 2016, Lok Ma Guangdong Maoming municipal Committee Secretary Luo Yinguo cremation, suffering from stomach cancer, he died 22nd, at 14 o’clock in the afternoon in Yangjiang city people’s Hospital.

The “naked officials” has caused poor reputation Woan officialdom in Maoming, Guangdong political shock.

Luo Yinguo Woan after the incident, on March 31, 2011, Maoming city, Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang to thematic research, stressed that resolutely punishing serious violations of discipline corrupt elements at the same time, efforts to educate, save in certain circumstances make a mistake of party members and cadres, reduce the case’s impact on the reform and development of Maoming city.

“Two-face” Luo Yinguo

Luo Yinguo, Maoming, gaozhou hetang village of songming County, early primary school teachers and cadres serving, 1982-1984 studied at the Jinan University. Began career after graduating from University, has been serving in Maoming city politics, connections are too complicated. He starting from Gaozhou County Commission in Maoming, Deputy Director, since 1987, he has been the Gaozhou County deputy magistrate, gaozhou Party Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Maoming municipal Committee, Mayor, and finally thanks to the Secretary of the Maoming municipal Committee.

Luo Yinguo climb Secretary of the Maoming municipal Committee, had an episode. When he became Deputy Secretary of the Maoming municipal Committee, Party Secretary Deng weilong his gaozhou villagers. March 2002 transfer is recommended after the Zhanjiang municipal Committee Luo Yinguo Deng took over, but due to Zhanjiang, Maoming municipal party Committee Secretary and Mayor Zhou Zhenhong transferred stepping forward. Until week Zhen Hong (February 28, 2014, and given a suspended death penalty) in April 2007 after transfer of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, Member of the Lo wish de claims was promoted to Communist Party Secretary. However, on February 10, 2011, he was confirmed four years later suspected of job-related crimes were filed for investigation and detention.

Luo Yinguo Lok Ma was informed the same day to meet in Guangzhou, discussed zijin mining dam which deal with the problem. Into the compound to get off of Guangdong Province, immediately seized on the tumbrils, Maoming, accompanied by other officials immediately return. Luo Yinguo’s wife, was taken in for questioning at home.

At that time, and Luo Yinguo songming village, in the hometown, many officials in Maoming city was suddenly surprised the investigation against him. A local official: “no idea … … Before the Lunar New Year holiday, he is still working in the layout section, did not see what is the abnormal behavior. “Before, Vibe Luo Yinguo Maoming government official position” a higher level “, speculation: transferred to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, or even when the Vice Governor of Hainan.

People of Maoming Luo Yinguo Lok Ma dropped glasses, Party Secretary Office due to his “cautious clean” characters walk on both sides of officialdom. In October 2008, he wears a clean head of the leading group in Maoming city, in National Conference on clean government and Tel introduce anti-corruption “Maoming experience.”

He served as the only party Secretary of prefecture-level cities, go to the Central Commission for discipline inspection experience in local construction, and more than more than 10 provinces (regions) and more than 100 cities (counties) went to Maoming city inspection visits.

Luo Yinguo claimed by Maoming honest “gang double responsibility” sets, “leaders” are not only leaders of the independent Commission against corruption and anti-corruption watchdogs, pay close attention to anti-corruption. Insist on “four-person”: the deployment of important work in person, personally significant problem, personally coordinate key is personally overseeing an important case.

High-sounding public scene at the same time, Luo Yinguo dark end of massive corruption, “Maoming experience” behind the back, Maoming Woan caused a sensation across the country. His massive corruption at the same time, become a “naked officials”: children citizenship Macau and Australia, and reset the property outside. Around town Luo Yinguo corruption that year of 1.6 billion yuan, the exact details of the outgoing, investigators found in the Office and home of nearly 10 million yuan in cash, nearly 100 precious pictures and many more than 10 Rolex watches.

Woan motion Lingnan politics

On February 10, 2011, Luo Yinguo is is being organized by Guangdong Provincial Commission for discipline inspection announced the investigation. Thus, the outside world know Luo Yinguo Lok Ma. As his investigation, Maoming Government when there is a drastic “great earthquake”. Woan officialdom in Maoming city, legal Committee Mr Jiang Zun-Yu Wo and Shenzhen, Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wan qingliang Woan, become shocked South politics in recent years corruption in officialdom. Central deep restructuring of the Conference reform

Luo Yinguo was detained immediately after crash, more than 100 officials. Many officials involved the Chair, taken by organizations in the next day.

Guangdong Province discipline April 2012 informed, except Luo Yinguo outside, Maoming also has over 200 name officials involved Maoming series corruption case (which filed investigation 61 people): 2009 yilai, Guangdong Province discipline success investigation has Maoming municipal original Secretary Luo Yinguo serious bribery case, municipal original Standing Committee, and Executive Deputy Mayor Yang Guangliang serious bribery case, municipal original Standing Committee, and city Communist Party Secretary, and police Secretary Ni Junxiong bribery case, city Standing Committee original Deputy Director Zhu Yuying bribery case, original Deputy Mayor Chen Yachun bribery case, Dianbai County appointed former Secretary Li Ritian bribery case series of corruption cases.

All cadres Guangdong Province, involving a total of 24 people, county-level officials ‘ 218 people, in which case investigated and dealt with 61 people, cadres, 19, is a province, county level officials ‘ 42, transferred to the judicial organs in accordance with the 20 people. A total of 303 officers at Lok Ma, for the country to restore a direct economic loss of 320 million Yuan.

Intermediate people’s Court in Zhongshan city on July 23, 2013, a sentence Luo Yinguo case, Shen Ming 1993 to 2011 Luo Yinguo alone or in partnership with his wife, Zou Jifang received 64 of party and Government cadres and Enterprise merchants bribe sent property, another huge amount of property with unidentified sources. All cases of bribery, a huge amount of property with unidentified crime totals billions.

Judgment of the Court, Luo Yinguo more than 50 million Yuan worth of property from unknown sources, shall be sentenced to 9 years; taking bribes of more than 20 million Yuan, should be sentenced to death, suspended for two years. The crime of huge unidentified property and bribery, both crime and punishment, shall be punished with death sentence. Luo Yinguo does not appeal, the judgment has entered into force.

Also convicted were wife of Luo Yinguo Zou Jifang, was convicted of bribery and sentenced to six years, and confiscation of 200,000 yuan of personal property.

Previously reported in the media in Beijing, Luo Yinguo revelations about rot amount of 100 million Yuan.

Official “auction”

In Maoming city, Guangdong Province, corruption “disastrous”. Before Luo Yinguo, the city has a number of officers at Lok Ma, including two Deputy departmental level cadres, police Chief, President of the District Court, city Secretary for land, the city’s Chief Prosecutor committed suicide by jumping.

Sudden collapse with anti-corruption Luo Yinguo, within less than two years, about his violations were quickly revealed. When disclosed crimes one by one, to see the former Party Secretary of the Maoming public clear face.

First of all, corruption. During Luo Yinguo, Maoming cadres out of official duty “auction” unspoken rules. Local officials are still for the amount he did with relish: “a department-level posts, 200,000 yuan can’t handle. Whether promotions, also depends on who is the high price. “The then leadership of corruption are the two ways of construction and holiday red envelopes. Section-level leadership, and red packets should not be less than 10,000 yuan; sent to Department level cadres, about 100,000 yuan. Then, Secretaries a year red envelopes can be millions, city leaders is even more astonishing.

In the Luo Yinguo Woan, many officials have become a victim of this kind of unspoken rules of integrity. Only gifts to him in order to get promoted, so officials had to gifts not meant.

Second, a mistress. Luo Yinguo Mistress “to break in to the countless” in his Office and found a lot of pictures abroad and other women, including a number of female civil servants.

Third, nepotism. Maoming city, Luo Yinguo arrange many relatives in important positions, relative spread official list: her husband, Yang Ming as captain of the Maoming municipal criminal police detachment, and brother-in-law Fan Ligang Xinyi Attorney General, her husband’s younger brother Fan Liqiang, Maoming city intermediate people’s Court Vice President; brother-in-law, Zou Jidang Maoming, Deputy Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, da Mei Luo guohua Secretary maonan district labour offices, and so on.

A few months ago, Guangdong officialdom on outgoing Luo Yinguo suffering from stomach cancer, Yangjiang city, rooms at the people’s Hospital, in serious condition.

Prior to that, he being diagnosed with gastric cancer in Yangjiang prison, Guangdong Province, were rushed to the prison hospital after treatment.

A Maoming city officials tell interface journalists who know Luo Yinguo, Luo Yinguo late in the illness, knowing that ‘ death not far ‘, has been prepared.

Luo Yinguo cancer one year after death of sin. At his death, has no friends and former colleagues to visit.

Anyue Sichuan province after a pregnant woman on a bus lost 5 days family are

Anyue, Sichuan province after a pregnant woman on a bus lost 5 days family are safe, saying the stress away

Huang Xiaocui photos.

27 year old pregnant women Huang Xiaocui on July 13 from anyue County, Sichuan Ziyang city, Sichuan Chengdu by bus back to their hometown on the way “lost”, a anyue County Public Security Bureau informed through its official micro-blog on July 19, the police work, Huang Xiaocui July 18 night initiative to get in touch with police in anyue, and peace to the families. Surging close to Huang Xiaocui family insider told the news (www.thepaper.CN), the family has yet to see Huang Xiaocui himself, but Huang Xiaocui sent a text message saying “lost” the stress away.

27, Huang Xiaocui was pregnant in March, coupled with the face of Anne of Green Gables, July 13 after the news of the lost, in anyue and Ziyang are sensational. Netizen friends say Huang Xiaocui lost, the “entire anyue” are looking for her.

Earlier, the bus carrying yellow monitoring are missing.

Friends of Sichuan and a number of local news media reports said, lost the 5th day (July 17), a black driver suddenly call Huang Xiaocui family says, three or four days ago, he pulled a woman passenger of Chengdu, Huang Xiaocui suspects. Meanwhile, another black driver said, Huang lost the same day or the next day, he is opposite the bus station of anyue, a young woman suspected yellow to the Chengdu North railway station.

Anyue, Sichuan province after a pregnant woman on a bus lost 5 days family are safe, saying the stress away

Huang Xiaocui said after boarding.

Huang Xiaocui’s husband said in a media interview in Sichuan province, in April this year, divorced wife has seen him, but the last two relations have returned to normal.

On July 17 and 18th, in anyue County Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog “@ anyue-police” reported July 15, 2016 12:20, police station received a report saying the North dam, yellow (female, 27 years old, in anyue County people) who went missing on July 13. After receiving the police, rapid anyue County Public Security Bureau investigated and filed for investigation. The investigation, Wong on July 13 after 14 o’clock chadianzi bus station by bus from Chengdu, at 17 o’clock after arriving in anyue, has about 19:30 self drive back to Chengdu. At present, the case is still under further investigation. First video broadcast anchor involved large scale

“@ Anyue-police” again on July 19 reported that through anyue police work the night of July 18, yellow initiative to get in touch with police in anyue, and peace to the families.

Staff a toll station in Inner Mongolia and a passing bus driver and conductor

On July 14, the Twitter user @ local source for the leaks of chifeng said ningcheng County, chifeng, Inner Mongolia toll station staff for fee physical confrontation with the driver and conductor. 15th, ningcheng County Public Security Bureau Office staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Yang for allegedly assaulting others, Yang Moujie, XING, health 4 people had been held in administrative detention for reasons still under investigation.

Chifeng local netizens said 14th, Miss Yang with his father, who drove through the ningcheng County, chifeng city, charging station, see a car in front was not paying traffic, they are not far behind. Not expected, toll bar suddenly fell, smashing young lady driving a car’s windshield glass. To this end, the toll station staff and Ms Yang vehicle personnel physical conflict.

NET video show a man wearing a yellow t-shirt men and beaten by a man dressed in a blue uniform in one piece. Meanwhile, a man wearing a white t-shirt approached the yellow t-shirt man waving a fist, men accused of beating white t-shirt. A woman wearing a white t-shirt that he is pregnant, beaten.

The morning of July 15, ningcheng County, chifeng City Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog @ case informed the ningcheng County, chifeng city, police said, 14th 8:40 received the alarm, in city toll station there was a fight, and claims processing.

After the alarm, Tianyi tiexi ningcheng County Public Security Bureau police station police in a timely manner, legally for assault others Yang, Yang Moujie, XING, Kang oral summoned to the police station for questioning. By the investigation, Yang a, Yang Moujie, XING, Hong’s acts constituted acts of beatings, ningcheng County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the above four persons held in administrative detention and liable to punishment. Capsize accident 14 people remain missing in Sichuan

Surging news found that mention 4 that provided the attacker who is charge of the station staff, who was the driver and conductor. Ningcheng County, chifeng city, staff of the Office of the Public Security Bureau confirmed that the currently suspected of battering Yang, Yang Moujie and four others were in administrative detention, but the exact cause still in the verification process.

Wuhan 85 youth took Grandpa s broom three generations of 52 years to sweep public

Wuhan 85 youth took Grandpa's broom, three generations of 52 years to sweep public toilet

Xie Xianwu railway family three generations of the family

The China Youth daily, July 12 in one hand and hold the Flush key in one hand and the manure in the pit with a broom to advance sewer, flows around a pungent smell in the air, wake could not help but hold back a sigh of relief.

“In life, dying, Grandpa also pledged to the family, after his death, continued to clean up public toilets. “Now, in the Wuhan railway Bureau wudong wake during the rest of the station to work, helping Grandma Liu Zhonglan Xie Changqing and dad clean public toilets near their home. Taobao is filled with fake VR glasses some costs

The toilet is located in Nan Mu community station village metallurgical, qingshan district next to the shanty towns a low, now three-three built, has a history of 52 years. Starting from grandfather Xie Xianwu, the toilet, bear witness to this family of three generations of the railway stand in silence. In June this year, wake, a Hubei Province was named “Jing-Chu is the most beautiful family.”

In 1964, Xie Xianwu was transferred to NaN Mu Temple Station and other railway employees were assigned to live in a shanty town, there are 6 rows of low-roofed house, 12 each.

Stations for the convenience of staff, set up a public toilet. There was no water facilities, and no one clean, the toilet floor covered with cigarette butts, paper, went a foul smell. One day, Xie Xianwu holding brooms and hoes into the toilet, after cleaning the public toilets to be part of his life.

“He decided that one thing will do, never telling any reward. “When the militia and participated in the Korean war, Xie Xianwu never forget once years, through his life and death, will go see very light. Under his influence, his wife Liu Zhonglan also picked up a broom and quietly at the side to clean public toilets.

Born in 1987, wake, for the first time to sweep the memory of public toilets is “disgusting” and “embarrassing”. Follow Grandpa to clean public toilets in high school, this boy will struggle and do not understand “bathroom odor, why would sweep over the years”, wake frequently ask Grandpa.

Xie Xianwu every silent action grandson gave the best answer. Grandpa’s subtle influence, wake up resistance becomes accepted, even sweeping public toilets in the end of “good”. During high school and College, every weekend will help wake grandparents tie brooms, cleaning the public toilets.

Xie Xianwu very quiet life, when body one day than one day later, his grandson opened the conversation, tell the wish to wake to a soldier’s mind. At the time, after graduating from wake in an automobile 4S shop earning good sales job.

In order to complete my wish, wake quit his job and joining the military. Soldier in the Jinan military area command during the wake was named outstanding soldier. Veterans go to work, he has become the backbone training class monitor, production at the station. Wake every step seems to have a shadow of Xie Xianwu, “has experienced a lot of things, more able to understand my grandfather a lifetime contribution to the unknown.”

Optimistic by nature and kind, is that three generations of unique quality.

After the death of Xie Xianwu, son Xie Changqing in Nan Mu temple near the station to work, starting an hour early each day with mother Liu Zhonglan cleaning public toilets.

In the unit, see junk no one cleaned, he will quietly pick up the broom. When Xie Changqing broom into the toilet for the first time, the stench of smoke inside his stomach again and again. But because of the distressed father, he still often helps cleaning the public toilets.

After Xie Xianwu seriously ill in hospital, Xie Changqing to clean public toilets every day, this is a commitment by his father.

This embarrassing scenario happens constantly in the public toilets. Once, wake busy cleaning the toilet floor, a toilet man asked, “why not scavenging around.” Being mistaken for the cleaner’s wake, now state of mind is very wide, learned to laugh it off.

“He’s a very positive person, always positive attitude towards life, very willing to help his friends. “About family deeds of sweeping public toilets, wake had never mentioned to friends, colleague Zhou Xiaoyu to understand his family only by watching the news. Girlfriends after hearing this story, also expressed support for him.

Shanxi Jincheng 8 miners trapped for 125 hours night pit 4 people lost

Shanxi Jincheng 8 miners trapped for 125 hours night pit, 4 people lost

July 8 at 4 o’clock in the morning, from the Jin latest news on village in the flooded coal mine trapped 8 miners has risen well.

According to the CCTV news clients for July 8 at 4 o’clock news after more than 125 hours of emergency, Shanxi Village coal mine trapped 8 miners successfully pit, was rushed to the hospital. According to Xinhua News ahead, the rescue work is still going on.

Following days of rescue pumps and drainage, the water level has dropped to under the rescue team may well position, 8 successful masui of the trapped miners.

Beijing, Taiyuan, July 6, July 2, at 22:53, Shanxi Jincheng qinhe energy group in the village of flooded underground coal mining co. Shift down 94 people, including 82 security evacuation, 12 people were trapped underground. On July 3, the rescuers twice by phone and contact the 8 miners, and ensure that it is in good condition, the remaining 4 miners were lost. Liaoning more than two years out of black radio