A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing. Store does not have its own signs, a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung in the shop, many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Cadenza wangjing Business Center recently was suspected of misleading consumers by means of a chemist. Reporters found that the name “fukang source pharmacy.” The Tongren Temple flagship shop staff said, the stores are only authorized to sell Tong ren Tang health products, the sale of medicines and Tong ren Tang has nothing to do. Pharmacy staff, did not hang his plaque, because “under repair”. China Visual

A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing, the store does not have its own signs, store a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung that many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Cadenza wangjing Business Center recently was suspected of misleading consumers by means of a chemist. Reporters found that the name “fukang source pharmacy.” The Tongren Temple flagship shop staff said, the stores are only authorized to sell Tong ren Tang health products, the sale of medicines and Tong ren Tang has nothing to do. Pharmacy staff, did not hang his plaque, because “under repair”. China Visual Zhengzhou monthly salary of thousands following

A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing wangjing CLS a chemist’s shop is in a commercial center in recent days suspected of misleading consumers. Store does not have its own signs, a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung in the shop, many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Legal evening news Liu China/vision

A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing wangjing CLS a chemist’s shop is in a commercial center in recent days suspected of misleading consumers. Store does not have its own signs, a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung in the shop, many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Stores selling traditional Chinese medicine (right) and Tong ren Tang has no relation, packaging is different. Legal evening news Liu China/vision

A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing wangjing CLS a chemist’s shop is in a commercial center in recent days suspected of misleading consumers. Store does not have its own signs, a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung in the shop, many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Legal evening news Liu China/vision

A Beijing pharmacy to consumers when the nowhere plaque tongrentang

On December 29, 2015, Beijing wangjing CLS a chemist’s shop is in a commercial center in recent days suspected of misleading consumers. Store does not have its own signs, a Beijing tongrentang sign was hung in the shop, many customers think it’s come to buy Chinese medicine Tong ren Tang branch. Stores selling traditional Chinese medicine (right) and Tong ren Tang has no relation, packaging is different. Legal evening news Liu China/vision


Russia overtook Saudi Arabia oil exports to China since the collapse of the

Russian media said Russia oil third monthly exports to China more than Saudi Arabia. In November, the China oil 949925 barrels a day, up from 886950 barrels in Saudi Arabia. Insurance risk capital introduced internal control

According to the Russia of the morning news, December 22, Russia, China, in October the market dominant trend continued in November. In May of this year the Russian oil market in China for the first time in the monthly first, ranked behind Riyadh into for many years.

Reports that Western attempts to isolate Russia, Russian became the market leader in the move towards long-term trend. Western sanctions make Russia a headache, but is not so effective, instead of closer relations between Russia and China. Russia natural gas industry oil company since January this year received renminbi-denominated oil money.

This caused discontent of Riyadh. For Saudi Arabia, and more harmonious relations between Moscow and Beijing, not only in terms of income, also in the geopolitical threat.

Bloomberg News reported that Russia increase oil production this year, setting a record after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This unexpected move is not the Kremlin’s new policy, but because of the oil industry over more than 10 technical innovations. Falling oil prices and European restrictions on investment and export pressures, Russia oil companies from several old fields produce more oil. To most analysts, and Russia maintain stable oil is a surprise. Citibank raw materials aidehua·moersi, head of market research, said he knew none of the predicted Russia will increase oil production this year, let alone set a new record.

Russia explained that representatives of the oil companies, had previously experienced era of low oil prices, so I know how to deal with. Benefits from West Siberia oil low mining costs and the devaluation of the ruble, the production cost is significantly lower, much lower than the big Western companies.

But not everyone thinks Russia can ease sorrow. Some experts believe that measures to improve productivity have been exhausted, unless additional investment in exploration or production growth is unsustainable. Analysts believe that Russia will maintain the current level of exploitation, which is 525 million to 533 million tons of oil per year.

Saudi Arabia decided to adhere to the low oil prices brought down Russia economy and make Russia abandon its diplomatic ambitions, but apparently fell through, results not only led to a large number of United States shale bankruptcies, the Saudi budget deficit as high as 20%.

Media the man fled after the crime in Hunan Beijing recurrence of haze caused

According to the huasheng online reported on December 23, men jointly with another burglary, involved more than 10,000 yuan, and then absconded, was wanted by the police the Internet. The man was removed after fled to Beijing, recurrent pneumonia due to smog, on December 23, the man was haze in the North fled back to hometown in Hunan province, Hengyang Qidong railway public security office, came to the police station to surrender. Shenmu auxiliary police escaped the villagers

Long (20 years, Qidong County, Hunan province, people) grew up sickly high school have had pneumonia, but South is good, after recovery has been very careful maintenance, there is no recurrence. Dragon did not continue studying after high school, has been working in the factory, because of the low salary, he came up with idea of theft. November 2015, the Dragon with Lee, Deng Qidong a dive within a residential city, stolen cash over more than 2000 Yuan, notebook computer 1, mobile 2, involving more than 10,000 yuan. After the incident, local public security authorities quickly locked the suspects by investigation and Lee, Deng arrested.

Long fled to after a rushed the field, traveled to Beijing to defect to villagers in Hunan province. Winter in Beijing is prone to smoggy weather and cold weather, the Dragon came to Beijing after a week started cold, accompanied by cough, sputum, are not adapted to smog. Long an unbearable cold torture on the one hand, and were afraid to go to the hospital, afraid to use identity cards were seized, went to a private clinic, long a recurrence of pneumonia, diagnosed, doctors recommend get hospital treatment. Long a thought is haze caused trouble, would like to go back to hometown in Hunan province to surrender as soon as possible. After some struggle, on December 23, after long returned to his home, to Qidong station police station to surrender. At present, the dragon has been handed over the case to the public security organs.

Fujian LongYan restaurant explosion 7 dead 5 injured smoking causes choking

December 16, 18:30, Xicheng, xinluo district, LongYan city of Fujian Sports Center restaurant catering co laurel branch of the city exploded in the kitchen.

CCTV News December 17, said accidents caused the 7 dead, 5 injured, smoke an important cause of asphyxia became trapped casualties.

Fujian LongYan restaurant explosion 7 dead, 5 injured, smoking causes choking casualty

Explosion in LongYan city in ancient dining limited company city of Laurel branches. New social graph

Injured were rescued, on-site medical staff immediately rushed to the hospital. LongYan first hospital and mobilized hundreds of health care workers in LongYan city people’s Hospital for emergency treatment. Among them, the LongYan first hospital 8 wounded, all because of smoke inhalation, causing serious respiratory damage. Flight attendant uncivil ridicule flights first

Fujian LongYan restaurant explosion 7 dead, 5 injured, smoking causes choking casualty

The rescue scene. Talmadge

Yong Fang, Deputy Director of the Medical Department of LongYan first hospital introduction, was injured, “should be an inhalation injury. Several injured, initial look without serious burns. Trauma is not obvious. Is the State of respiratory and cardiac arrest. ”

Although there are many casualties sent the ambulance had no vital signs, but health care workers stuck for at least an hour of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, now the only surviving one of the seriously injured was under uninterrupted emergency medical staff picked up a life.

Ren Fangyong described the injuries of the victim, said his heart has come back, but in the follow-up process, the heartbeat stopped two or three times, can continue to rescue. After recovering heart, immediately makes a hyperbaric oxygen Chamber treatment. Vital signs can also now. But breathing is still not restored, the people in a State of deep coma.

Fujian LongYan restaurant explosion 7 dead, 5 injured, smoking causes choking casualty

Firefighters will be search and rescue the trapped workers rushed to an ambulance. Talmadge

In addition to rescue 10 trapped workers, the morning of December 17, managed to escape when the incident of two restaurant employees not feeling well, the initiative to hospital is currently being observed. As of 12 o’clock noon, 7 people were killed and 5 others injured, one of them seriously injured. Further investigation into the accident and aftermath is expanded.

Bull morning news change this week On December 14 you must know the 10 news

A-shares weak, money is getting harder.

On December 11, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower, brokerages in the afternoon, colored plates driven by a shock such as higher, near late-day drop again. Up close, the Shanghai composite index fell 0.61% to close at 3434.58 points, down 0.9% gem, to close at 2671.29 points. Total volume was 632.9 billion yuan between the two cities, a nearly 2-month lows.

Market participants that, with the new blood and the withdrawal of funds by the end of, market tensions, which directly led to the continued shrinking of the market adjustment. Overall, the recent external market turmoil, and the new issue remained the main factor market volatility, however, with frequent risk capital raising, with the new blood flood, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in the past settled, vulnerable or significant change.

Haitong securities chief analyst of the policy team Xun Yugen said, now the a-share market is still ready to rest stage, December Fed rate hike expectations, as well as the short-term devaluation pressure on after the Yuan enters SDR exchange rate, various unfavorable factors influencing short-term market appetite for risk, markets await Fed rate hike this week to exchange rate shocks in the past.

12th statistics November economic data above-scale industrial added value up to 6.2%, higher-than-expected 0.5% in January-November, urban fixed asset investment up 10.2%-than-expected 0.1%; total retail sales of consumer goods in November, up 11.2%, higher-than-expected 0.1%.

Haitong securities believes that credit November rebound from the previous month, but still an overall decline. Entities, sluggish demand increase RMB exchange rate fluctuation, devaluation pressure not away, outflow pressure is still great, the Central Bank through open market operations, imposing limits on interest rate corridor and other tools to stabilize the liquidity forecast. Looking ahead, the November CPI (consumer price index) low stabilisation, together with United States interest rates restrict domestic rate cut space, is unlikely to cut interest rates again this year probability.

Most concern about recent global market boots landed: December the Fed FOMC (Federal open market Committee) meeting will be held on December 15-16th. Rate the results will be announced in Beijing on December 17 at 3 o’clock in the morning, Fed President Yellen will hold a press conference on the Federal Reserve’s latest monetary policy at 3:30 A.M.. Both fed officials and investors, almost overwhelmingly into the rate hike camp, forecast to be 25 basis points or 50 basis points.

Federal Reserve interest rates will attract some funds instead to United States and emerging markets under pressure. In August this year, the Yuan’s central parity against the dollar for a multiple day plunge, triggering currency heated debate topic, have also increased market fears of a devaluation of the Renminbi. Yuan last week joined the SDR (special drawing rights), the way down, like “can’t stop”. The past week since the devaluation of the Renminbi, the onshore rate fell to 6.42 Yuan, up to five-year low.

Bank of communications, Center for financial research analysis, with steady growth policy effect appears gradually, China’s economy is expected to rebound, China and spreads will remain. Meanwhile, after the Yuan enters SDR, overseas markets are expected to increase demand for Renminbi, coupled with the current account surplus is still expected to maintain a certain scale, Fed rate hikes will be more moderate.

Second World Internet Conference will be held on December 16 to 18th in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, XI Jinping will attend the General Assembly, and delivered a keynote speech. Focus on network security, Internet, finance, data, based on Internet stocks, such as whether there is any performance.

The third event is the central economic Working Conference and city work Conference will be held. It is reported that from the previous “National Conference” after 37 years. Two conference help boost market growth targets and Government awareness of the steady growth, short-term good infrastructure, Smart City, real estate-related sectors.

In addition, the complex for the suspension of the Galaxy back-to-back announcements of listed companies confirmed that Guo is now assisting the relevant judicial authorities, but can still participate in an appropriate manner with fosun group decision-making on important matters. The night of December 13, fosun Group held an emergency global conference call for investors and media to explain Mr Guo. Fosun International (00656 HK), fosun Pharma (600196) and Hainan mining (601969), the YuYuan (600655), southern steel shares (600282) will be held on December 14 to resume trading, attention to Black Swan events impact risk.

End of the market trend, Economist Ren Zeping, analyst at guotai Junan securities said the stock and bond markets waiting for a new catalyst for market differentiation, peak in dollar stages, bulk consolidation at the bottom. Currently, shares need a new catalyst, the future core observation of incremental reform of the capital market and the landing pilot.

Societe Generale securities chief strategist Zhang Yidong believes that this week that United States interest rates boots after landing, emerging market currencies and stock markets will rebound is expected to usher in the window period, investors should adopt a positive attitude to the adjustment since December. In money, the economy weak, active use of capital markets for the transition of the Government service of deterministic context, systemic risk is small, it should still keep the bottom line thinking.

In addition, on December 14, you can pay attention to the following message:

China Ocean Shipping (Group) company and China Shipping (Group) company reorganization plan, December 14 will resume trading in listed companies. Through the integration of the reorganization, the two groups would create a container shipping, ports, oil and gas shipping combined shipping finance and leasing business as the core four specialized clusters. May be concerned about shipping + authorities modified stock: Sinotrans Development (600270), merchant ships (601872), group (000039), Hai-Sheng (600896) and so on.

On December 13, Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, Lian Weiliang at the 13th session of the China reform Forum, said, next year is a “Thirteen-Five” start year in electric power, oil and gas, telecommunications, military and other important reform pilot area of mixed ownership, power, oil and other competitive aspects will really let loose. Focus: Yangtze power (600900), Huaneng Power International (600011), the light group (002524), Chase gas (000593), transit of energy (600856), Jin Hong energy (000669).

National integrated circuit industry investment fund has now raised the capital of 138.7 billion yuan. According to the industry association, said China has built or under construction in the local IC Investment Fund total almost 140 billion yuan. Focus on integrated circuit stocks: the rich micro-(002156), taiji industry (600667), Sino wealth electronic (300327), Shanghai xinyang (300236) and so on.

On the international market, stocks fell sharply on December 11, creating the biggest daily decline since the end of September, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 17,264, or 1.77%. The NASDAQ Index closed at 4,933 points, or 2.21%. Within a week the Dow 3.3% and poor’s 500 index fell 3.8%, NASDAQ down 4.1%.

Crude oil futures fell on the New York 3.1%, closed at 35.62 dollars a barrel all week about 11%, fell for the sixth straight week, 2015 years biggest weekly decline. Gold prices in New York rose 0.4% to close at $ 1075.70 an ounce, compared with the previous week fell 0.7%.

In addition, this round of new share Shanghai shares on December 14, a total of 9, after calculation, shall I purchase Fund total 1.6622 million Yuan, according to institutional investors expect new frozen Fund total about 3 trillion yuan:

Mind control (603508) issue price: 33.56 Yuan/share, purchase Cap 12000 shares, company production and sales of industrial computer equipment, industrial automation control equipment, computer software, industrial control computer module mainly engaged in import and export of goods and technologies.

Silver (002786) issue price: 10.72 Yuan/share, purchase Cap 12500 shares, the company mainly engaged in large injection mold development, design, manufacturing, marketing and precision components production and sales.

New technologies (603996) issue price: 10.52 Yuan/share, purchase limit 20000 shares, the company is mainly engaged in flat-panel TVs and Tablet PC development, production and sales.

Can Mill Creek (002782) issued price: 7.58 Yuan/unit, purchase ceiling 17000 unit, company main engaged in development, and production business high low frequency transformer, and power products and the related electronic spare parts, and ADSL voice separation device, and inductance, and filter device, and circuit board (not containing printed circuit board), and connection device, and ballast and the computer around products; goods and the technology import and export (not containing points pin, and national franchise zhuankongshangpin); General freight.

Peach and plum bread (603866) issue price: 13.76 Yuan/share, purchase ceiling 13000, the company is mainly engaged in quality based on the Bread bakery products production and sale. When quantitative investment meets crash program

Mountain top design (300492) issue price: 6.90 Yuan/share, purchase ceiling 8000 shares, the company is mainly engaged in providing architectural design and consulting services related business consulting, architecture and garden design, and import and export of goods, technical import and export.

Beauty is ecological (300495) issued price: 31.82 Yuan/unit, purchase ceiling 6500 unit, company main engaged in Yu ecological wetland development repair and protection; water environment ecological governance; soil and water conservation and the protection; ecological environment improved of technology and development; green conservation; gardening plant cultivated and the sales (not containing national limit and the ban class project); City Garden green and garden ancient building engineering professional contracting,.

Wan Lishi (002785) issue price: 2.29/unit, purchase limit 20000 shares company is mainly engaged in the architectural stone and landscape stone design, production and sales. Stone, building stone, stone carving crafts, mineral development, processing and installation; upscale environment-friendly decoration with slabs of wood, profile production, processing, and so on.

Strange letter shares (002781) issue price: 13.31 Yuan/share, purchase ceiling 22500, the company is mainly engaged in architecture, fitment and decoration Project Professional contract; building decoration project design; building curtain wall engineering professional contract; fire-fighting facilities Project Professional contracting, and so on.

“Further reading” December 14 listed companies big positive negative announcements


Tianshan textile: Grampian pharmaceuticals pricing, 8.4 billion borrowing

Meng Fali: to buy a foreign company

Camel shares: to be 198 million acquisition of Xiangyang camel long

Red arrows in the South: to buy a red Sun electrical, North to the North-East, Hongyu, Hongyu special steam special, North waterfront, Jiang Ji, trade estimates totals about 2.389 billion yuan

Important matters

Clou Electronics: the proposed joint venture with LG chemical company

Haining Pi Cheng: proposed 200 million Yuan to establish a healthy industry investment company

Group of TCL: TCL multimedia introduction to vote as the network

CR 39:320 million Yuan transfer brain hospital

Great Northern farmers, Jin Zhengda, pulaike: joint fund for agricultural industry

365 network: Internet technology qualification of small loans

Xugong construction machinery: to control the transfer of subsidiary shares, 548 million Yuan profit

China jialing: associated with 100 million Yuan to set up all-terrain vehicle production company

South: Hunan radio and television joint cultural investment funds established invest 500 million Yuan

Longquan shares: bid for 660 million Yuan water resources project

China Merchants Steam Navigation: a $ 350 million 4 energy-VLCC crude oil ship

Beixin road: bid for nearly 600 million highway project

Janus precision investment aipugonghua, cut into the domestic software industry


Jin Litai: controlling shareholders to increase its stake by more than 2 million shares

Heaven in shares: the controlling shareholder of persons acting in concert to increase its stake to 1 million units


Ott Xun: the SFC investigation

Hua Changda: termination of asset restructuring

Xu Ming founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home the Group deserted

Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring

The afternoon of December 6, Xu Ming shu Xu Ming and brought them back to Dalian, and mourning at home park, 4th at the “first seven” the Golden State to temporarily store the day funeral home.

December 10 (today), the lunar calendar October 28, Xu Ming, founder of shide Group on the seventh day after the death in prison. Funeral service practices to this day is called “seven”.

Dust to dust, dust to dust. Relatives of Xu Ming decided, on December 10, “the first seven” on this day, ashes stored temporarily in Jinzhou, Dalian Ming Xu’s funeral home.

On December 6, the Dalian local media the peninsula morning post announced that, on December 4, Ming Xu died of illness, at the age of 44.

The afternoon of December 6, Ming Xu’s family and shide Group senior staff’s ashes back to Dalian’s Xu Ming and Xu Ming of Dalian’s family set up a mourning Hall.

The sudden death of Xu Ming, had repeatedly told Xu Ming and Dalian shide football team, photographer Li Wei moved to ask: “seeing him rising up, seeing his dinner guests saw him collapse……”

Commentary, Li Wei wanted to know, Xu Ming was gone, he founded success how would the fate of the Empire.

Shide site can still Pan Ming Xu received “personal” letter

Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring

In the former gaoerji Street, xigang district, Dalian shide group, 38th, Xu Ming witness of glorious cause.

Gaoerji Street, xigang district, Dalian City, 38th, Dalian is no stranger to this address. Li pointed to the surging told press here (www.thepaper.CN), that’s the shide original building.

From the outside of the building, have been unable to find any words associated with shide. Into the Hall on the first floor you can see, on the left wall “shide group” four still in big black letters.

In addition, there is also keeping some success had the brilliant mark. Door is a Hall on the left, Dalian shide Football Club is said to have once held a news conference and available for sale at the ticket area. On a dusty Board also recorded “fans joining’s policies.”

A room across the Hall had become a debris pile up. Peeling on the walls hung with Dalian shide soccer team 2007 season schedule. And schedule walk slowly beside the clock different, brilliant shide Club, already set.

Lao Feng left behind in the utility room. He is a veteran shide, responsible for guarding everything here. A day in addition to feed the cat, is to send and receive letters.

Desks were stacked on dozens of field sent letters, many are written on the envelope, “Xu Ming personal.” Surging news notes that these letters were received recently, most recently a stamp on the letter was dated December 5.

These silent letters appears in “speak” two facts: Xu Ming “disappear” for a long time, and many people believe he will eventually return.

On December 6, the media Ming Xu had died of illness on December 4 in a Wuhan prison.

Disclosed along with the Ming Xu died of illness news, there are Ming Xu’s sentence. Xu Ming scheduled for September 11, 2016, out of jail. In his “disappearance” days in the public view, and Dalian shide group employees are looking forward to his return.

There’s the shide group news the surging internal staff to confirm the above statement. But the employees, Ming Xu is in poor health is not a secret, as early as the end of last year, shide group were sent to Wuhan, rental near the Ming Xu is serving a sentence in prison, to respond to emergency situations.

Shide group ultimately failed to wait until Ming Xu’s return.

Take football country is named after 30 years on the Forbes list of billionaires

Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring

Ming Xu’s House is located in the village of wulu, zhuanghe city, Guang hua’s old House. Radical left-wing elected Corbin United Kingdom

Ming Xu’s life stopped at the age of 44. Xu Ming when younger.

Ming Xu from wulu under the jurisdiction of the county-level city of zhuanghe city, Dalian Guanghua village came out of the town. He is a deep groove that is located in the most famous people in the village. Today, the village folks still read him well, said Xu Ming developed later, had paved the way to the village, built bridges, build a hope primary school.

Ming Xu career beginning in zhuanghe. In late 1992, 20 years old Ming Xu, zhuanghe zhuanghe city foreign economic and Trade Committee under the foreign trade of industrial products company Manager and legal representative. And the company was predecessor of Dalian shide group.

Maybe not many people can expect, then in this obscure little company, just a decade after this, will grow into a business empire.

Older Dalian people may know, Xu Ming is the first pot of gold made from the victory square project. Victory square is near the train station in Dalian City, Dalian City landmarks. More than 20 years ago, they built the victory square Earth works was undertaken by Xu Ming.

Ming Xu did “famous now.” Starting from 1999, after more than 10 years, Xu Ming stole. On December 24, 1999, Ming Xu for 120 million yuan from Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda group to buy the football club Dalian Wanda.

On January 9, 2000, the Dalian shide Club officially listed. This year, Xu Ming was less than 30 years old.

Xu Ming through football in the country, Dalian, a “business card”. Was briefly employed by the shide said Li Wei memory surging on news of the University, before contact with Xu Ming, who once thought that Xu Ming is a football fan, “later learned, he was cast when the city leaders took over the football team as well. ”

Football is just a favorable springboard Xu Ming to expand business. Consolidation of Xu Ming’s place in the business district, is success into financial success in the field.

Shide group official website of public information displays, establishment of Dalian shide Club in the same year, shide 13.25% stake in big ticket purchases life insurance company. In 2001, de lung water heater factory into operation, shide group is involved in home-appliance industry, injection of Dalian commercial bank the same year. In 2002, the investment stake in CPIC. In 2009, Xu Ming has a new movement form a tense German real estate company, real estate development. In 2011, investment banks in tieling, set up meeting with China life insurance company limited.

Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring

After Xu Ming developed, to home villages to donate a CPIC shide hope primary school was built.

Success and rapidly growing, put Xu Ming on the Forbes rich list. In 2001, the 30-year old Xu Ming entered Forbes magazine’s “China rich list”, 18.

2003-rose to 11, and was named China’s “2002-top ten private entrepreneurs”. In 2005, once again nominated for “Forbes China rich list”, 8th.

Left for the meeting was taken away, flourished after the many ending

Ming Xu news of what had happened, and as news of his death came very suddenly. Publicly reported, on March 14, 2012, head of the Dalian shide Xu Ming was taken in for questioning for suspected economic crimes.

Xu Ming, suddenly ended.

A former middle-level cadres of shide group once telling a friend about that situation. Xu Ming at that time with drivers to take part in an activity, results of activity had not yet begun, two were suddenly taken away, did not return the same day shide group. That drivers ‘ families make to the group leaders, after being informed is to assist in the investigation.

After half a year, the driver came back, Ming Xu or “disappeared.” And Xu Ming and was taken away by several senior success in 2013 and 2014 have been put back.

Last month in 2015, Ming Xu from the news of the death in prison.

“How can I say, he is very smart, a person of great ideas. “Memories of Xu Ming, Li Wei, said he remembered the summer of 2001, Dalian shide 8:0 sweep of Army Day Bryan in that game, he stood beside Xu Ming and shide Group Vice Chairman suixinmin.

“Xu Ming said, going to study in Liverpool, as a revolution at the expense of Chinese football first. “Li Wei said, now remember these are probably only a handful of fans and news stories of the year.

The afternoon of December 6, Ming Xu’s family and shide Group senior staff’s ashes back to Dalian’s Xu Ming and Xu Ming of Dalian’s family set up a mourning Hall.

The night of December 9, Li went to the mourning Hall with flowers. Portrait of Xu Ming from black and white to color, and is still the most familiar look.

Ming Xu’s relatives revealed on December 9, Ming Xu “first seven” when his ashes will be temporarily stored to Dalian Jinzhou funeral home.

Shide two-story office building emptied out, reorganization or speed

Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring
Xu Ming, founder of Dalian shide ashes staging funeral home, the Group deserted or accelerated restructuring

CBD core area, Dalian shide moved to the building of the party, the 3-floor office area, 2 floors empty.

Ming Xu. He founded the fate of what’s the shide group will have cause for concern.

From the look of it, the situation is not optimistic. On December 8, the news comes to the surging shide group–now Office in Dalian Zhongshan square building. Building signage tips 16-storey building is shide Football Club, 17, 18 is the shide group.

Now 17, 18 is basically empty. 18 floors of office equipment are being evacuated. 17 just talking to someone in a small conference room. The other rooms are stacked with desks and chairs at random, most of the tables and chairs are stained with a thick layer of dust.

A surging shide group women staff told news, last December began cleaning up some things. Shide group the current internal situation, were not disclosed.

Official website show’s the shide group, Xu Ming lost post-shide group, business has been reduced, mainly the main business of aluminum and other chemical building materials manufacturing.

Indeed, shide group three years ago, is not the same. Many media reports, Xu Ming March 2012 after being taken away, shide debts of up to 20 billion yuan have been insolvent, including bank loans and private loans.

Soon, shide Group’s creditors were door-to-door collection. The China Times published a set of survey data: March 2012 to May, shide group involved 109 24 Court cases over more than 60 financial institutions were affected, total amount of 17.9 billion yuan involved.

At the time forced out of Helm’s the shide group Xu Bin Xu Ming brother, the debt crisis has failed to ease the shide group. Interested parties attempt to restructure shide group action.

News from China surging a Liaoning Provincial higher people’s Court judgments online learned the civil verdict, 3 years ago, Beijing Jin Chengshi capital operation Center (limited partnership) has tried to lead shide restructuring. But ultimately failed to achieve restructuring purposes, determines out.

Later, and Chairman of Dai Yongge started involved shide group restructuring.

At present, shide restructuring has not been completed. But to the surging number of Dalian industry news, said Xu Ming’s departure, or causes shide restructuring acceleration.

Gets to talk about the Chinese model open is the only sustainable

“Editor’s note”

How to pronounce the Chinese model of radiation influence on how to improve China’s model. By CITIC Publishing House of the Singapore Zheng yongnian, Director of the East Asian Institute at the National University’s China pattern (revised edition) went public in December of this year.

Zheng yongnian said in a preface to the revision, although China patterns in various ways, but its core is unique to China’s political-economic model, both interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Full nationalisation and the full privatization of the economy, China is not the norm, mixed economy model is the norm of China’s economy. Faced by China’s economic problems can only be resolved by recognition of the norm as a precondition.

The following is an excerpt of the Chinese model (as amended) preamble, publishing house surging News (www.thepaper.CN) published. Cut slightly:

Gets to talk about the Chinese model: open is the only sustainable

China gets Visual information

Rationality, the Chinese model is an objective reality. Just like building a House, House must have had a pattern. Question is how to look at and comment on the House. Here a more scientific and objective way, to study the many problems about the House: this House is like? How to cover that? Why cover one way rather than another? The House Foundation solid? How to improve? And so on. But also from the aesthetic point of view to look at the House. If it’s the latter, then political and moral tendency becomes inevitable. Is a pity is that so far, China patterns are mainly taken from the aesthetic point of view, China pattern is not known to exist, and comments on its aesthetic is countless.

Some people don’t recognize or belittle the Chinese model, because they think of patterns as a very good thing. This is also inconsistent with history. In the social sphere, any model has its advantages and its disadvantages, there is an absolutely ideal mode does not exist. Any model that is historic, and the Western model as well. For example, the Western model of democracy have come a long way, from the early days of Golden liberty, to industrialization of the business elite democracy, to today’s mass democracy, experienced great change. Western market, too, from the raw capitalism of the early Marxist said, up to now the welfare capitalism, there is a process of evolution, there is an improvement in process, there is a progressive process. That is, any model that is not set in stone, in different historical periods, we must reform itself in order to meet the needs of the times.

China’s model is also an objective, but any country, any kind of culture has the right to see, to explain this pattern. Because of this, between East and West on the mode of China’s argument is never interrupted. Like the Western-style democracy, Asians often from their own point of view of Western models of democracy, they have come to the conclusion, with Westerners to see their model of democracy is not the same. It is important, to China’s objective mode and a mode of aesthetic distinction. Too much would lead to excessive politicization of aesthetics or morality.

In China itself, Chinese model already exists, so it is important to answer “who am I” question is the question answer what exactly is a Chinese model. This task has become very important. Internally, more and more Chinese people for China itself is an understanding of what kind of country, have become increasingly blurred. Different social groups have started from a different ideological perspective to define her own Chinese identity. The establishment of various ideological orientation is not conducive to agree China identity must be based on the Chinese model of objective knowledge.

As far as the external, the Chinese model is the international recognition of the issues involved. Whether it is traditional or prevailing ideology, has been helpless to explain to the international community “who am I” question. This ambiguity is also the international community that China’s development is an important reason for uncertainty. Similarly, objective knowledge of certainty could only come to the Chinese model. Then, if you can’t answer “who am I” question, China’s soft power in the international community will not be able to speak of.

More important is the improvement of Chinese model. Does not acknowledge the existence of Chinese model, can only lead to neglect or disregard of the defects of the model. Only recognition of existence of Chinese model, can be carefully studied the pattern, found insufficient improvement. In fact, how to improve China’s model, is the biggest problem facing China.

I think, whether it is people’s enthusiasm for the Chinese model in previous years or the latest suspicion of the Chinese model, did not help people to understand the Chinese model. Actual scenario, discussions on Chinese model more people on their awareness and more puzzled. I think, from China at least the following three aspects are discussed.

First of all is China’s model of civilization. I tend to think of China in the history of the discussion on the macro-level. 30 years is not enough, depends on the preceding 30 years. Enough over the previous 30 years, also see transition in modern Chinese history. I believe that the Chinese model is the constancy of those structural factors to find out. Very simple, no matter how China changes or changes, Chinese always Chinese, China is not a Western or any other country. So, what factors make Chinese will always be China? These factors are the core of the Chinese model, does not identify these factors cannot understanding China’s model, of course, do not see the advantages and disadvantages of this model. At this level, people need to see the Chinese model of civilization.

From the perspective of history the Chinese model, is not difficult to find this mode of existence and its main contents. Although China patterns in many aspects, but its core is unique to China’s political-economic model, both interrelated and mutually reinforcing. China’s achievement because of this model, and many factors in this model, if out of balance, and can lead to a pattern of crisis and decline.

On the economic front, China is the model of mixed economy. In this mode, the State-owned and non-State-owned sector, the Government and the market balance. When out of balance, the crisis will follow. Where in the world can not find the economy like China, in that long history, there is a very strong State-owned sector, the State plays a direct role in key sectors of the economy. State-owned sector the country’s many functions, including public infrastructure construction, to deal with various crises that occur at any time, balancing market forces, and so on. In Han dynasty on salt and iron, it clearly, successive dynasties also practice these theories. This feature is not found in the West of the country. Some people link state-owned and the planned economy of the Mao era, this is not a historical point of view. Mao Zedong’s only existed early in the history of the role of the State to the extreme.

Many people use the economic model of the West to measure China’s economic model, seems to be the Western economic model is the goal of China’s reform. But if China can turn West, then there is no Chinese model. Everyone says China is in transition, is in transition from a planned economy to a market economy, from the State-owned economy to the private sector of the economy. It did not see the essence of Chinese model. It is because China has a strong State sector, privatization in China will not like the West. From the perspective of history, or the private economy of private economy in China has always been there, but China can go to West point of full privatization. Many economists say the solution of privatization. From the reality of China, China’s economy is only part of the privatization. Full nationalisation and the full privatization of the economy, China is not the norm, mixed economy model is the norm of China’s economy. Faced by China’s economic problems can only be resolved by recognition of the norm as a precondition.

But mixed economy often loses balance. Often is, when the absolute dominant State sector and the Government, the non-State sector and market space by squeezing, can’t play a normal role when crises arise. And in China, Western economic crisis occurs when the “invisible hand” has completely dominated the economic activities and the Government the “visible hand” when able to effectively regulate the market.

Discuss China in economy mode, once the political field has become very difficult and very sensitive. In fact, if you do not see China’s political patterns, it is difficult to understand China’s economic model, and even can be said that China’s economic model is a product of China’s political patterns, but politics always seems to be a closed area. Many people in the West focus on political criticism of China, and Chinese scholars have tended to their lack of confidence in the political system.

Politically, the Western model of democracy is about a multi-party system and separation of powers. Political change in China, also in different systems, in varying degrees, to accept and fit Western democratic and representative of the diversity of interests and interest in the event. Anyway, China did not and will not become a Western model.

So, Chinese politics where? From the perspective of history, are able to answer this question. Since its modern and Western exposure, attempts of the Chinese Western-style system, but failed. Later, for over half a century of wars and revolutions in the process of slowly transition to the modern imperial power of traditional party power. Not difficult to find, traditional and modern party of the imperial power right there are many similarities, such as the imperial power and the right of the party is a social integration, is a China unified politically, is hosting the Sage political systems. However, the party right with a modern, traditional Imperial Authority did not. Imperial power can only be marginalized, not democratic. Party power is not. Party power is the Foundation of the modern centralized system, but can also be democratized. Hong Kong to Viet Nam refugee first asylum

Western political models, often through external political issues to be resolved, so the existence of opposition parties and the opposition. China is not, whether it is traditional or modern imperial power party power, is through an open political process, looking to solve a problem of internalization of externalities. Right is the core of China’s political party, did not understand right to party, it’s hard to understand China’s political.

Historically, the two political models have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the West, based on the multiparty political democracy after hundreds of years to evolve into today’s appearance. In balanced socio-economic development of the country, Western-style democracy can work well. Although Parties alternated in power, but from a policy perspective, often present a characteristic of the party. This is mainly because there is a large middle class in the West, no matter what party, take care of the interests of the middle class. People often say that party integrated the social forces in the West. However, to a large extent, is the party of middle-class integration in the West of the Western, middle-class restricts the political extremes. From the perspective of development in the social differentiation of multiparty politics, this is particularly evident. In developing societies, because low levels of socio-economic development, social differentiation is serious, middle class is weak, did not even exist when multiparty politics, political party becomes a divisive force. In Africa, Latin America and Asia, such examples can be found everywhere.

In traditional China, the political process is fairly open. Although belonging to the emperors of the imperial power, but the right to rule (or power) is open to the public, and is highly institutionalized (bureaucratic). History shows that the more open governance, more effective governance. In contrast, when the authority is not open enough, imperial power and authority relations if not dealt with, then political crisis. Party power also has this feature. Effective governance depends on the effective opening up of the right of the party, open to all sections of society, various interests. Meanwhile, governance effectiveness depends on the systematization and specialization.

At the next level, the Chinese model refers to the pattern of reform in China. Known as “County Road” can fall into this level. “China Road” is how China’s reform is coming, say, “come from, and where to go” problem. In this sense, China’s gradual reforms clearly shows and stages. In my opinion, three-step reform of China, that is, economic reform, social reform, and political reform. This is not a value judgment that China should follow this path. This is an empirical observation, advanced countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, Japan and the “four little dragons,” also has this feature, and have gone through this process. In addition, this reform model is also consistent with the general development of common sense.

First of all, this is a process from easy to difficult. Economic reform is the easiest to put it bluntly, is to mobilize people’s awareness of substance, or what philosophers call the “evil” side out for people to pursue their own interests. That is a natural release. Social reform more difficult. If the subject is the production of economic reform, then the body is the distribution of social reform. Social reform part cut out of the people from their own pockets for the community to share, this is more difficult. Political reform is the most difficult. Political reform shows that people need to give up some powers and empower other people to share. On the authority of all of China’s political culture, to give up power than money is much more difficult.

Secondly, there are also issues related to the material basis for a reform. Economic reform priorities as economic reforms can create material base for other reforms. Economy takes precedence over social reforms is simple enough, which has no production to distribution. Wealth created can only stress distribution. On the political front, economic reform before political reform has at least two advantages: for society, create wealth and middle class economic reforms, so as to create conditions for the rational political participation; for the political elite, could provide another option for them. In conditions of political dominance, losing power would be tantamount to losing everything. But if I lose power into the economic sphere, then the politicians, political reform is not a zero-sum game. Is a State in the West, politicians if it fails in the political competition, not no way out.

So why is economic and social reforms to take place before the political reforms? System construction is the Chief of historical order. Any State of national systems and in the political, economic, social, and so on. If democracy is the product of social development, so if there are no other systems of support, democracy will be weak. Democracy is only one of the various national systems, it does not replace other aspects of a national system. From the perspective of history, the first modern State, after the democratization of the country. On the Chinese political process, if the economic and social system construction began prior to the election of democratic, it is most likely bad democracy, as we are lagging behind in economic and social development and democratization as observed by the first nation. At least no one can guarantee, in the absence of effective economic and social conditions, democracy will be of high quality.

Finally, people from specific policy areas to talk about the Chinese model, or you can call China policy, from the economic, social and political reforms in different areas to China patterns. I think people say “China case” should belong to this category. Since reform and opening up, China’s reform policy has provided people with a lot of cases.

At present, many people expressed China’s great dissatisfaction in this third level. In the area of economic policy, people’s discontent with the reform policies from a different perspective. Some people judged by Western standards of China policy. For example, some scholars believe that, only in the 1980 of the 20th century in China and reform of the early 90 ‘s, and has since gone. Because early reform of marketization and decentralization attributes such as trend instead of the 90 ‘s. Some scholars believe that China’s policy is to learn from the West, not his own model, meaning that there is no so-called “China model”. However, these views are not very reasonable. On the first view, I don’t think centralization is not not reform, decentralization is not reform. If centralization is the establishment and strengthening of government regulation of the market, so is reform. If decentralization is a local monopoly of the executive-led, rather than the market, so it’s not necessarily the reform but oligopolistic economy. On the second point, the market is not only belong to the West. Thousands of years of Chinese history and markets have been developed before. The practice of market economy in the West, but this is not to say the market is to the West. Since reform and opening up, China is learning from the West is not to say that the fact that China can not form their own models.

China’s model of three levels associated with each other, but they can also be relatively independent research. However, more important to study the issue of how to improve the Chinese model. Today talking about the improvement of the Chinese model has special significance. First of all, stress improved stress model of progressive, rather than radical change. Any model must improve itself at any time, otherwise it will degenerate, thus losing the ability to adapt to the new situation, resulting radical change. China’s history shows that radical change is often no change, radical change often means go it again. From a long-term point of view, improvements or incremental is the real change. Second, while China has formed its own model, but like the other models, it also has its disadvantages, so you must find where the weaknesses. Although you cannot form a perfect model, but is aware of its imperfections can prevent the decline is even more important and competition from other modes maintain their advantage in the process.

To truly understand the Chinese model, you must know where the defect of China’s model. China’s model is the core of China’s political and economic system. How to improve China’s model, the key is to find where the shortcomings of China’s political and economic system. Political and economic shortcomings to be corrected, dependent on political and economic systems of other defects not fatal impact on the model itself.

From the economic system, China has a more powerful State Department, which has its benefits, can effectively build national infrastructure, public works, such as response to major crises and balance the market. But if occupies absolute dominance of the State sector, government intervention in the market too, the disadvantages of this model will appear. Any thing through his head isn’t. The Western model, individualism has gone to die. Defects of the Western model, whether it is in the 1930 of the 20th century, the economic crisis, or the global financial crisis, mainly all the key financial sector into private hands and control, the Government does not have enough capacity for intervention, in the case of lax monitoring, market manipulation by private, there is a problem. China? Once the defects of China’s model is country and Government has an absolute monopoly, that markets can’t play, there will be problems. In other words, if nationalism through the head, but also produced the economic crisis.

How to improve model? Full privatisation was not realistic options in China. Problem solution needs to come from within China, China looked for. Ways to improve the model in different historical periods are different. From China, “Guo Jin, min TUI,” “enrich the poor” and the priority of economic development, social development, pattern is to look for the improvement of all aspects of the equilibrium point.

First, the State-owned sector of the border where the question to be answered. State-owned sector should have a border. The State sector cannot indefinitely, not indefinitely to areas where violations of the non-State-owned sector. To make the two areas maintain a relative balance of space, allowing them to compete. Fair competition between State-owned and non-State-owned sectors is very important.

Second, the Government and their functions and areas of the market should be clear. Areas in which the Government can play a role in what areas the Government should play a role but did not play its due role, it should exit where there is no exit to, these issues are clear. Like social reform, social security, health care, education, environmental protection and other areas of social policy, the Government apparently were still not doing enough.

Once again, to find a balance between economic development and social development. Social construction of leadership in China, the goal is good, but the objectives and the actual means used is completely disjointed. Government economic policy and social policy are still lacking, and is in many cases replaced the social policy with economic policy. For example, to community-building, a series of social reforms, such as social security, health care, education, housing and other reforms. In all countries, of which requires heavy investment, but not in China. Those areas in need of national inputs tend to be rich, in the context of social policy has not been established, often by sacrificing to pursue rapid economic development. This Chinese society was caught in a vicious cycle: faster economic development, society was more badly damaged; the more fragile, more sustainable economic development.

Finally, enrich the poor is more important to change country. This situation does not change, the Governments at all levels will become predatory Government academic said. Poverty alleviation, increase income, changing industry structure (such as encouraging the development of small and medium enterprises), the reform of the tax system, and so on can change countries enrich the poor and achieve social justice. A fair society is a stable society, the Government also has a high degree of lawful ruling ability.

Politically as well. Era of reform and opening up, China’s success on the political opening. Past success is because of a more open political process, political course open to social classes and interests, farmers opening, then open to city residents, open to the authorities at all levels, at all levels of Government. Reform of political opening has created giant power. Now: why do political reform has become so difficult? The reason is simple, the opening up of the political process and not enough. If the opening is not in the political arena, it is easy to have a vested interest groups, and the vested interests will impede further reforms.

How to continue to promote the reform? Key is to remain open. In the political field, in the mid 1990 of the 20th century opened to private entrepreneurs, it should, because the new social groups and will take it into the political process, and to expand the social foundation of the ruling party. The problem was, in the process, will not lose sight of other social groups. In the economic sector, the Chamber of Commerce is becoming more and more powerful. But Union members? If development is not the power of trade unions, so compared to the organizations and business owners, the workers would be in a weak position. Vulnerable groups, such as farmers, should also allow them to organize. Financially strong groups to organize themselves and to participate in political situations, if you do not allow the vulnerable groups to organize themselves, then they will have to lose balance. The ruling party and the Government should play a greater role, maintain strong balance between social groups and vulnerable groups of society, so that the social stability, the order can be guaranteed.

Here’s the thing, the more reform, from the system, the greater the obstacles. We want to reform a regime, but the result in undermining this system to a greater extent, rather than innovation. Where is the root of the problem? Deng Xiaoping advocated “the stones”.

Reform when there are many vested interests block reform, so he started to not touch a vested interest, but to create new interests, using the new over the old interests. Urban reforms difficult, reforms in rural areas. State-owned enterprise reform is difficult, not to change the State-owned enterprises, but to find outside of State-owned enterprises, grew out of a non-State-owned sector. This is an open process. Resulted in a huge new interest with new interests to overcome old interests. This is where the success of Deng Xiaoping. Now open enough, who played a large role in the reform and opening up new interest has become vested interest, vested interests do not want to further open.

At present, how to realize China’s model to improve? The only way out is a political opening. In terms of political openness, you can learn from other countries. Western countries, mostly through a multi-party system to achieve this goal. But the multiparty system is not the only method, there are other political way to stay open. For example, Singapore, despite one-party dominance, but has ensured that the openness of the system. Only an open political process, we will keep up the pressure, once closed, it will corrupt itself. China’s ruling party has its own history and the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe’s change history has learned many lessons. Ruling party itself how to keep open forever? This will always be the most serious challenge. But apparently, if you want to avoid the corruption itself, avoiding radical change from the community, the ruling party will have to face this challenge.

In short, we should not, as some people think China is the best in the world, not improved, nor as some people do lose confidence in China model completely. China’s model is open. History has not ended. Hegel thinks the rise of nation States in the West are the ultimate form of State, but not too long, endless war between nation States in Europe. Similarly, Francis Fukuyama in the 1990 of the 20th century that Western-style democracy is the ultimate form of Government, and end of history, but since entering the 21st century, Western-style democracy there have been a huge crisis. China has a history of openness, the Chinese model is open, open is the only sustainable, will be permanent.

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