Old men smoking in the toilet force stop high speed rail for two minutes has

A old man in Hefei alone, never think people haven’t, but smoked a cigarette, will ride the rail “force stop” for two minutes. On October 30, the reporter learned from the Hefei railway police, the old man, have been given legal punishment. Road collapse occurs frequently in a number of

It is understood that this passenger who lives in Wuhan on 29th afternoon from Wuhan to Hefei on high-speed rail. High-speed rail is about to arrive in Hefei station when passengers went to the bathroom, sneaking a cigarette, but he had not two, triggered the smoke alarm in the bathroom. Drivers see the alarm, the train slowed to a stop immediately and notify the staff to conduct inspections.

Staff quickly found the man smoking passengers and handed over to the police to deal with it, after eliminating safety hazards, high-speed rail was able to move on. At the police station, passengers for what their smoke on the high-speed rail pleaded guilty, also makes a serious criticism of the police, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to carry out the punishment. Meanwhile police also said, according to the latest rules, smoking punished by public security organs in the EMU passenger EMU by temporarily restricting the purchase of tickets.

(Formerly titled heavy smokers in Hefei smoke forced stop of high-speed rail has been punished by the police)


Thailand national mourning period of white clothing workers throughout the city

Local time on October 24, 2016, Thailand red light district sex workers with black pick. Due to stop public entertainment activities for 30 days, the red-light district now business is bad, not as sharp as it used to be.

Thailand national mourning period of white clothing workers throughout the city in black

Local time on October 24, 2016, Thailand red light district sex workers with black pick. Due to stop public entertainment activities for 30 days, the red-light district now business is bad, not as sharp as it used to be. Philippine President publicly denounced the US

Thailand national mourning period of white clothing workers throughout the city in black

Local time on October 24, 2016, Thailand red light district sex workers with black pick. Due to stop public entertainment activities for 30 days, the red-light district now business is bad, not as sharp as it used to be.

Thailand national mourning period of white clothing workers throughout the city in black

Local time on October 24, 2016, Thailand red light district sex workers with black pick. Due to stop public entertainment activities for 30 days, the red-light district now business is bad, not as sharp as it used to be.

Thailand national mourning period of white clothing workers throughout the city in black

Local time on October 24, 2016, Thailand red light district sex workers with black pick. Due to stop public entertainment activities for 30 days, the red-light district now business is bad, not as sharp as it used to be.

Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air traffic control system overload

Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident: air traffic control system overload, low-paid work

Controllers ‘ salaries in China about narrow-bodies of pilots ‘ salaries by about 1/5. China Visual

The Beijing Youth daily reported on October 23, two near misses occurred recently in Shanghai’s HongQiao airport strikes the main responsibility – air traffic controllers become the focus of public concern. Journalist survey, and airline pilot charged with almost the same heavy responsibility of air traffic controllers, not only in overdrive for a long time, and pay only for the pilot 1/5.

Aircraft insurance last ten days of the HongQiao airport strikes, causing concern and heated debate. From the Civil Aviation Authority reported “10·11” incident investigation conclusions, if not an A320 Captain decisively disposed of just 3 seconds, belong to China Eastern Airlines A320 plane collided and A330 aircraft most likely tragedy. Shanghai HongQiao airport, civil aviation authority aircraft nearly collided preliminary finding: this is because tower controllers misdirected, causing a type of runway incursion.

Who worked for decades in the air traffic control system, industry experts pointed out that this is not a question of air traffic controllers, but exposes the entire ATC groups face embarrassment, all kinds of risks and the rapid growth of China’s civil aviation. Only from the air traffic control system, the overworked has become the norm everywhere. If you don’t reform compensation mechanism as soon as possible, select and retain the best people in air traffic control, safety and efficient operation of the ATC system, will face a more tense and difficult situation.

Reporters found that with the rapid development of China’s civil aviation, and continuously open up a section of the new route, a flight is increasing, airlines make big bucks at the same time, controllers are responsible for increasing pressure on the front lines, while the wages but rather than rising falling for three consecutive years.

Events Feng County Jiangsu Party Secretary Wang Liquan

Controller failure risks brewing in two planes collide

On October 11 this year, Shanghai’s HongQiao airport two planes nearly collided. MU5643, Eastern A320/B-2337 (Shanghai-Tianjin) flights, 12:03 Tower directing planes into the runway, the unit executed after checking into the runway before takeoff, and follow the instructions and later began to take off. Units in accessible case confirmed the runway, do take off, but when the captain suddenly found an A330 aircraft crossing the runway, the captain decided to take off after a short judgment, then pulled the plane from the A330 flew over over and nearly caused crash.

By survey, civil aviation Council finds the event is with for tower control member forgotten dynamic, and command errors and caused of human reasons serious accident signs, respectively give East empty tube Council, and East empty tube Council control center, and East empty tube Council Security Management Department 13 name leaders party warning, and serious warning and administrative demerit, and dismissed disposition; revoked shift command seats and monitoring seats control member license, shift command seats control member lifelong shall not engaged in control command work ; To successfully resolve the crisis China Eastern Airlines A320 plane captain on duty He Chao in mind merit and appropriate incentives.


Tower air traffic control was not the only party responsible

Civil aviation accident investigation explain, double gang implementation were highlighted. Wang Yanan, the aviation knowledge magazine editor explained that tower controllers to implement the double post system in China, a person issued a directive are responsible for the supervision of another person, two people fight the decision. In this case, it is most likely double gang processes which did not comply.

The preliminary findings from the civil aviation authority, Tower air traffic control was not the only party responsible. A330 crew also observed poor, turn off the answering machine and so on.

Interpretation of Wang Yanan said there are no signs of the accident were independent factors, such as crossing the runway’s A330 aircraft before the kick, the unit may not have carefully observed the runway, or will find another aircraft, has entered the glide attitude. There is a saying, the unit turn off the answering machine or other factors, there is no time displayed on the screens of air traffic controllers, so may cause air traffic controllers failed to monitor, command errors.

Empty tube aspects of one experts also pointed out that, according to civil aviation of work process, A320 unit in and Tower of radio calls frequency in can heard control member on A330 unit issued of through runway of instruction, although in do took off Qian of the prepared, still should on control frequency in of any related calls and instruction keep alert, has responsibility questioned, and reminded and corrected control member of errors instruction. Problems should be timely feedback to the controller. This event if the A320 crew the ability to detect and alert controllers, event risk will be greatly reduced, it should be a small flaw.


Air traffic controllers a pay cut two years

General public may think that the controllers sit in front of the Windows of the Tower, directing big aircraft carrying hundreds of people where runway takeoff, landing, at what altitude on a flight has the right to decide to fly a flight, in which flight and docking, “say” they controlled civil airspace with a point of order.

“Controllers work gives people a sense of authority. But found that over a long time, far from outsiders to see in style. Actually encounter when heavy typhoons, thunderstorms, others work, and we can’t. Must be highly focused stare at radar screens, mouth kept issuing instructions, consume a large number of brain cells, no one knows what we have. Simulator on a weekday there, work meetings, analysis, spare time is relatively simple, not much contact with the outside world. “An airport approach control mo (not his real name) told reporters.

Controllers work intensity and relatively boring, but the salary is not high. Alone with the pilot is, in fact, worked as airline jobs such as dispatch students, lower income 30%.

At present, Tianjin civil aviation University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Guanghan flight College after the Bachelor’s degree in control of student employment is not preferred salary unsatisfactory, higher intensity of work control positions. “Air traffic controllers of revenue less attractive, did affect recruitment. The past, civil aviation college students graduate after first choice to work in the air traffic control, then go to the airlines and airports, now completely upside down, which caused a succession gap “.

“More than 10 years ago, I went to the College to controllers, outstanding grade a students preferred learning, pinch the top students. In recent years, not to mention grade-a students, 50 places are b, c, d level students, 10 to recruit. “The air traffic management industry,” existing experienced excellent services might resign in move, no ‘ paid ‘ harder to retain talent brain drain should be of real concern. ”

Since the authority belongs to the civil aviation authorities and institutions, taking two lines of income and expenditure management hand over air fare charged by the national salary payment of budget management. In our nearly 7,000 controllers of 70% average salary of 150,000 yuan, 20% pay 100,000 yuan per year, only 3%-5% up to 200,000 yuan per year. Three years before the census, the controllers were found to have high wages, requires 5 times yearly pay each month will be reduced by 800-1500 Yuan a year. It was revealed that the pay cuts so it will be another two years, raise hope, working busier every year, which makes air traffic controllers lack of attractive.


Air traffic controllers in the United States are well paid jobs

Why could it not be proposed by some controllers the enterprise reform, salary market regulation, to achieve the desired level.

Air industry experts said in an interview with reporters, United States Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers, the equivalent of “Editors”, but this does not prevent air traffic controllers in Europe and the United States are paid positions. For example, the United States air traffic controllers with an average salary of 120,000-130,000 dollars (800,000-900,000 yuan). With narrow-body aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320 driver’s salary

Chongqing girls eat buffet eat out 14 000 Per capita consumption is understood

Bill hole higher consumption of the item is shown. This pictures are Hua long mesh Xian confined Club tens of thousands of Yuan for

Media reports say Chongqing woman eat “buffet”, 302 Yuan per person, closing to find flowers 14535, causing netizens buzz. Why spend so much money for a meal, the so-called “buffet” is going on, who are price? 18th, dragonsoft reporters to investigate.

Restaurants some lunch price details.

Restaurant: no buffet has every kind of cuisine marked price

According to media reports, in recent days, public-hole ladies and invite friends to dinner, on the public comments, she finds a new home is located in the Arch of moon water restaurant nice, mark price was 302 Yuan per capita. Hole ladies are understood to be 302 Yuan per person, buffet, he took over more than 10 friends to dinner. After sated, she was dumbfounded when closing, 14535.

Eat meal why so expensive? Reporters came to the Moon restaurant, restaurant owner said, on the one hand, Mrs Hung practical to store dining is 17 people. The other hand, the restaurant has never been indicated that buffet dining, food consumption, according to the food money.

Reporters saw on the menu, the price each dish. Bill shows that Mrs Hung a row of Taji 50 junmai-ginjo 12 pots total 2400 Yuan, followed by flames burning Japanese beef 3 a total of 1700 Yuan and the remaining dishes price of around 100 Yuan.

Some netizens questioned, eating spending so much money, why do restaurants didn’t warn customers? “This, in fact, we are very embarrassed. “Longchamp said that when customers order, the waiter will dish on unreasonable combination dish number reminder, if guests tell the expected per capita consumption, the waiter will give you the appropriate recommendations.

But Mrs Hung did not order excessive and there is no prior communication expected price. Reports, Mrs Hung also acknowledged that in his own dining, no restaurant and confirm the price. Price of 302 Yuan per capita, says no one has ever checked with the restaurant, suspected users.

Hole ladies dining wine classes.

Public comment: per capita consumption is supplied by the user will handle the matter

Hole, argues MS is the mass per person price reviews to mislead her, made her think a buffet prices. To this end, dragonsoft contacted public comments on Jia jiangtao, head of Chongqing.

Jia jiangtao, verified, Suigetsu cuisine buffet service does not only provide food consumption. “Mass reviews food channel on the buffet has a specialized category, buffet restaurant consumption, will clearly indicate the self-help information and related prices. ”

The average price shown online, users to shop after their release, not a restaurant and public comments can be made. “This price is for the convenience of the user identification the consumption standards of the restaurant, comprehensive consumer ratings and reviews of prices calculated on average prices for user reference only. “Jia jiangtao said. Reporters saw today, public comment on “Moon water, food” reviews of per capita consumption from 302 to 307.

Jia jiangtao said that public comments will proactively contact person, properly handle the matter. Next, the platform will continue to optimize the details and services, for more convenience to the user.

Attorney: consumer before shine eyes to confirm with business details

Beijing Zhong LUN (CQ) law firm Wang Changlin said, according to the relevant provisions of the consumer protection law, catering businesses should use price labels on the food. If water cooking has clearly marked on the menu in the shop, and there are no other acts of violation of the price law, there are no shoddy violations, after consumers in-store consumer, shall pay the purchase price according to the actual consumption.

Ms hole may not confirm with the restaurant, at dinner time, or didn’t pay attention to look at the menu, which only result in consumption after the finish, real prices and prices vary widely on the Internet.

At this point, to remind consumers, online shopping, buy online consumption, should look closely at the content on the site, and purchases on the merchant group-buying sites to confirm the goods or services, then consumption, so as to avoid misunderstanding and disputes.

Of course, if your Web site and business offences such as fraud, concealing the information, harming the legitimate rights and interests of consumers consumers to take up legal arms, safeguarding their own legitimate rights and interests. (Formerly entitled women to eat “buffet” eat 14,000 is suffering price trap? 》)

Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates beating girls blueprint

Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates, beating girls blueprint has been immune to police car

One of the injured girls forehead has purple-red mass Xian confined Club tens of thousands of Yuan for

Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates, beating girls blueprint has been immune to police car

On the Muppets in the bedroom with blood

@ Beijing times October 15, October 11, Beijing Tourism Institute Airways take two class Chou and Guo Guo was class 7 female students in the dormitory assault, fruit fruit lip laceration, head and forehead lump appears multiple bruises and scratches. Tao Taoyou forehead purple lump, facial and knee injuries, along with dizziness, headaches and other symptoms. Students participating in the beating small flies on October 9 to go out drinking, talking back to the teacher by the school probation measures. After the incident, the letter to the probe into the fruit she had said “money money, let me to jail, I don’t care. “The students were taken away by the police, through micro-circle of friends issued a police car and police photos, and is equipped with” has been immune to police “and” day tours “poking fun at such words. On October 14, Chou and Guo Guo family, accompanied by the police. School students at a teacher surnamed Joe told Jinghua times, said in an interview, the schools will co-operate with the police investigation.

Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates, beating girls blueprint has been immune to police car
Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates, beating girls blueprint has been immune to police car

Students involved in the hit little flying friends screenshots

Two girls dormitory in Beijing was beaten by schoolmates, beating girls blueprint has been immune to police car

Students involved in the hit little letter to the probe into the fruit fly has said “money money, let me to jail, I don’t care. ”

Diplomacy Steve Schwarzman s College in Tsinghua University to train future

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Steve Schwarzman Academy opening ceremony, the first row between Chinese Vice Premier Liu, left for the United States Chairman Steve Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group, second from the right for Australia’s former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

22, United States youth Ke Han (Teddy Cohan) cannot be regarded as a “China fan”. Before joining Steve Schwarzman’s College in Tsinghua University, he has never even set foot in the East Asian or Chinese class has not been selected, until his senior year, build a door “in China after 1949,” history lesson. But looking forward to becoming United States politicians to believe that, in the future of United States politics, no matter what position, must know something about China. Lu Xiaohui and his provincial team of Rugby Olympic

Ke Han first named Steve Schwarzman’s College Chinese student interspersed throughout the “future leaders” have different understandings and expectations, “Steve Schwarzman Leadership Academy training may be more of a cooperative force … … Chinese students in the College is to view it as more of a training field and the opportunity to learn from each other, rather than to be leaders in the future. ”

However, China and the cognitive differences among young people for the future leadership of the world, does not seem to affect the project sponsor big idea, Steve Schwarzman’s College Executive Vice President Pan Qingzhong recently surging in Beijing News (www.thepaper.CN) said in an interview, idea of establishing a College from Tsinghua’s century-old strategy, “our intention is, as a platform for future leaders to understand each other. ”

In 2016, the by United States Chairman Steve Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group (Stephen Schwarzman) and Tsinghua University jointly funding established, Li daokui, an economist and served as President of the College ushered in the first batch of “Steve Schwarzman scholar”, just a school then raises concern. September 10 opening ceremony the same day, it became the CCTV news headlines, China’s President, XI Jinping, United States President Barack Obama to his message, respectively, Chinese Vice-Premier of the State Council Liu yandong attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

About China, starting from Sun Tzu

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Steve Schwarzman’s College. Journalists surging Xue Yong

Steve Schwarzman’s College is located in the northeast corner of the Park of Tsinghua University, its designer, Robert a.m. Stern, Dean of architecture at Yale University (Robert Stern) is one of the founders of postmodern architectural style. Grey tiles from the roof to the Red edge of the pane, this courtyard building of Chinese elements. In the bright and spacious interior, it combines teaching building, library, dormitory, dining room, living space in one’s design mimics a Yale United States private residential colleges at the University, gives a sense of Chinese and Western.

This kind of architectural aesthetic pursuit, as reflected in the curriculum and taught teachers on the set of arrangements. A month of school, in Canada National Tsinghua University philosophy professor Daniel a. Bell (Daniel Bell) together with Wang Hui, a professor in the Chinese Department opened “China’s culture, history and values” curriculum, the first batch of “Steve Schwarzman scholars” have begun to read the English version of Sun Tzu. Extracurricular reading students participate in philosophy being Daniel Bell read Tang dynasty masterpieces under the guidance of the Zhen Guan Zheng, this is one of the Tang dynasty historian Wu Jing with political history, mainly recorded in early Tang dynasty, China’s political, economic measures.

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Library of Chinese classics. Journalists surging Xue Yong

“Subdue the army without a fight, the good by doing good. “This is a United States student Ke Han impresses on Sun Tzu’s words. This “sacred” to avoid war as the best way, which greatly than Ke Han expected. In political circles have discussed how the United States should avoid emerging challenge existing power “Thucydides traps” when Ke Han also believes that China’s rise does not mean that China is bound to conflict, mutual understanding is an important way to avoid conflict.

“I want to know how Chinese view their country and Sino-US relations. “From the United States ranked Liberal Arts College Williams College graduates admitted to China, mainly from the United States media, but he would like to” see the true picture. “

A month of school, has just started his understanding of China. Currently, he is the biggest found: very similar to the Chinese and Americans, taking into account the problems are very real, rather than, as mentioned in the Western media as full of ideological conflict.

Next, he will take “environmental policy and management”, “reform and social change in China,” “China’s political system,” and “international relations” and so on. He was prepared for college students to organize discussion groups and Chinese students to discuss United States elections and other hot political topics, attend campus of Tsinghua students experience Chinese politics, on the basketball court to make more Chinese friends and contacts outside of how to educate the broader Chinese society.

Different from the wish to avoid war through diplomatic Ke Han, majoring in economics and management of United States students Guan Kai (Zachary Kay) as a Sino-US commercial ties between. “China and the United States companies can make a lot of money in the other country, so there is plenty of room for cooperation in the two countries. “He said.

Graduated from United States Georgetown Guan Kai believes that United States companies to understand how China works. He had just heard something through the news media of China’s political and economic situation to China this time was to learn more about Chinese enterprises and the business environment, and the differences in Chinese and American thinking.

To that end, he joined the Tsinghua University Symphony Orchestra bass, internship is also prepared to go to China. He is especially interested in State-owned enterprises, because, in his eyes, this is one of the biggest differences between Sino-US economic.

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Lunch time is a college student and Professor exchange opportunities. Journalists surging Xue Yong

Just one year study time to answer so many “big” issue, apparently difficult is not small. Pan Qingzhong, Deputy Director, said Tsinghua University had long discussions, and finally decided to give students a real China, rather than indoctrination and deliberately create a certain image of China.

For example, in the name of “Deep Dive” (deep dive) experience tours, the students will be arranged to go to Suzhou and Suzhou Xian–mostly around developed areas, and far beyond in XI ‘ an, there is poor – living in the cave, “such activities will enable students to perceive aspects of China. ”

Chinese students in the College and Suoo were able to share her experience: in the face of various social problems, even among students in China also because of different backgrounds and have different experiences and opinions, so it’s hard to say to foreign students can display some fixed, only the image of China. While the investigation can allow students to see, might be better.

Diversified College is also on the teaching staff, hire teachers from Europe, America and Asia, the developing countries of Africa, sometimes a course taught by Professor, avoided only by Chinese professors teaching situation. However, said Pan Qingzhong, Tsinghua remained a dominant of the course, Tsinghua University teachers to start all over. While students in selected classes also have degrees of freedom, will be free to assimilate knowledge, rather than just passively accept propaganda.

Tsinghua University is a special pairing for every foreign student a student Ambassador, Ambassador also made it clear the selection reflects this idea. Doctor of information sciences student in grade three, Ambassador Su Yuhan surging on news that Western media coverage of China is sometimes more extreme, so hope to foreign students of Tsinghua University show a more complete image of China.

Steve Schwarzman’s College United States Executive Director Xue Weide (Nigel Thrift) surging on news that the main purpose of the Academy is to promote mutual understanding, because the future leadership need to understand China, understand, understanding Chinese.

Sino-foreign joint ventures, “Tsinghua” made?

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Steve Schwarzman’s College Hall on the first floor of the national flag. Journalists surging Xue Yong

As a United Kingdom University of Warwick, former President, Xue Weide refers to “future leaders” not only from the United States, but also from all over the world.

Steve Schwarzman’s College’s first batch of a total of 110 students from 70 universities in 31 countries, of which 45% from the United States, 20% from China, 35% from other countries and regions.

Global Director of admissions luobote·jialisi (Robert Garris) that Steve Schwarzman’s intention is to make “next generation United States leaders of” China acquired a deeper understanding, so students are American. But the management team come to realize that, with students from different countries live together, learn more help with students ‘ all-round development, admissions should not be confined to the two countries.

Pan Qingzhong, Deputy Director also said that Steve Schwarzman hoped at first College in the United States and Chinese students were 80% and 20% respectively, but this limits the international influence of the project, so the two sides after the negotiation reduce United States students, joining Europe and Asia, and more attention to third world countries, China, and later joined the South America and Africa.

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Steve Schwarzman and college students. Steve Schwarzman’s College site map

“Migrations have taken place away from the center of power in the world. “Garis said,” early 20th century project like Steve Schwarzman scholars will be established in the United Kingdom and 21st century, such a project is established in China. ”

This change in the pattern of development strategy coincides with Tsinghua University. Pan Qingzhong said that idea of establishing a College from Tsinghua’s century-old strategy: Tsinghua School from 1911 to 2011, Tsinghua in China and cultivate a backbone in many fields such as politics, science, “and in the next hundred years, Tsinghua University hopes to foster talents for the world.”

Longtime Steve Schwarzman of the Tsinghua School of Economics and management members agreed to pay for this new project. Likewise served as a member of the school of Economics and Adviser to McKinsey, Chairman and global President Mr Barton (Dominic Barton) suggested that, instead of establishing a uniform student exchange programs, rather than mimic United Kingdom of Rhodes, “sophisticated” line.

He himself has accepted a Rhodes Scholarship to the United Kingdom at Oxford University. This scholarship was founded in 1902 annual selection of 95 students from around the world to the University of Oxford graduate, only in the United States, trained former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of defense leaders such as Jimmy Carter, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice. While in Canada, and Australia and other Governments, as well as business, academia, often Rhodes scholars figure.

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

In 1968, received a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, the United States, former President Bill Clinton.

In the eyes of admissions Director Mick Garris, conform to the trend of the 21st century Steve Schwarzman scholar program and Rhodes have a very similar vision. “We hope to build a network of relationships, after 20-30, Steve Schwarzman scholar in global business, politics, nonprofit organization making a pivotal position. “He said,” they can use their understanding of China, you can also use their established relationships in the Academy and serve as a bridge between their home countries and China. ”

Although Steve Schwarzman’s College United States financier named, but it is the start of Tsinghua University and led the project. Pan Qingzhong, Deputy Director, said, the College’s curriculum, term structure designed by Tsinghua University, the main lecturing professors from Tsinghua University. Garis said, the College’s New York Office is primarily responsible for recruiting international students, recruiting foreign professors, academic affairs, campus life is dominated by the Tsinghua University, the two sides cooperate with each other and reach agreement.

The friction in Sino-US relations and cooperation, and cultural exchanges are an area of increased cooperation between the two countries in recent years. As part of the Sino-US education cooperation, Steve Schwarzman scholar program has been included in the list of high-level consultations on Sino-American cultural exchange. In the June consultations, common are included in the results list with Peking University, Yen Ching Restaurant school. Previously, Kunshan, Shanghai, New York University, Duke University, Kean University in Wenzhou and other Sino-American educational program was included in the results list.

According to reports, the College awarded the degree is master of management (leadership), is divided into three major directions: public policy, economic management, international studies. Pan Qingzhong, public policy and international studies and politics, such as the United States served as Secretary of State, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and other such social science major at College. However, the first half economic direction.

Master of management degree and administered by the hot, dilute the Academy political mean? Pan Qingzhong explained that international relations can not be separated from economic and diplomatic negotiations often involve economic interests, whether in China or other countries, urgent need to master the basic economic concepts and hands-on experience of the diplomatic personnel. Tsinghua wants innovation through interdisciplinary.

Remains to be seen whether leaders

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Political books in the library. Journalists surging Xue Yong

Although the Academy is committed to developing “future world leader”, but the respondents admitted, leaders of his way out.

Pan Qingzhong, Deputy Director said that even college students in the future not as a political leader, but it can also be used as a platform to promote understanding between the future backbone of the world.

United States Office of the Executive Director Xue Weide also believes that nobody can guarantee students in twenty or thirty years after becoming the world leader in College has adopted strict admissions procedures focus on a number of experienced students, with leadership potential.

“If even one of them won’t become future leaders, I would be extremely shocked. “He said.

In fact, the “leadership” concept in the United States is especially common in higher education. For instance, Ke Han’s alma mater, Williams College and Guan kai’s alma mater, Georgetown University, developing student leadership Association or service.

But Guan Kai believes that Steve Schwarzman’s College stands for “leadership” than the United States University more specifically, set up specifically for “leadership” required courses. Ke Han also said in the interview, the College will invite leaders from all sectors to share experiences and ideas.

Diplomacy | Steve Schwarzman's College in Tsinghua University to train future leaders of the world?

Canteen specially set up in practice the Chinese language table, English tables, Spain language tables, and so on. Journalists surging Xue Yong

But because many students are just starting to learn Chinese in College, they know there are language barriers. Guan kai is surging on the news said currently his understanding of China is more of a social layer, were unable to penetrate the political and economic levels. He hoped that in the next few months to learn more Chinese, make more Chinese friends, and out of Tsinghua University, China in practice.

Students travel to China there are also one-year time limit. Admissions Director Mick Garris explained that the project length is set at one year, because the goal of college students are very busy, and some have even married, so it is difficult to take more than a year to come to China. Pan Qingzhong, Deputy Director said, the College year is divided into four semesters, students take more class to ensure teaching quality.

Because of College educational system equivalent to two years of learning into a year, many students said in the interview, they will always be in a month of school “information explosion” State, shuttled between various courses, lectures, there is not enough time to go out, also had a chance to fully digest all kinds of new knowledge. They hope that with the end of the opening quarter and various extracurricular activities, they can contact more Professor of Tsinghua University, have more opportunities to explore.

Pan Qingzhong and Mick Garris stated that, because this is just the first semester of College, the school also found in College the future mode of operation, including the proportion of admissions, teaching, alumni liaison, and so on for a long time, adjusted according to the actual situation, many work also requires students to participate in.

“I hope I can be a leader, that would be great. “Guan Kai when talking about his future, anticipated smiles tinged with uncertainty,” but only time will tell. ”

Goodnight night Shanghai music people age want to leave themselves the rest

Shanghai in late September, the weather is cool. JIU Guang Store Street, a man with a SAX in the hands of skilled playing of the little friend. Cheerful music, stopped a passing couple, can’t help but hug and dance.

When night fell, the men will be here on time. He is used to wearing a black lounge suit, Sir wore a black hat and a pair of black-framed glasses. His name is Liu xiaomin from Xiangtan, Hunan province. Born in 1963, he was often mistaken for more than 30 years. Play music seems to have the magic that Fireworks atmosphere hidden people, hide age.

Goodnight | night Shanghai music people age want to leave themselves the rest of the tracks

Liu xiaomin SAX blowing in the streets.

In November 2014, the first street artists the opportunity to get certified. To play music for the rest of the news, Liu xiaomin, was fresh and exciting. Know what it even into the age, he often pondered for the rest of his life leaving something different footprints. So he urged his son to help resume, submit your application online, after a tense interview, lucky enough to get this valuable piece of “work permit”.

Walk down high above the stage, standing to the noisy street performers, this is not a simple matter. Crouched down to open violin case, opening a few simple movements, he practiced for a long time, also learned to accept. Today, the street performance of this routine are Liu xiaomin and valued as the most rewarding performance. “The greatest satisfaction lies not in the audience gave me much, but they really understand and fall in love with my music. Respect me and recognize me. “Liu xiaomin said his street performances, always casually smiled a satisfied smile on his face. Sichuan provincial construction into kindergarten

What song has impressed a foreigner, someone a hundred notes just like business cards to respectfully in the case; which dance music audiences, one after another the thumbs up; what tunes give way one turned back, stood for a long time, lost in thought. These details, he recalled. Liu xiaomin and the most proud of is that even professors of the school of music are often come here to watch his show, occasionally made some pertinent suggestions.

In street performance, gain respect and recognition and satisfaction to the ideals into action, presumably supporting Liu xiaomin performance motivation. Although a bit long in the tooth, but he insisted that “as long as the spirit and energy to keep up with, will keep on playing.”

End of three hours of street performances, Liu xiaomin mentioned thirty or forty pounds of gear, slowly leave. He calmly and firmly backs concealing fascinating night in Shanghai.