Changchun airport boarding passengers on new year s day bring bullets known

Xinhua, February 4 in Changchun, Jilin airport informed the Group on January 28 (lunar new year), Changchun longjia international airport for passengers, illegal possession of ammunition by a civil aircraft, by the Jilin public Security Bureau at the airport terminal of civil aviation police found and disposed of in a timely manner. Hebei rural who abandoned the well tube Department

After investigation, law-Wang was carrying a standard handgun ammunition that is not firing, according to his account, carry a bullet is designed to ward off evil spirits to protect the peace has always been with me. In the process of security, this bullet was discovered by security officers and transferred to the public security of civil aviation.

According to the civil aviation public security-related charge, carrying bullet flight is a serious threat to aviation safety, and was arrested for illegal possession of arms and ammunition, in accordance with the People’s Republic of China relevant provisions of the law on administrative penalties for public security, airport police administrative detention of 5th penalty against Wang.

Civil aviation airport in Jilin public Security Bureau police said the illegal import of bullets will not bring good luck, but will also bring you a lot of unnecessary trouble. (This article was originally entitled the passengers do wish to carry “evil bullet” plane was seized)