Jurists on the Nanning police warnings to people were shot to death fired a

Jurists on the Nanning police warnings to people were shot to death: fired a warning shot not only days

Certificate issued by the hospital.

On November 28, the civilian police shooting in Nanning, Guangxi has been surging men’s relatives told Sky News (www.thepaper.CN), blue sky where he died at midnight, was announced the heal invalid was killed.

Guangxi Nanning qingxiu branch Public Security Bureau reported that sky had refused to check, broke into a police officer injured, police “warnings during the use of firearms, the man was shot and wounded after”.

Because the report does not explain how the police in the process of warning strikes men, triggered heated discussion. Family issued the statement, said police informed the distortion of facts, no civilian police during the incident fired a warning shot under blue skies, they repeatedly asked the police enforcement recorder when a video of the incident, as well as on-site monitoring, to no avail.

Nanning qingxiu branch Public Security Bureau officials on November 27, surging told the news, which civilian police has been suspended, local prosecutors have been involved in the investigation. However, family members of the above question, as of press time, Nanning police have yet to release further information.

30th, Nanning qingxiu District Office of the public prosecutor’s Office staff surging news that includes family demands open monitoring and recording, and other related evidence demands and questions, the public prosecutor’s Office is working with the youth show, coordinated by the Public Security Bureau of the shooting investigation is carried out.

Police: red card of the deceased, wounded police warnings during

Surging after news reports about the blue sky shot, municipal Public Security Bureau of Nanning qingxiu branch through their official Twitter @ qingxiu in Nanning municipal Public Security Bureau branch release briefing, said the victim had refused to check, broke into a police officer injured, police warnings in the use of firearms in the process, after the men were shot wounded.

Reported that on November 10, 2015, 21:30, qingxiu in Nanning municipal Public Security Bureau branch long gang police station police in Nanning dongge road extension set up checked posts to carry out armed arrest; a man driving electric vehicles over the armed arrest point, refused to obey police instructions require parking to check consecutive rushing armed arrest warning signs and several police, killing one civilian in broken fingers and Tendon ruptures.

Inform stressed that police warning in the use of firearms in the process, the blue sky after being shot wounded, police immediately rushed to the nearest hospital where the man. At present, the Inspector of Department of public security and procuratorial organs at higher levels is to investigate the incident.

Family members of the deceased: fire police are not fired warning shots, to announce a video rejection Shaolin Temple vegetarian singles package of 50

Police said relatives of the dead blue sky “serious” and that the plot of the night sky there is no collision of civilian police, and police have not fired warning shots before firing his gun.

Sisters of the Lian Jiang Lan Ping (not his real name) produced the family-the drafting of a copy of the Declaration, known as the night of the incident, long gang police station a police officer fired a warning shot in the absence of cases, will ride a motorcycle after set up checked posts at blue sky and wounding, causing blue 3rd thoracic section, 4, 5 for comminuted fracture penetrating gunshot wound, esophagus and trachea rupture.

In addition, the statement also accused qingxiu Public Security Bureau police failed to rescue the injured after the shootings. Wrote in a statement: after the shooting incident, qingxiu Public Security Bureau police failed to rescue the injured, but instead to send the injured to hospital in Guangxi, from the families of the victims who take the phone looking for a phone number, after doctors informed the family members to the hospital only after paying for medical treatment. Due to serious injury, signed by family members and check the next day, he goes to the first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University, by Yu Qingxiu police station during the transfer responsibilities not fulfilled due to its own fault, led to the wounded until 6 o’clock in the afternoon the following day finished transfer admission procedures, missed the best time of operative treatment, wound infections of virus in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, died on November 28, 2015 at 5 o’clock in the morning.

These controversies, surging blue sky’s family told the press, despite their repeated requests, qingxiu in Nanning municipal Public Security Bureau branch has yet to open the night of the incident’s enforcement record and Skynet surveillance video.

Controversy: why the warnings during the use of firearms to people were shot to death?

Nanning qingxiu branch of the municipal Public Security Bureau has triggered a heated discussion on the briefing. That provided no warning process told police a gun, and was shot in the blue sky and in what circumstances.

Observant netizens discovered, Notification description is “warning” rather than “warning”. “Why would hit people in the warning process? “Netizens guessed might happen several conditions: gun Ricochet, warning without the muzzle to avoid the crowd … …

Previous (November 27), the family had said the surging to the blue sky, blue sky may be civilian police shot “accidentally”. After the police, the family insisted in the statement, blue skies not friendly fire, is in the case where no warning was shot to death.

Families called the blue sky, blue sky behind the gun, bullet to the chest. The first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University communication between doctor and patient informed consent, according to the diagnosis, blue sky “bullet wound in the chest” injuries as follows: pulmonary contusion, pneumomediastinum, pipe rupture, chest 3, 4, 5, comminuted fractures of the vertebrae.

To this end, the relatives suspected of blue sky or been shot at close range, not otherwise cause such trauma. To understand how the sky was hit by a bullet, the family asked police to release videos in law enforcement and monitoring.

A legal expert who asked not to be named told the word news, People’s Republic of China regulations stipulated in the Nineth of police use of firearms and weapons, police identified violent crime emergency situations, after warnings, you can use the weapon. This clause also provides that before warning or warning may lead to more serious consequences, police can use as weapons.

Netizen “fired a warning shot fired hit why people” challenge, surging above legal expert told the news, “warning” should not be done “on shoot day” restrictive. “The fact is, as long as no legal protection of legal interests of harm, whether shot towards any direction, can be regarded as a ‘ warning ‘. However, fired a warning shot to set up an important premise that warning does not produce any harmful consequences. Results of that incident police fired a warning shot has resulted in the blue sky, shoot Police behavior should not be seen as ‘ warning ‘. ”

Its emphasis, because you have not released specific details of the investigation of the case, can not say police shot and it is illegal.

Police: use recorder for law enforcement rather than the statutory procedures

For Sky may was close left shooting in the of questioned, one forensic told surging news, shooting distance different, wound around will has different degree injury: Dang muzzle close surface shooting Shi, with high pressure gas spray out of smoke, and residual gunpowder particles and metal debris most directly into wound skin Xia and the deep organization, at eye visible skin Xia and the shot create tube up end of around organization was blackened, and dry coke, and has large particles attached; near distance shooting, muzzle not contact surface, But both distance still in muzzle spray out of flame and gas role and the residual flame particles distribution range within (about 30 cm); far distance into mouth (General refers to muzzle and surface distance over 100 cm Shi caused of into mouth), its form only with wipe round and dirt ring of bullet holes, no smoke Halo and particles Burns; smoke Halo and flame particles of density and the distribution range and shooting distance has close of relationship, shooting distance more near, gunpowder particles more intensive.

For not seeing the blue sky cut form, the forensic and blue sky shot cannot be judged. But it said, did the shooting may cause bone comminuted fracture of thoracic vertebrae.

Netizens called for the Nanning police enforcement recorder video recorder for routine enforcement of civilian police will be equipped with the power of the law enforcement, armed check should set up checked posts (standard) so facing controversy, enforcement recorder video to restore the truth.

On, one has 10 years law enforcement experience of police to surging news analysis, while, in law enforcement in the equipped with and opened law enforcement records instrument is police sector of internal management provides, but is not statutory program provides, in practice in the may appeared law enforcement process in the not equipped with law enforcement records instrument of case; on the, prosecutorial organ has intervention on case of survey, prosecutorial organ in survey in the will law adjustable take related records, but victims family law has no right to view; in non-necessary conditions Xia, Police have the right not to announce law enforcement record.

News 28th the surging number of Nanning qingxiu branch Public Security Bureau officials, it did not answer the phone, texting also did not respond. As of press time, Nanning police has not released further information on the case.

30th, qingxiu District Office of the public prosecutor’s Office staff to the news that the surging, shooting investigation is carried out, including family demands open monitoring and recording, and other related evidence demands and questions, the public prosecutor’s Office is working with the youth show, coordinated by the Public Security Bureau, the findings will be reported to the higher level prosecutors, published work will be decided by a superior.


One had been the Soviet Union found guilty of 200 years later not published

Recently, CITIC publishing house in the Soviet writer Vasily Grossman’s life and fate of the Chinese version. This great 750,000 words long, was recognized in Europe and America “of contemporary war and peace”, “the greatest of the 20th century Russia novel” in the watercress also has a high score of 9.5. But the Soviet Union in the 1960 ‘s, it has been banned, the publishing process a rather convoluted.

Vasily Grossman during the great patriotic war as the Red Star newspaper correspondents to go to the front cover, experiences from Moscow to conquer almost all of Berlin’s major battles, and gained a lot of first-hand information. The survival and the fate of Stalingrad structure the book, Grossman during the eight-year creation completed until 1960. In the process of identifying the publication, in February 1961, Soviet authorities sent KGB into Grossman’s home, found the manuscript of the novel. Grossman wrote to Nikita Khrushchev also to no avail. It is said that, when Mikhail Suslov in charge of ideology determining the novel “more dangerous than Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago,” “200 years later can not be published”. With regret, in 1964, Vasily Grossman died of cancer in Moscow.

In 1974, the “father of the hydrogen bomb” with the help of Andrei Sakharov, who, backed up manuscripts of the novel in the form of microfilm were smuggled out of the Soviet Union. In 1980, the survival and the fate of the first in Switzerland published in Russian, after which it was translated into English, French, German, the publishing sensation in Europe and America. Until 1988, it was established in the Soviet Union literary journal on bodyguards and four series, published after the booklet.

Authorized surging news, excerpts from Chinese version translator Yan Yongxing parts written by the translator, one of sequencing, Vasily Grossman described in detail as well as the classics.

The 1950, walixi·geluosiman in his study reading.

First, “lack of organizers – evaluation of the party to win”

Waxili·xiemiaonuoweiqi·geluosiman in China is almost a strange name, than Ostrovsky, author of how the steel was tempered only four years younger, fame is a lot smaller than austenitic. But on the level of talent and artistic, thoughtful, higher Grossman did not know how much.

Grossman was born in 1905 in deeply under the influence of Jewish culture of Ukraine of Berdichev, mother as Jewish. In 1929, graduated from the Moscow State University Department of mathematics and physics. After graduation he was the famous Donbass mining engineer. In 1932, he will own the first work of the geliukawufu send it to Gorky, seek the advice master soon received his reply. Gorky that he must overcome the description of Donbass miners on the life and work of naturalism, remove the extra episodes, more rational organization of material. Grossman seems to be an eye-opener and a modified spent a year in 1934, this Novella published in the literature on bass. The same year, his first short story published in the literary journal of the city of Berdichev, Gorky after reading, invited him to meet. Grossman recalls meeting a great influence on his future life.

Coincidentally, paralyzed in bed Ostrovsky from 1932 to 1934, to express how the steel was tempered, literary works can be said to be two people at the same time start, a Gorky inspiration, a Polish editing, but Grossman has just started, Obama has leapt.

Grossman and catch up, and published some short stories of the happiness (1935), the four days (1936), the collection of short stories (1937) and the second of the Cook (1937) and still I was a pawn in the literary world. Four-volume set of novel sijiepan·keerqiujin (1937-1940) made him famous among the literary circles. This work describes the growth of Stepan youth workers on the road to revolution, but the subject matter and technique works, abound in the Soviet Union at that time, was not a top grade.

During the great patriotic war, as a military correspondent for the star, Grossman has been active in the front line, wrote the famous sudden directions, such as the teleibulin of hell. Medium-the people are immortal 1942 published in the Star newspaper, became classics of Soviet war literature. From war to war, Soviet writer created a body of work, praises the Soviet people against Germany the heroism and courage of the fascist. These works is greatly encouraged by the good fight in the war, to defend the homeland and rebuild on the ruins of the Soviet military after the war. Including the people are immortal, and advantages of war literature in this period, is the publicity of patriotism and national spirit, heroism, with unite as one to overcome Germany fascism’s firm belief and masculinity. Which reflects the face of savage vicious enemies and when the severe situation, as the writer of a strong sense of responsibility and mission, meanwhile, is also the political, military and social policies of literature and art in the complex background. Nobody wrote the unorthodox works at this moment, only feather boy like Solzhenitsyn, buzhishenqian from the front only to write to friends, cursed Stalin, himself suffering from bond Xie.

In 1943, Grossman started writing novels depicting the battle of Stalingrad, the first part of the for a just cause in 1952 and published in the fourth issue of the new world. This work took nine years to complete. During the upheaval of the world, war literature is no exception. If said, 20th century 40 to 50 early of war literature, single by earth-shattering of hero deeds, will can meet fought, and get liberation and immersed in victory joy in the of mass of emotional resonance and times need words, so at of readers has began has on war of reflection, they requirements understand war of real, and people by by suffering of real, and human heart by by trauma of real. In other words, writers to tell the truth, write real. Because the only real ordinary, profound philosophy can be found. They survive, not because there was so much fun, it is because there is a lot of suffering, those suffering under their struggle, are gone, and sublimation from memory, face the future calmly and wanted to be.

Nine years of sword of Grossman, keenly felt this mentality and the needs of the reader, of the for a just cause, show him a thrilling station the defense of Stalingrad, a battalion of soldiers battle to the end, no shaking retreat, no survivors. Work crazy about Stalingrad in August also describes Hitler’s air force bombed and Red Army soldiers defending the city, workers ‘ militia, the entire population of perseverance and fate. Once the work is published, and rave reviews. In July of the same year, Ukraine poet Ba Rang to the letter, expressed sincere gratitude to him, thank him for creating such a humane, thoughtful, not say flattery works. In early 1953, a Leningrad reader wrote to him saying, the last ten years without a work as to the cause of Justice that touched her heart. But on Grossman of criticism also followed, February 13, 1953, critics bubinnuofu in truth reported Shang published articles, criticism novel “except several chapters outside, completely is failed of”, and “Soviet people of image in long in the is pale of, and obedience of, and no features of”, and “author tries to proved, is ordinary of people established has immortal of feats”, and “lack on this victory of organizers–party of evaluation”.

In March, the 19th day after the death of Stalin, Soviet Writers Association Council meeting, General Secretary of the writers ‘ Association Ludvig Faddeev, entitled “writer’s association with certain issues” report, harshly criticized Grossman of the just cause of the spread of “circulating the reactionary idealistic philosophy of good and evil” and “conflict-free”. In 1954, the work for publication, Grossman had to make a lot of changes, but it is still difficult to escape. After 1956, his works are not allowed to publish and reprint, a writer of reputation is not very big and out of the Lake. But for the political opportunity, maybe he really will always be faded out in the literary world.

In 1945, walixi·geluosiman with the Soviet forces into Berlin.

Second, the “why my novel as a murderer like that be held? ”

Soviet culture mechanism is very peculiar, on the one hand want to celebrate someone’s reputation, even if his false pale staggering, on the other hand some writers as foreigners, into the other register, derogatory, and criticism. Cheerleaders celebrate and storm of derogatory, are derived from a period of literary policies and some mean sly, snobbish attitude, and poles apart from normal, healthy culture. This disaster more than Grossman, a man, but he is unwilling to stop now, to stop writing, and unwilling to change course, the crowd, waiting for the only thing he is more tragic ending.

Four years of brutal war, mother and other relatives in the war suffered a tragic fate, hard at work writing derogatory block was after the war, to a cultural people, was the most painful, Grossman into a deeply spiritual loneliness. But it is the unspeakable loneliness, enabling him to thoroughly wash the bustle of life with the bubble reputation, to dialogue with the relatives and friends of the dead and buried, seek the truth, dig deeper in history, war, life and fate and refined.

Soviet 20 the opening and exposed to the personality cult, Soviet literature began to “thaw” the climate, Grossman cold lonely heart full of hope and new life, his mind, again expressed through literature he formed the history of philosophy. So, although he to creation of survival and fate is two Department song of second Department, although works of plot clues still to Stalingrad battle for mainline, although to justice of career of hero except died in who, many characters still in novel world in the continues to life and fighting, by with survival and fate of suffering and fiddling with, but works from idea, and concept, and technique to overall of thought art level, are occurred has great of changes, completed has once leap, reached has new of height. If the writers of the for a just cause to express the highest idea is fighting for Justice for the people is invincible, then in existence and the fate of, everything is much more complicated, rich and deep. Writers have not merely the description of historical events, describes the lives and destinies of the characters, but in real life, and of human existence and destiny describes the phenomenon of blooming everywhere in light of your thoughts, as well as to the society, war, ethnic, human destiny the unique insights into the light.

From 1953 to 1961, Grossman in solitude and silence, this eight-year period, finally completing the more than 700,000-word Opus. Surrounded by silence and devoted all his side except a bunch of talent and the thick document, there is not even a friend. He gently tone, bitterly shook, tired eyes closed. He did not know, tomorrow to the editorial office, his survival and the fate of what fate will have. He didn’t think, at this moment, he completed his will in future be known as the “war and peace in the 20th century” classics, he completed a bruising from the real cultural breakthrough. n the logic of the tax reduction

The next day, he nervously to the flag magazine, heavy editing of the manuscript to receive him, followed by nervous waiting. He ever expected, even is in kHz Khrushchev ruling period, even is in many “special” works have staged of “thaw” climate conditions Xia, editorial of edit, and editor are, read has he of survival and fate, also is scare have a Buddha was born, II Buddha Nirvana kopan, lest by implicated and allegations, quickly will all manuscript make to has national security Committee, is makes Soviet people turn pale at the of KGB. Grossman left, right, was such as KGB officers searched all the things associated with the manuscript, including printer paper and print Ribbon were seized, his books were banned again.

Grossman once again stunned that his heart was trembling again, brilliant and rolling diction of great writers on weekdays, unfamiliar government system of weights, clumsy and no defensive capability, unable to mobilize his words, do a decent argument. Until we learned Grossman fell ill, he wrote a letter to the supreme leader Nikita Khrushchev trembling, trying to take some reasonable grounds to back to top:

Why ban me this may to some extent to meet the spiritual needs of Soviet people book, and this is no lie and slander, only the truth, pain and love for the people of the book? Why should I be confiscated the manuscript administrative acts of violence means, and use it as a murderer to be held … … If I had this book full of lies, let the people who want to read it, let me in 30 years for readers to judge the creation of Soviet Union, let them say, in my book, either truth or lies. However, readers were deprived of using the world’s most serious courts (I am referring to is the soul of the Court, the Court of conscience) to judge the possibility of me and my work. Past and now I want to have a court. (The literature 1988 tenth, the 28th page)

Appeal, says Grossman should have thought, but in the survival and the fate of it devoted too much effort on, he cannot have too high hopes for Khrushchev. Wall eight years, he in indifferent and out silence in the makes himself of art talent get has once overall meaning Shang of sublimation, also makes himself has has a copies not ignored others around of courage and calmly, he even dared to in himself of book in the pointed out that, Soviet people to himself of flesh-and-blood of body fight fascist, is not to Stalin, but to himself, to himself of national, to post-war can has more big of free, and more better of life. In that case, was he afraid of? In the Soviet Union, in Russia, there are many scholars must not be afraid of the truth, those who sacrificed their lives for the people, but they can’t. Grossman was not arrested, he was not afraid of being arrested, but in reverence and awe, agonizingly wait alone in Khrushchev’s approval. In 1964, he died from cancer in Moscow, left the banned works and lasting regret.

In 1945, walixi·geluosiman Germany, Berlin.

Third, the “200 years later can not be published”

Sources said Grossman who has learned his fate. Adzhubei according to Khrushchev’s son-in-law in the 1980 of the 20th century memoirs revealed that Khrushchev had either not read the letter from Grossman, or did not understand the essence of it, in short, did not reply to Grignard. But he said the supervisor at that time ideology of Soviet Politburo member Mikhail Suslov had met with Grossman and said: “don’t think that novels, perhaps 200 years later published it. ”

According to the literary journal of the Soviet Union on July 6, 1988, baklanov, famous writer of the 19th all-Union Congress statement revealed that Mikhail Suslov had said “the survival and the fate of the novels published 200 years later, it is impossible.” Two claims are not exactly the same, but the meaning is clear, that mastering the book works of important officials actually sentenced to life imprisonment. But was a great joke on history with Mikhail Suslov, less than 20 years, the survival and the fate of 1980 in Switzerland published Russian texts. In 1982, Mikhail Suslov, I cannot get rid of nature, died. In 1984, works have been translated into German, 1986 English United States release, as far as I could see, caused a sensation and strong reaction. English translator luobote·qiandele in “objective”, said: “this is a real ‘ war and peace ‘ of the century”. Woerfu·beikeer wrote on December 3, 1984, der Spiegel weekly said that “work is moving” Grossman “kind of fearless courage worthy of admiration”. Luodena·xinli weekly in the New York Times Book review (March 9, 1986) commentary pointed out that the survival and the success of fate is the author of “major of high seriousness and his compelling historical, moral and political thinking.”

In 1988, the existence and fate of wandering finally returned to the motherland after more than 20 years, readers meet with the Soviet Union. Work of bodyguards, the first magazine published the first part of the first, it caused a sensation, and the reader’s interest, people are eagerly waiting for publishing its next edition of the magazine. Period of work is divided into four series, nearly 300,000 copies per print run, are being snapped up in less than two days, can’t buy the magazine had to photocopy or handwritten, described as “instant hit, wanliujingyang”. Readers write to newspapers, praised this “cry” and “exciting” Magnum Opus, called it a read over the years, “best work”. Tula, a pension to the elders of the literary newspaper wrote: “I remember that I read out long, Grossman of the for a just cause, how to wait for its sequel … … Lucky was that I waited, was painful, unexpectedly took more than 30 years of time. “(The literature 1988 Nineth)

History is fair, true art is not buried. Living left out, killed the densely hung funerary couplets, the writing life, pursued the truth and ideal for writers, that contrary to the fate of big ups and downs in the Soviet Union was not unusual. Literary scholars and critics to the survival and the fate of the highly rated, abominable. Introduction abalone and Rove said Tuesday they may wish to comment on the two paragraphs.

Bao Qia Rove, born in 1922, Professor at Moscow University, writing a lot, study and comment on books about Soviet literature nearly 20, 1973 due to one of the people of Socialist humanitarianism and war • postwar military prose famous. He has written for the survival and the fate of tens of thousands of words of the PostScript, and compared with Tolstoy’s ‘ war and peace ‘. He said:

Our critics often sigh, where there are similar to ‘ war and peace ‘, describes the epic of war from 1941 to 1945? The existence and destiny as well as their strong historical and philosophical view is that works of this size. (In 1988 for the first period of the bodyguards, 129th)

Aim, born in 1925, the famous war writers, Association of Soviet writers CPC, bodyguards and magazine editor, he wrote,:

Grossman was the greatest writers of our time, of the existence and the fate of the classics of the Soviet literature. (The literary newspaper on August 24, 1988)

Visible, academic evaluation of Grossman and the survival and the fate of unusually high. Of course, the concluding paragraph quoted here are just a few of the comments, critics of own their work in detail, without the author here.

D “‘ war and peace ‘ of the 20th century”

At that time, early reading of the existence and destiny, I was the author bold ideas, sharp strokes tear jerker’s and the characters ‘ tragic fate and smitten with the works of epic scale. As scholars of current situation of Soviet literature, I read a large number of new publications, or even “regression” works of Soviet literature, but none works, such as the existence and fate has so much power, has epic scale, like ‘ war and peace ‘. My excitement, I can’t wait to move to GeSHi works translated and introduced to Chinese readers. However, due to the omission of a link, I could not be on the fair to proofread translations do more editing, that leave irreparable defect. Ten years later, the Yilin publishing house bought the copyright for this book, Second Edition, gives me a “correct mistakes” opportunities.

Similarly, the gathering of international situation over the years, especially the collapse of the Soviet Union and China’s great achievement in its reform and opening policy, so I learned, and understand many things, look back, re-read the existence and destiny, feelings and experience, really can be called “don’t be a feeling in their hearts.”

At that time, works in its native Soviet Union caused a stir and buzz first, because it is a “banned” is one imposed by Soviet leaders Mikhail Suslov had “it” works. Today, the man is gone, formal attire has scattered into the mud, his name had been left behind, but the majority of readers, is to see that year was his “shoot” what was this book will let him go on the rampage.

Perhaps this is reverse psychology. However, after reading the book they found, the original book is filled with strong sense of reflection, Grossman of history, historical events, wars, the battle of Stalingrad, for millions of people the fate of them and the tragic fate of the cause for deep reflection, bold and sharp with them put forward their opinions and views. These views and opinions are not the writers in the current Gorbachev’s reforms, openness and democratize the situation came about. As a result, writers of extraordinary historical and philosophical perspectives, writers of conscience and courage of his integrity, he finished the piece after the misfortune, entice the reader to his reverence and long “fanatical” interest.

In fact, these two alone is far from enough, it is still possible to like Fireworks in the night sky, colorful, hit, then vanish, unable to light room, not Russia forever peaceful civilization on the vast land of fire. Only as good as Tolstoy’s ‘ war and peace ‘ of literary and artistic works, to make history as a mirror, to make moral values in cultural heritage, to make cohesion of peoples for peace, the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

So, what Grossman? He could be the war from 1941 to 1945, written like the epic war and peace? It can be said that he did it. Life and fate is an excellent literary work, Grand, clues and delicate, rich in characters, magnificent, with a truly epic scale, “closest to Leo Tolstoy in war and peace by sticking Russia epic tradition” (Bao Qia Rove), called the ‘ war and peace ‘ of the 20th century.

Life and fate, “su”, Vasily Grossman and his Yan Yongxing and Zheng Hailing/translated by CITIC publishing house in October 2015.

Most feelings of resignation letters teachers back on the podium a lot of fun

On November 26, 2015, Shanghai noble Center, Gu Shaoqiang was participating in the voice of crazy activity. Surging journalist Gao Zhengtu

“Wind blown, popcorn was beautiful, who were beginning to forget who I think……”

The night of November 26, 2015, “in the history of the most feelings of resignation letter” becomes famous network of female teacher Gu Shaoqiang, as contestants appeared in Shanghai, participated in the first quarter, “voice of madness” final interpretation of Wong’s classic songs. Her identity is now a learning platform independent teachers.

“As an independent teachers have more time to do the things they like, very happy. “Gu Shaoqiang in breaks in the contest accepts the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), said in an interview.

“The world is so big, I want to see. “In April 2015, the Henan provincial experimental high school teacher Gu Shaoqiang wrote is called” history’s most feelings of resignation. ” She then become feelings that people talked about Idol.

Gu Shaoqiang resignation letter triggered heated discussion on the Internet, then when she got married and opened the Inn when a message is being spread, some question the hype of her voice also come.

“Whether it’s letter of resignation, still marry me, drive Inns, all media take the initiative to contact me, I do not have a media. And what do I hype? I don’t expect Inn full every day, even if full not to depend on this money. If we really want to hype it, wouldn’t have been now lifestyle choices. “In the face of criticism, said Gu Shaoqiang.

However, recently when she supplied as teachers appear in education O2O platform “crazy teacher” public lecture, people are a little surprised.

On November 26, 2015, Shanghai noble Center, Gu Shaoqiang interview. Surging journalist Gao Zhengtu

The agency responsible for the surging news, Gu Shaoqiang resignation letter after fires all over the network, so many people looking for her, a lot of business out of the huge salaries, wanted her to join. But for institutions just used his name, Gu Shaoqiang refused, “we don’t have salaries to attract her, but because of the understanding that common ideals, we have a lot of persuasion, Gu Shaoqiang eventually agreed to be our platform independent teachers. ”

Independent teachers is a product of the Internet boom, when online broadcast training occurs, in the education and training sector gradually differentiated into such a new group, they were not affiliated with any institution, only network platform, by virtue of its ability to recruit students.

“This is only my choice of a way of life, I don’t want to give up my profession. “Said Gu Shaoqiang, can once again stand on a platform shared with the audience expertise, own thought is very good. “Want to be able to continue to help the children, offer more courses, slowly seep into and strengthen the interaction among children, set up training camps. “Gu Shaoqiang surging News describes her life.

“Dialogue Gu Shaoqiang”, “stand up to the podium to share expertise, I think a good time”

On November 26, 2015, Shanghai noble Center, Gu Shaoqiang and her husband were inseparable. Surging journalist Gao Zhengtu

Surging News: you and your husband opening the Inn, now doing independent teachers, how do you rationalize work and life?

Gu Shaoqiang: in town I can live for the simple life, simple and quiet life. Also, I do not want down their professional, and Yu Fu (Gu Shaoqiang husband) also support the work I do what I want to do, so I added a “crazy teacher” of such a team.

Is requested and before I say anything and now I want to talk about what, the whole feeling is not the same, get more respect, or you can play better. I have been running some psychology courses, because psychology is very important for everyone, especially the psychological education for the youth, at school level is not enough, so I hope that our people in psychological education for a long time, can truly take our expertise to new extremes, and help more children and families.

Surging News: everybody says you are “feelings of the teacher”, you will be taught to the children when inheritance did your feelings?

Gu Shaoqiang: I think the feeling is we defined it, I am just a simple, more direct, very cool girl, whether before or after, together with my students in the classroom when is this really me. I want students to feel such genuine affection for exchanges between us, I wanted to use them to persuade them, to educate them.

Surging News: heard that you independent teacher in Chengdu in November opened the first lesson, students in class response and consistency of your expectations?

Gu Shaoqiang: in fact, this cannot be regarded as a real class, but talks for parents, there is no specific courses offered. Two lectures were interesting but I think that I leave teaching jobs for more than six months, so being able to stand up to the podium to share expertise, I feel very happy, parents has been responding very well, I hope I can continue to help them set up more courses, slowly seep into interaction with the children, and some new training camps.

Surging News: what’s your dream?

Gu Shaoqiang: I think my Sunrise, sunset and rest every day, in a quaint little town lived a simple life, very happy. But people always have dreams, I dream now is to continue to open courses on, engaging me in 15 years of teaching to play to the extreme, can continue to become an important part of life.

I also plan to continue to travel with Yu Fu, travel is the inseparable part of life, rather than you first thought, after I quit, take years to lead a hard life, to travel around the world. In fact, now I’m at an Inn in the world, every man, including me in various forms all over the world to play, that’s my life now, and is also very easy to dream. Bai Fangli died ten years offering three student

Orphan schools by reputation Chinese mother but due to money being sued Hu Manli

Hu Manli and she adopted the orphan

According to the Lijiang, Yunnan information news-reader on November 25, known as “Chinese mother” Lijiang ethnic orphan school former President Hu Manli, yesterday (24th), died in a car accident on my way from Sichuan back to Lijiang. At home in Lijiang city, Yu long Xin Cheng, Hu Manli, friends and she has been raising orphans to set up a mourning Hall.

These reports, a person familiar with the matter said in September of this year left Lijiang Hu Manli to do teaching and student activities, poverty along the route starting from Lijiang to Tibet, recently stood in teach in yajiang in Sichuan province, and then on the way from Sichuan back to Lijiang happened unfortunately.

At this point, the afternoon of November 25, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) calls and sent text messages to Hu Manli’s one son and one daughter, have not been restored.

“Things have not been conclusive, she was gone. “The afternoon of November 25, had followed Hu Manli surging told the news by a reporter, she refers to” things “refers to controversy caused by Hu Manli lifetime Charitable Fund.

Public information, 1999, Hu Manli as founders of Chinese green village, is known for raising hundreds of orphans, known as “Chinese mother”. United States charitable organization “mother Club” under the license of Zhang Chunhua, President of her as an agent came to Lijiang, Yunnan, local school for orphans.

Change occurred on June 20, 2001, the day Hu Manli United States “mother Club” small claims court, on the grounds that donated to orphans in Lijiang area by Hu Manli receive specified amounts, not fully in accordance with the plaintiff’s request for using the money, accounting and financial management in no public-private confusion, fraud, and other conditions. Absence Songshan Shaolin Abbot Forum opening ceremony

That same year, the southern weekend in one of the multinational investigation, “Chinese mother” Hu Manli, reported Hu Manli advance opinion swirls. Time, Hu Manli orphan School of management as well as the use of charitable donations, raises doubts about her.

On February 28, 2002, after six months of trial, by the United States “mother Club” zhangchunhua lawsuit against Hu Manli, President of violations of right, good to use against donation hospital donation dispute case, a verdict against Hu Manli. On August 29, Yunnan province High Court judgment upheld the ne bis in idem, Lijiang mother Association, requires the return of more than 900,000 yuan to the United States “mother Club”.

In February 2007, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Lijiang Lijiang mother Association revoked the registration of administrative penalties. Hu Manli on July 9, 2007 resigned as the school principal and the school’s legal representative.

Later, Hu Manli gradually “fade”. In 2010 an interview with Lijiang reading, she said: “if I really did say those things, erring officials will dismount, a no brainer, they certainly caught me early. I believe that a society based on the rule in China, is evidence. As long as he is innocent, there is nothing to fear. ”

NetEase news senior running frequent NetEase one of the most profitable sectors

NetEase news senior running frequent NetEase, one of the most profitable sectors to sustain

Photo: network

NetEase news recently from stable.

On November 24, it was Sohu media reported that NetEase Long Zhi, Director of the Centre for new media has submitted his resignation letter, leaving time for November 28. At this point, it is within 3 months of NetEase news within the third Executive to resign.

Interface to the NetEase news journalist insiders confirmed this. Just recently, NetEase News Mobile to PC port, originally independent formal merger of the two operations. Future new media sector would not exist, directly collectively referred to as content Center. The FT Chinese network express China s e commerce

Meanwhile, the PC-side editor in Chief Liu was promoted to Deputy Editor of NetEase, editor-in-Chief position vacant for the time being.

NetEase news reporters PC end staff to interface, “after the merger, plans and feature better on the client push. Cross-sector before, is not very good cooperation. ”

As with much of NetEase leaver, Long Zhi will choose business, electrical contractor related to women. Southern Department and Department of NetEase’s background, has his family voted in favor.

This is not the top of NetEase personnel turmoil for the first time. In 2015, the NetEase personnel are particularly powerful, interface reporters earlier in an interview to the “lack of security”.

On September 17, the NetEase News Editor-in-Chief Chen Feng resigned, followed by outgoing “followed by the bad news.” News was confirmed, on November 9, the official separation of the NetEase Xu Shi, General Manager of the mobile Internet. And they venture to the outgoing message.

This is also in line with the title of NetEase is the cradle of entrepreneurs. Tide of internal adjustment; people leaving to get a good VC, entrepreneurship is also their choice. Count, YY Li Xueling, theology, theology, Tang Yan, snowball finance salmon, spring Pocket doctor Zhang Rui, Yun Chen technology Ding Xiuhong, chalk network and test the apes Li Yong, Li Mingshun, 178 games good credit net NET, sail … … NetEase figure behind.

On Yu Zhilong of turnover, meaning employees expressed sadness. A NetEase News employees interviewed said, “Long Zhi led to do a lot of original content. That’s why NetEase attract him here before, and he has a good idea. ”

In 2012, Long Zhi to join NetEase, as UGC centres Director, one year later, transferred to the new Media Center Director. During his term, NetEase news led many original items client did. “The truth” the depth of the channel is the earlier reporting team, Luo Changping, launched the book of iron and a series of classic coverage launched new Media Lab H5 has achieved good results.

2015 third-quarter earnings, according to NetEase, NetEase revenues 6.672 billion yuan for the second quarter, net profit was 1.882 billion yuan, up 62% from a year earlier. The NetEase news client-led third-quarter advertising revenue rose NetEase mobile product 106%, provided light for NetEase reported data.

This commercial development is the result of content and marketing game. Advertising of open, flexible planning, machine selection ratio of making NetEase news clients original gradually lost.

According to iResearch News Advisory App report September 2015 according to NetEase news client in per capita usage and per capita use are among the portals on the days news App in the first place, at 39.87 per capita monthly frequency in September alone, is ranked second by Sohu, 1.42 times times news clients.

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3 case of assaulting suspects in Jilin province were arrested

3 case of assaulting suspects in Jilin province were arrested

Photo: vision China

22nd, Xinhua learned from the Jilin provincial public security Department, Jilin province in recent years there have been 3 cases of attacking police, suspects Wang Kun 4 per capita, such as approval of arrest by law enforcement. Shi yanlu reported Mayor of dengfeng Andie respond

According to the bulletin, the night of September 28 this year, Qian ‘ an County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade police Li Xinsheng when away from home in front of the building, wounded by a strange man with iron bars, the suspects fled the scene. Qian ‘ an county police quickly set up a project, on October 19, Wang Shu-Kwan to surrender criminal suspects.

The investigation, Wang Kun because of a grudge against Li Xinsheng of the police handle traffic violations, conspiracy with others, hired Yang Li Xinsheng wounded with iron bar. Qian ‘ an County Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional injury in connection with the detention of suspects.

According to the bulletin, September 24, the Changchun citizens fan don’t obey the traffic policemen on duty, together with their parents to beat the traffic police chijingquan and chijingquan caused by the left eyebrow, nose bone fracture and contusion, sustained multiple injuries.

It was also informed that recent, fusong County, Jilin province, Sohn was detected that after drunk driving, refusing to produce a driver’s license, registration, and driving crazy ramming police cars and police, traffic policeman Wang Shufeng, fusong County hit and run. Sun later surrendered to the police authority.

Questions and answers Winter fitness should eat something Answer you didn t

Q: winter, temperatures vary greatly, I often cold and influence the running and other exercises, is there any way we can prevent the common cold, can also help the body training?

A: the prevention of colds and want to improve muscular strength, there is a simple and effective method of food–eating ginger.

Questions and answers | Winter fitness should eat something? Answer you didn't expect

Ginger is the most antioxidant-rich spice, it can help boost the immune system, can also reduce inflammatory response of the body and helps eliminate muscle soreness. Muse Best site of the year was staged last night

Even for access to gym equipment and training people, ginger may also help them to resume as soon as possible after weight exercises muscle strength.

2014 United States a scientific study at the University of Georgia found that Ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of gingerol in ginger dilated capillaries in the muscles, promote blood circulation, accelerating the release of lactic acid after exercise.

This study shows that taking ginger supplements after six weeks, subjects of male runners to suppression of the immune system cytokines, lower after exercise than ever before, eating ginger can reduce muscle pain caused by exercise 25%. Ginger and ginger and heat treatment with the same ease muscle pain.

Questions and answers | Winter fitness should eat something? Answer you didn't expect

For the average runner, Ginger’s prices are not expensive, so it is very suitable for food supplements.

Of course, for culinary, though ginger was not easy entrance, but can be joined ginger in cooking. Also marinated pickled ginger are also easy to eat and work.

Of course, if there are conditions, we suggest a method of making edible–ginger ginger milk.

Materials: 1 cup almond milk (250ML) (can substitute milk), 1/2 banana, 1/2 PEAR, 2 cups (250ML) yogurt, 1.2 slices fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Method: pour cooking machines crushed after 1 minute and serve. 

Questions and answers | Winter fitness should eat something? Answer you didn't expect

Q: my husband weighs 190 kg, I would like to encourage him to exercise to lose weight, but he suffered from gout, he fast walking and jogging after the end of his ankle joint will slightly swollen, gout patients how to exercise?

Answer: gout is the trouble with many middle-aged men, if you are suffering from gout, use running to lose weight, there are some hidden dangers and risks.

Running consumes a lot of energy, speeding up metabolism, thus producing a lot of lactic acid, competing with uric acid excretion, and the ATP decomposition to accelerate can increase uric acid.

Patients with increased sweating, blood volume and renal blood flow decreased excretion of uric acid, creatine, such as reduced prone hyperuricemia and gouty arthritis may also induce. Patients with gout should avoid strenuous exercise and physical activity for a long time.

For patients with gout, brisk walking or aerobics is the best way, and should not be too severe, walk short jogging, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, morning exercise, brisk walking and other projects is appropriate.

Movement starts with a minor exercise in patients with gout, step by step, the key is perseverance.

1 hour as planned, then, each activity should be stopped to rest 15 minutes 1, and drink water and rest again in 5-10 minutes 15-20 minutes.

1 hour is divided into 3 stages, avoided exercise are too large and too long, is a reasonable schedule.

(Current experts: Professor of Shanghai University of sport Pan Shanshan)

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