United States sends notice of withdrawal to the TPP and 11 States calling does

Local time on January 30, the White House spokesman, Spicer said at a press conference, Trump has been to include Japan, the trans-Pacific partnership agreement (TPP) of the 11 participating countries sent out notification letter of the TPP.

Notification include “United States does not assume any legal obligation arising from TPP. ”

Multilateral trade agreements, along with exit TPP, trump the Government’s focus on the country and on the negotiation of bilateral trade agreements between countries. Local time on January 23, the White House spokesman, Spicer said at a news conference, signed out of TPP of this Executive order marks the United States trade policy entered a new period. He said that trump the Government and United States allies and other countries to explore bilateral trade opportunities.

Analysis that the United States expected to Japan made the conclusion of the new Japan-us bilateral trade agreement requirements.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on January 27 in Japan on the House of representatives Budget Committee stressed that starting bilateral negotiations, “not unilateral concessions in China that came to nothing. Is weak at the outset is not enough. “

United States Trump local time on January 23 to sign an executive order of the President, officially announced the United States withdraw from the TPP. Including the Executive order will be sent to the other 11 participating countries to exit the notification letter.

“The main group back” has created other TPP national discontent. Local time on January 24, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Malcolm Turnbull) told a media conference in Canberra, the trans-Pacific partnership agreement (TPP) can invite China to join. Selling for 5 months China United States treasuries

Turnbull said the United States exit TPP is bound to be a major loss, but Australia is not possible because the United States quit invalidate TPP agreement, abandon the Australia strive for more employment and export opportunities.


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