Chengguan strong compare vendors of fruit vendors do not cooperate with law

Micro Bauger “Guiyang City top vendors of fruit on the street” video, on January 16, the Guiyang City nanming district administrative office staff to the authority surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the Urban Management Department of the Directorate staff in the video, has received reports of the incident, which is under investigation.

Above this 10-second video showed a man wear a Chengguan uniform from hawkers selling fruit in-car taking a few oranges, placed on law enforcement vehicles, and said: “you want to report good to report nothing of these things. ”

One suspected parties Chengguan of users response said, incident January 15, its and colleagues in law enforcement process in the encountered has a car sold fruit of vendors car, times advice invalid Hou Chengguan to driver told to collection scales, other not tie and times will Chengguan players pushed, helpless Chengguan players took vendors several Orange and said other if surrendered scales will returned Orange; course, one crossing woman and Chengguan occurred disputed, and refers to with Chengguan nose scolded, said to reported Chengguan. To this end, the Chengguan said these words in the video. Surging news contact friends, as of press time had not been answered.

One told the surging crowd witnessed the public news, when vendors do not cooperate with law enforcement, city says “charge Orange, received his (vendor) pay scales.” Beijing 16 year old high school girls in school

Guiyang City nanming district administrative office staff of the authority, reports have been received on the above video, things are further investigating, surging with preliminary findings to the press and public.


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