7 times a year car shot through the roof dazhou s family all fear

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

On January 5, Florida and a van “fly” on Florida public housing Li Mingjun, onlookers feel good playing, but this family is full of worries. From 2016 to start a 3-car collision accident in the first half, Li Mingjun 7 accident occurred around houses, houses have suffered at home. Li Mingjun said fear at any time now, worried about car to fly your own roof, a family of 6 human security is not guaranteed.

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

Homeowners introduced: when building a few years ago, the pavement below his house after House, in recent years, road widening after heightening, have been as tall as houses. Coupled with the road with no guardrails, often flying vehicles crashed into their house.

Local traffic Police Department, the House just downhill corners in a row, once going too fast or skidded on a rainy, housing has the potential risk of being hit, the traffic Police Department here to treat excessive traffic accident has been reported to the Government of the district as soon as possible.

Open area in dazhou city government staff, mainly the road was Rails is not installed, there are already plans to install the fence, which construction has not been finalized, the near future is expected to implement a construction unit will start the installation section of the fence.

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

• Li Mingjun flats road

Site: frequent crash housing multiple injuries

5th, Kai qubin lang Xiang Shi Guan Cun, dazhou city and vehicle “flying” on the housing. Owner Li Mingjun introduction this is the slope section of the housing in a number of accidents.

Reporters on the scene saw, Li Mingjun housing live in a downhill road, road edge closest to the House only about 1 m, the farthest distance less than 3 meters. Roofs and pavement are nearly parallel. Reporters noted on January 5, a small van “flying” position of the House on, after a few days can see the scratches on the roof. Reporters noted that the road with no guardrails, “If the speed is too fast, can be directly washed up on the roof”, said Li Mingjun father Li Wendi. On the 6th, near a House and a van driving into a ditch and injuring two people.

Li Wendi described to reporters, 5th, there are car straight off the road, their short top break. In addition, there are two cars, not the brakes, drive directly to the rollover in the ditch behind the House, and another small car accident, House corner brick break.

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

Li Mingjun introduces own housing sections, there is often a crash, more than a year probably has more than 20 car accident involving car “fly” House car accident on 7.

Owner: worried about family safety not guaranteed

Li Mingjun memories, in 2016, the first half of the House, a three-car collision occurred, causing minor injuries 2, injured 3 people, 1 dead. Then Li Mingjun dial 119, stuck in the car until firefighters arrived injured and rescued.

According to him, day of drizzle, a cart down the slope, and pavement skid hit could not brake, hitting moving commercial vehicles and cars, commercial vehicle died on the spot. “Direct hit the roof of the car and left,” said Li Mingjun.

Since then, Li Mingjun worried about family safety. “Always worried that one day their house hit by car, fearing family were injured,” he said. Li Mingjun mother Guo Guangyu said his house was hit by a car, afraid to cry: “didn’t sleep well all night, afraid the car suddenly crashed in.” Therefore, two rooms closest to the road behind the House is uninhabited, now of the litter. Even in 2016, three cars crashed after the accident, Li Mingjun will be moved to the front of the quilt on the living room sofa, “now I sleep in bed only once,” he said.

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

▲ Fear, Li Mingjun daily sleep on a sofa in the front room

Reason: two heightening and widening of highway no guardrail

Why vehicles that can “fly” on their roofs, Li Wendi described to reporters in 1982 and built his own House, the road also houses high, “because then the road twice, raised pavement. ”

This reporter has learned, the road was originally a plain road to stone town, the road has been very bad, Li Wendi introduced in around 2012, after the roads, pavement height 30 cm or so, again in 2015, roads, pavements raised about 60 cm. Two roads nearly 1 m high. Completed form now as tall as their small bungalow road.

Dazhou city traffic police police police confirmed that after the road, high road, together with Li Mingjun back section of the House is downhill corners in a row, has no Rails and other safety facilities. Every rainy day, pavement skid, vehicle speed downhill too fast, directly towards the direction of Li Mingjun House red, House was hit multiple times.

Li Mingjun introduced originally in the House after the highway there is the flower bed on the side, crash can also resist, then the flower bed position is hardening into a road.

7 times a year car shot through the roof, dazhou's family all fear

Government: recently started to install sections of guard-rails First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu

Three brigades, dazhou city, the traffic police deputy team leader Huang Shuai introduction, starting from 2016, after Li Mingjun increasing road accident, traffic Police Department has been working with dazhou City economic development zone Administrative Committee report January 5, van “fly” after Li Mingjun on housing, traffic Police Department again to the area by opening an emergency report, want to install guardrails or cement block Highway, ensure the safety of residents. In addition, the Police Department plans to make a big downhill corners in a row ID, convenient for driver identification and installing speed bumps, speed, safe passage for the road.

Reporter contacted in dazhou City economic development zone management Committee of Housing Department staff, staff, mainly the road was Rails is not installed, now is looking for construction program, the near future is expected in the implementation of the construction unit will start after the installation section of the fence, installation, consider installing Li Mingjun preferred housing sections. Is not installed in the pavement caused by the loss of housing, paid for by the responsible party.

(Formerly titled Florida Highway leading to the stone town is the editor of this article? 1 year and 7 times the car flew up into the roof)


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