Lijiang a woman customer who dissatisfied with pet cat can t return stripping

The afternoon of January 8, 2017, Lijiang city, Yunnan province, outside a pet store appeared a skinned cat. On January 9, surging pet owner filled lady told News (www.thepaper.CN), a woman buys this cat a few days ago, after coming home that couldn’t afford to keep and ask for a refund after being refused, so will be put after the skinning the cat at the door. At the time, this claim has not been confirmed by the police and the woman. Surging News learned from the peace in gucheng district, Lijiang City Public Security Bureau branch police station, Sheng has been involved in the investigation after the woman reported to the police. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

Lijiang, a woman customer who dissatisfied with pet cat can't return stripping, police involved in the investigation

Cat death photos

According to Ms Shing said, on January 3, a woman came to her pet stores saw a white British short cat, then 2560 Yuan price buy it on January 5, the woman said for economic reasons cannot raise a request the Sheng returns, Sheng said if health problems cannot be returned by practice, but would be willing to sell for its in-store.

Sheng MS, January 8, at 16 o’clock the woman once again came to a pet shop and return. “Busy at the store, I told her where there is free, to help her sell, she promised, during the absence of any argument. “, Sheng said, 18:30 that day after work, she sees a black paper bag in the shop, there was a cat, has been flayed skin.

Lijiang, a woman customer who dissatisfied with pet cat can't return stripping, police involved in the investigation

Cat body

Ms Shing photo taken and provided shows, cat’s skin had been stripped out, leaving only the head and face still fur. Sheng says, face from scratch, she confirmed that prior to this skinned cat was sold to British short cat woman. Sheng argued that before she and the woman did not know, nor are there any personal, why did the cat do, she said she did not know.

Sheng said that she immediately traded prior to the adoption of the micro-contact women’s shows have been women’s black. On January 9, Sheng ladies and to the peace of the area police station.

On January 9, “Lijiang women Peel skin” fermentation of events on the network, buy cat women’s micro-signals and cell phone number will also be published on the Web, was human-powered. Screenshot app to chat from the netizens show in Lijiang, woman suspected to be involved in the Group responded in the letter said: “just because of pet shops, so Flay cat after getting the pig farm and killed its owner. “In a group chat, woman and friends concerned admit that you are wrong in the course of the dialogue, and said cat acted” grew up experiencing many hearts very depressing. ” However, this information has not been confirmed by client.

The night of January 9, surging news woman leaving phone number of the Internet, has been displayed as empty, adds women left during the previous micro-signals, has revealed that the number does not exist. See news from online screenshots of the surging women’s micro-signal, adding friends the app after the incident when the information bar message: “be careful what you strip.”

News from the surging peace police station confirmed that “pet cat was flayed in the pet shop doorway” about the report, the police have been involved in the investigation.


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