Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air traffic control system overload

Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident: air traffic control system overload, low-paid work

Controllers ‘ salaries in China about narrow-bodies of pilots ‘ salaries by about 1/5. China Visual

The Beijing Youth daily reported on October 23, two near misses occurred recently in Shanghai’s HongQiao airport strikes the main responsibility – air traffic controllers become the focus of public concern. Journalist survey, and airline pilot charged with almost the same heavy responsibility of air traffic controllers, not only in overdrive for a long time, and pay only for the pilot 1/5.

Aircraft insurance last ten days of the HongQiao airport strikes, causing concern and heated debate. From the Civil Aviation Authority reported “10·11” incident investigation conclusions, if not an A320 Captain decisively disposed of just 3 seconds, belong to China Eastern Airlines A320 plane collided and A330 aircraft most likely tragedy. Shanghai HongQiao airport, civil aviation authority aircraft nearly collided preliminary finding: this is because tower controllers misdirected, causing a type of runway incursion.

Who worked for decades in the air traffic control system, industry experts pointed out that this is not a question of air traffic controllers, but exposes the entire ATC groups face embarrassment, all kinds of risks and the rapid growth of China’s civil aviation. Only from the air traffic control system, the overworked has become the norm everywhere. If you don’t reform compensation mechanism as soon as possible, select and retain the best people in air traffic control, safety and efficient operation of the ATC system, will face a more tense and difficult situation.

Reporters found that with the rapid development of China’s civil aviation, and continuously open up a section of the new route, a flight is increasing, airlines make big bucks at the same time, controllers are responsible for increasing pressure on the front lines, while the wages but rather than rising falling for three consecutive years.

Events Feng County Jiangsu Party Secretary Wang Liquan

Controller failure risks brewing in two planes collide

On October 11 this year, Shanghai’s HongQiao airport two planes nearly collided. MU5643, Eastern A320/B-2337 (Shanghai-Tianjin) flights, 12:03 Tower directing planes into the runway, the unit executed after checking into the runway before takeoff, and follow the instructions and later began to take off. Units in accessible case confirmed the runway, do take off, but when the captain suddenly found an A330 aircraft crossing the runway, the captain decided to take off after a short judgment, then pulled the plane from the A330 flew over over and nearly caused crash.

By survey, civil aviation Council finds the event is with for tower control member forgotten dynamic, and command errors and caused of human reasons serious accident signs, respectively give East empty tube Council, and East empty tube Council control center, and East empty tube Council Security Management Department 13 name leaders party warning, and serious warning and administrative demerit, and dismissed disposition; revoked shift command seats and monitoring seats control member license, shift command seats control member lifelong shall not engaged in control command work ; To successfully resolve the crisis China Eastern Airlines A320 plane captain on duty He Chao in mind merit and appropriate incentives.


Tower air traffic control was not the only party responsible

Civil aviation accident investigation explain, double gang implementation were highlighted. Wang Yanan, the aviation knowledge magazine editor explained that tower controllers to implement the double post system in China, a person issued a directive are responsible for the supervision of another person, two people fight the decision. In this case, it is most likely double gang processes which did not comply.

The preliminary findings from the civil aviation authority, Tower air traffic control was not the only party responsible. A330 crew also observed poor, turn off the answering machine and so on.

Interpretation of Wang Yanan said there are no signs of the accident were independent factors, such as crossing the runway’s A330 aircraft before the kick, the unit may not have carefully observed the runway, or will find another aircraft, has entered the glide attitude. There is a saying, the unit turn off the answering machine or other factors, there is no time displayed on the screens of air traffic controllers, so may cause air traffic controllers failed to monitor, command errors.

Empty tube aspects of one experts also pointed out that, according to civil aviation of work process, A320 unit in and Tower of radio calls frequency in can heard control member on A330 unit issued of through runway of instruction, although in do took off Qian of the prepared, still should on control frequency in of any related calls and instruction keep alert, has responsibility questioned, and reminded and corrected control member of errors instruction. Problems should be timely feedback to the controller. This event if the A320 crew the ability to detect and alert controllers, event risk will be greatly reduced, it should be a small flaw.


Air traffic controllers a pay cut two years

General public may think that the controllers sit in front of the Windows of the Tower, directing big aircraft carrying hundreds of people where runway takeoff, landing, at what altitude on a flight has the right to decide to fly a flight, in which flight and docking, “say” they controlled civil airspace with a point of order.

“Controllers work gives people a sense of authority. But found that over a long time, far from outsiders to see in style. Actually encounter when heavy typhoons, thunderstorms, others work, and we can’t. Must be highly focused stare at radar screens, mouth kept issuing instructions, consume a large number of brain cells, no one knows what we have. Simulator on a weekday there, work meetings, analysis, spare time is relatively simple, not much contact with the outside world. “An airport approach control mo (not his real name) told reporters.

Controllers work intensity and relatively boring, but the salary is not high. Alone with the pilot is, in fact, worked as airline jobs such as dispatch students, lower income 30%.

At present, Tianjin civil aviation University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Guanghan flight College after the Bachelor’s degree in control of student employment is not preferred salary unsatisfactory, higher intensity of work control positions. “Air traffic controllers of revenue less attractive, did affect recruitment. The past, civil aviation college students graduate after first choice to work in the air traffic control, then go to the airlines and airports, now completely upside down, which caused a succession gap “.

“More than 10 years ago, I went to the College to controllers, outstanding grade a students preferred learning, pinch the top students. In recent years, not to mention grade-a students, 50 places are b, c, d level students, 10 to recruit. “The air traffic management industry,” existing experienced excellent services might resign in move, no ‘ paid ‘ harder to retain talent brain drain should be of real concern. ”

Since the authority belongs to the civil aviation authorities and institutions, taking two lines of income and expenditure management hand over air fare charged by the national salary payment of budget management. In our nearly 7,000 controllers of 70% average salary of 150,000 yuan, 20% pay 100,000 yuan per year, only 3%-5% up to 200,000 yuan per year. Three years before the census, the controllers were found to have high wages, requires 5 times yearly pay each month will be reduced by 800-1500 Yuan a year. It was revealed that the pay cuts so it will be another two years, raise hope, working busier every year, which makes air traffic controllers lack of attractive.


Air traffic controllers in the United States are well paid jobs

Why could it not be proposed by some controllers the enterprise reform, salary market regulation, to achieve the desired level.

Air industry experts said in an interview with reporters, United States Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers, the equivalent of “Editors”, but this does not prevent air traffic controllers in Europe and the United States are paid positions. For example, the United States air traffic controllers with an average salary of 120,000-130,000 dollars (800,000-900,000 yuan). With narrow-body aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320 driver’s salary


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