Fujian women s violence against law for public officials kick the police twice

Channel network, July 26, on July 20, Hua in joint law enforcement, the traffic police, city, Zhangzhou, Fujian, suffered a rare thing. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

When a female motorcycle rider in the face of law enforcement officers law enforcement violence against France, smashing the police twice kicked recorder for law enforcement, even abusive police is “bandits”.

After an investigation, the woman driver was one of the local family planning officials. Eventually, she was sentenced to administrative detention by Wah on Public Security Bureau on 8th. Yesterday, the traffic police informed the case of Zhangzhou.

Fujian women's violence against law for public officials: kick the police twice kicked recorder

Video screenshot

Woman not wearing a helmet was found insulting police

20th 9:40 A.M., Hua Jiao Jing Cheng Guan squadron with huaan Datong road, Chengguan Brigade set up checked posts, unlicensed undocumented motorcycle without wearing a helmet, installing umbrellas special rectification action.

A motorbike approaching set up checked posts gradually from West to East, the driver is not wearing a helmet. Subsequently, 3 civilian police stopped them. The interception of civilian police, the driver was not “buy” continue to ramble about in his mouth and stepped on the gas rushed away from the scene, the police quickly surrounded them. At this time, several other civilian police upon seeing this, gathered around.

9:43, in a standoff with police after a few minutes, driver and more agitated. She suddenly got up and off the motorcycle, a motorcycle fell to the ground, refused to accept the check, and constantly pushing the civilian police. During that time, she also kicked one of the police’s left foot.

“Do not strike a blow, this recorder is shot! “The Police warned her repeatedly. Female drivers rather than listen to, abusive law enforcement police at the same time, one of the police law enforcement recorder beats.

“Damage already constitute a violation of the law enforcement device! “The Police warned. Unexpectedly, the driver answered: “it doesn’t matter a fart” and twice the recorder for law enforcement on the ground with heels kick.

This farce let the presence of civilian police and onlookers people, amazement.

Woman is family planning officials were detained for 8 days

Later, to avoid more conflict, the police will take it to a nearby city booth, persuaded education. At this time, the driver’s mood is still not calm, but continue to abuse the civilian police, said police were “bandits”, and no mention of his identity, unit.

In desperation, Huafeng police eventually brought the driver to the police station for further processing. At this time, the driver suddenly realized that things have gone great.

The investigation, the driver name is Virgin some chrysanthemums, 48 years old, is run by Hua ‘ an County Huafeng Town Planning officials. This message, handling civilian police by surprise again, “as a public official, even black and violent anti-French, incredible. ”

That afternoon, the Hua ‘ an County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People’s Republic of China public security management punishment law 50th article (b), second paragraph, administrative detention against Virgin some Chrysanthemum 8th. At present, the Virgin some chrysanthemums, Zhangzhou city, remained in detention in the detention facility.

Yesterday, to solve this problem, Hua ‘ an County Huafeng Town-Planning Office Director Huang says, currently has just learned the news, is to seek further information.


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