Staff a toll station in Inner Mongolia and a passing bus driver and conductor

On July 14, the Twitter user @ local source for the leaks of chifeng said ningcheng County, chifeng, Inner Mongolia toll station staff for fee physical confrontation with the driver and conductor. 15th, ningcheng County Public Security Bureau Office staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Yang for allegedly assaulting others, Yang Moujie, XING, health 4 people had been held in administrative detention for reasons still under investigation.

Chifeng local netizens said 14th, Miss Yang with his father, who drove through the ningcheng County, chifeng city, charging station, see a car in front was not paying traffic, they are not far behind. Not expected, toll bar suddenly fell, smashing young lady driving a car’s windshield glass. To this end, the toll station staff and Ms Yang vehicle personnel physical conflict.

NET video show a man wearing a yellow t-shirt men and beaten by a man dressed in a blue uniform in one piece. Meanwhile, a man wearing a white t-shirt approached the yellow t-shirt man waving a fist, men accused of beating white t-shirt. A woman wearing a white t-shirt that he is pregnant, beaten.

The morning of July 15, ningcheng County, chifeng City Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog @ case informed the ningcheng County, chifeng city, police said, 14th 8:40 received the alarm, in city toll station there was a fight, and claims processing.

After the alarm, Tianyi tiexi ningcheng County Public Security Bureau police station police in a timely manner, legally for assault others Yang, Yang Moujie, XING, Kang oral summoned to the police station for questioning. By the investigation, Yang a, Yang Moujie, XING, Hong’s acts constituted acts of beatings, ningcheng County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the above four persons held in administrative detention and liable to punishment. Capsize accident 14 people remain missing in Sichuan

Surging news found that mention 4 that provided the attacker who is charge of the station staff, who was the driver and conductor. Ningcheng County, chifeng city, staff of the Office of the Public Security Bureau confirmed that the currently suspected of battering Yang, Yang Moujie and four others were in administrative detention, but the exact cause still in the verification process.


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