Wuhan 85 youth took Grandpa s broom three generations of 52 years to sweep public

Wuhan 85 youth took Grandpa's broom, three generations of 52 years to sweep public toilet

Xie Xianwu railway family three generations of the family

The China Youth daily, July 12 in one hand and hold the Flush key in one hand and the manure in the pit with a broom to advance sewer, flows around a pungent smell in the air, wake could not help but hold back a sigh of relief.

“In life, dying, Grandpa also pledged to the family, after his death, continued to clean up public toilets. “Now, in the Wuhan railway Bureau wudong wake during the rest of the station to work, helping Grandma Liu Zhonglan Xie Changqing and dad clean public toilets near their home. Taobao is filled with fake VR glasses some costs

The toilet is located in Nan Mu community station village metallurgical, qingshan district next to the shanty towns a low, now three-three built, has a history of 52 years. Starting from grandfather Xie Xianwu, the toilet, bear witness to this family of three generations of the railway stand in silence. In June this year, wake, a Hubei Province was named “Jing-Chu is the most beautiful family.”

In 1964, Xie Xianwu was transferred to NaN Mu Temple Station and other railway employees were assigned to live in a shanty town, there are 6 rows of low-roofed house, 12 each.

Stations for the convenience of staff, set up a public toilet. There was no water facilities, and no one clean, the toilet floor covered with cigarette butts, paper, went a foul smell. One day, Xie Xianwu holding brooms and hoes into the toilet, after cleaning the public toilets to be part of his life.

“He decided that one thing will do, never telling any reward. “When the militia and participated in the Korean war, Xie Xianwu never forget once years, through his life and death, will go see very light. Under his influence, his wife Liu Zhonglan also picked up a broom and quietly at the side to clean public toilets.

Born in 1987, wake, for the first time to sweep the memory of public toilets is “disgusting” and “embarrassing”. Follow Grandpa to clean public toilets in high school, this boy will struggle and do not understand “bathroom odor, why would sweep over the years”, wake frequently ask Grandpa.

Xie Xianwu every silent action grandson gave the best answer. Grandpa’s subtle influence, wake up resistance becomes accepted, even sweeping public toilets in the end of “good”. During high school and College, every weekend will help wake grandparents tie brooms, cleaning the public toilets.

Xie Xianwu very quiet life, when body one day than one day later, his grandson opened the conversation, tell the wish to wake to a soldier’s mind. At the time, after graduating from wake in an automobile 4S shop earning good sales job.

In order to complete my wish, wake quit his job and joining the military. Soldier in the Jinan military area command during the wake was named outstanding soldier. Veterans go to work, he has become the backbone training class monitor, production at the station. Wake every step seems to have a shadow of Xie Xianwu, “has experienced a lot of things, more able to understand my grandfather a lifetime contribution to the unknown.”

Optimistic by nature and kind, is that three generations of unique quality.

After the death of Xie Xianwu, son Xie Changqing in Nan Mu temple near the station to work, starting an hour early each day with mother Liu Zhonglan cleaning public toilets.

In the unit, see junk no one cleaned, he will quietly pick up the broom. When Xie Changqing broom into the toilet for the first time, the stench of smoke inside his stomach again and again. But because of the distressed father, he still often helps cleaning the public toilets.

After Xie Xianwu seriously ill in hospital, Xie Changqing to clean public toilets every day, this is a commitment by his father.

This embarrassing scenario happens constantly in the public toilets. Once, wake busy cleaning the toilet floor, a toilet man asked, “why not scavenging around.” Being mistaken for the cleaner’s wake, now state of mind is very wide, learned to laugh it off.

“He’s a very positive person, always positive attitude towards life, very willing to help his friends. “About family deeds of sweeping public toilets, wake had never mentioned to friends, colleague Zhou Xiaoyu to understand his family only by watching the news. Girlfriends after hearing this story, also expressed support for him.


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