A residential elevator in XI an 31 f falling to young mothers and daughters

A residential elevator in XI ' an, 31/f, falling to young mothers and daughters were killed, 1 day ago has just completed the annual inspection

January 29 at 18 o’clock, sunny community of XI ‘ an elevator falling death accidents, embrace a 26 year old mother of 5-month-old girl from the 31 floor, take the elevator, two people died on the spot due to elevator plunge. Properties says, a day after the elevator inspection. Figure for accidents elevator. Traffickers have shifted around the hospital concerned

On January 29 at about 6 o’clock in the evening, Xian Ming Road and North of the southwest corner of the second ring road to 1th, sunny building 1 unit elevator death accident occurred, the mother and daughter died on the spot.

Who lives in sunny 1th, 1 unit 31 floors of 27 boys in Fujian province Zhou Zhengjie didn’t think, say hi to his wife and daughter were in this life farewell. About 6 o’clock, Zhou Zhengjie and his wife prepared to go downstairs for dinner, he suddenly thought of going back home to take something, let his wife of 26 years Zhou Meie holding the 5-month-old daughter down the stairs. When he went out, can’t find a mother and daughter. Dialed his wife’s phone calls. He found three elevators in the elevator doors closed, two of which failed, just east of the lift can be used normally. He then took the elevator downstairs to look for, but always to no avail. In the process of finding, Zhou Zhengjie heard neighbors say 5 floor elevator make too much noise, he went on to find, found an elevator stops 5 floor, elevator door variant, he quickly find property for help.

9:30, when the reporter arrived on the scene, found on the 5 floor, fault the elevator is the middle one of the three elevators, stopping between the 5/f and 6/f. Are evacuated 120 first aid doctor told reporters that the two have no life signs in the elevator. Wearing a pink kids baby girl’s body was placed on the 6 floor elevator, her mother’s body is still on top of the elevator.

Elevator signs that “manufacturing units as Shanghai yungtay elevator equipment co, the next test date of January 2016”. Number of households in the community told reporters, and said elevators in January 28, completed inspection of the property.

Zhou Zhengjie introduction, he lived in the building were three ladders and eight from the first half of the second half of 2014 to 2015, Elevator outage maintenance often occur. Small households, 1th floor, unit 1 January 29, Lee later told reporters that he was a possession in May 2015. From his arrival to now, elevators often fail, three elevators near the West part is occasionally closed. The tenants in the building are also complaining, lift the quality seems to be not so good, not reaction when door is closed properly.

The night of January 29, XI ‘ an unfinished police are at the scene to carry out the investigation, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. As of January 30, zero hour, 30 minutes, two bodies of the victims had been removed.


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