Adopted son prevalence to blindness United States flew to Ningbo tracing adoptive

The help pays.

In order to be diagnosed with a rare genetic disease of Chinese Miao miao adopted son in the blind before birth parents and brothers meet up, United States Seattle Molly Sano, Ningbo city, flying ladies ‘ well-to-do tracing. On January 15, with the help of local media, hospitals, Miao miao’s birth parents had been found. When we met Molly and Miao miao’s mother wept bitterly.

Molly is a sign language interpreter, Microsoft engineer husband is deaf. February 2014, their adoption in Hangzhou to Ningbo, the ING Mei orphanage Miao miao.

Adopted son prevalence to blindness, United States flew to Ningbo tracing adoptive mother continued: parents find

In February 2014, Molly (second from right) see Miao-miao in the Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department for the first time with the orphanage staff photo.

Born in April 2012, Miao miao congenitally deaf, on May 18, Jiangbei district, Ningbo “Tin Shui Wai home” South Gate was discovered by security, and then was sent to the orphanage.

Birth parents remain in the infancy of a letter saying that, Miao-miao had a brother born in 2004, 2, does not address cannot be found, the doctor said to do cochlear implants, but they don’t even have a place to live. Miao miao was born, congenital deafness, they have no ability to do cochlear, can’t, hope that good people can save our pathetic little lives.

Since November last year, Molly found Miao miao appear unsteady walking, to the local hospital after checking in late December was diagnosed with congenital deafness-retinitis pigmentosa syndrome (Usher Syndrome Type IB), which is a genetic disease, patients with night blindness, and blindness.

“The probability is completely blind and cannot be cured. “Molly said Miao miao from adopting, they started to search for him, wanted Miao miao to know their roots, but there has been no progress.

Last November, Molly touch through friends in Ningbo in the English training of Yap. Yap will be posting messages on a personal micro-blog @ Panda loves to read history, caused by the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) and other media attention. Shanghai metro lines a new operation on Saturday

On January 12, Molly accompanied by brother Benjamin Nixon, flying 10 hours to reach Shanghai, then transfer by high-speed rail arrived in Ningbo.

“China is to speed up the tracing the progress of Miao-miao before the blind see loved ones – and, his brother may be the same people with Usher syndrome and not know, tell him as soon as possible, early medical intervention may be able to defer or relieve blindness. Meanwhile, take some photos, videos to take home, Miao miao about his birthplace. “That night, she said in a surging news.

While in Ningbo, Molly visits the ING Mei orphanage for children and find that year found security of Miao miao, to thank him.

In institutions, she saw parents remain in the swaddling clothes of another letter, addressed to Miao miao.

“This is the purpose of my coming here! No one expected that, and one biological parent’s letter to Miao miao, it is their most direct, is currently the only dialogue. “Holding letter, Molly choked up listening to the translation:” even if nothing is found, see it. ”

She did not think, a bigger surprise waiting for her.

A media contact help hospital in Ningbo, looking for clues. Ear doctor recalled in a hospital in April 2012, the deaf son of parents with newborn checks.

After you bring up the case and found the child’s information with the Miao miao consistent, then contacted his natural parents.

According to Mr, Miao miao’s birth parents in Jiangxi, Henan respectively, currently in Fenghua, Ningbo city workers. When born Miao miao, who had only 600 Yuan, forced, abandoned children, Jiangbei district, a relatively upscale “Tin Shui Wai home” door, want good people to help your child.

At present, their eldest son attending a school for the deaf, living in Ningbo. Mr IP said, 15th is weekend, parents to take him home in Ningbo, received calls from reporters on the way.

“The phone is call father, said here that he had thought that a cheat, not believe it. Later, Miao miao’s mother call back call. “Mr ye said, when they meet in the evening, Molly life-thanks to the birth parents gave Miao miao, the latter thanks to Molly tending to Miao miao,” two mothers wept bitterly. ”

It is understood that Miao miao’s brother now sight the problem does not occur. Molly told the word news, doctors say, accurate data is not the genetic probability of Usher syndrome, can certainly not 100%.


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