4 pupils placed stones to force two bullet trains stopped on the tracks the

Chutian metropolis News January 3, just to look at the rubble was crushed after the train, and 4 pupils into sprinted by rail fence gutter, place the stone on the tracks, killing two train made an emergency stop. One bullet cracked window glass was hit by bouncing debris.

Of being hit by debris inside the train.

4 pupils placed stones to force two bullet trains stopped on the tracks, the train Windows were crushed by gravel

Train hit by a gravel outside.

Today, Xiangyang, Hubei province by four primary school students yesterday as being criticism, their guardians will be financial compensation.

Railway Department, January 2, 11:43 A.M., Wuchang D5243 to Xiangyang in Xiangyang East train station and at the Xiangyang station, was placed on the track on the rolling stones. Driver examination revealed after an emergency stop, on the track, train wheels there are traces of compacted gravel, and carriage 15th Windows outer glass broken on the right side; Office of investigations bullied by Sanya city

Shortly thereafter, Xiangyang to Huanggang East D5238 train running to here, once again on the rolling stone, made an emergency stop, two bullet trains were delayed for 18 minutes, 26 minutes.

Railway police, the force stopped the “culprit”, and four pupils, they are between the ages of 7-9. The morning of January 2, their holiday at home bored, play will be gathered together to the railway from one drainage culvert into the rail fence.

Out of curiosity, to see if gravel train rolled like they laid on the tracks to rubble. See car parking, staff get off the view, they swiftly ran out after police seized by railway.

The railway police, 4 pupils already in violation of the People’s Republic of China administrative penalties for public security, and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the safety management of railway, railway police inquiries and criticism of education four people.

Because the four people under the age of 14 shall not be penalized, the railway public security organ shall order the guardian to strict discipline, and 4 little boys school, community communications, signed a security agreement. Loss of railway sector, their guardians will face economic damages.


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